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Last Update: June 29, 2017

I'm hoping someone can explain this to me. Is it unprofessional to affiliate with different businesses in the same niche? I'm asking because I started my website about 7 or 8 months ago, and granted I've fallen behind some but I had several businesses I had affiliated with, that some I hadn't even gotten to advertising for yet. So, I was checking one out because that happened to be what my article was about at that time and I Sq on their website that they had other income opportunities listed. So, I added them to my article page then contacted them about other opportunities. Well one of them was to be sales representative for selling their product to basically wholesalers we'll say, that l so offer the same type of product. Of course, this position was also commission only, and they wanted to have complete control over any phone conversation or email sent out. Actually sent the email to you and the phone script for you to follow, what phone platform you had to use and what email server, which was fine, but I have no control over how people respond to the script they have required me to go by.

So, also under this contract I was not to discuss my website or any other company while I was conducting calls and emails for that business. Understandable. But, still I could share it on my website and on platforms that I was connected with such as social media and website pages of my own that I would share.

Well theEads I generated didn't seem to fit the script so they were disregarded as not serious leads when I would take their responses to him because I didn't want to not do as per instruction and give wrong information. Now, I still have leads in the works, but they are larger projects that the clientclients are taking more time to proceed with. There is alot more planning involved but it is for alot more product.

In the midst of all this i'very had some technical difficulties, and a lot of this time I was having to have documents signed off on by him to make sure they were sending as he had designed, and also working on other small projects he asked of me that I still was not being compensated for without making a sale. So my website fell terribly behind.

I finally realized that this was taking over all my time that I could get online and I was not getting anywhere because it was not the ideal sale as he was invisioning. So, I decided to continue to promote the product, but that I had to manage my time on what I was creating also.

Well of course it's in the same industry because that's how I found the company in the first place.So, I was actually working on a project that was not really to do with either but had the same idealism around it and personally created a post that I shared on my personal fb page and also my website page as well as some different groups. Well the feedback on it was more than I ever imagined. It generated some big projects in my niche that people contacted me about. So, I started to pursue these projects that had to do with finding the producers of the product that I promote, that the affiliate I had been promoting had told me they did not want me to find them leads for. So, I have gone to my other sources, this not having anything to do with the company I was representing. BUT because one level if the project could encompass the product I sell for them, I did contact them and explained the opportunity to them, and left it up to them if they wanted to be a "part" of. Keep in mind all this time I still have no income coming in, and this is a potentially BIG project.

So now the affiliate has told me if I'm going to work with other companies they need to know so they can go a different route. Is it unprofessional of me to represent other refer or work with other companues or connections I meet through my content engagement, because I have an affiliate associated within the same industry? Even if they'very told me they didn't want me to sell that part of their service for them. I was really hoping to work the product that they do want me to sell for them into a level of this, but now I'm thinking that will make me in breach of their contract for bringing up their product in a project that I have associated with other contacts.

What do you think? Please help me. I sure don't want to be out of line proffesionally, but I always had the idea if you work for commission only, and that product is not selling, and not because your not promoting it, that you move on to a product that will. I've never known that to mean that you no longer can be associated with that product or be restricted from promoting it also when it's a fit. But I could be wrong. I'm new to this.

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If you disagree or are not happy or feel uncomfortable with any company's policies and T&C's, don't use them. There are millions of other opportunities with fewer restrictions:))