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January 03, 2018
I've been waiting for a long time to get to the training that discusses google analytics and incorporating google search console into the website. I've known that I don't generate a lot of traffic - or assumed I didn't (despite having a decent amount of content) - however, there is something about getting to the point where you can measure your website. I'll wait to see what happens over the next several days but as expected I don't receive a lot of traffic thusfar. Hoping by using fetch as
January 01, 2018
I've never believed in New Years Resolutions. For starters, I've never been committed enough to actually follow them through - I guess because I was doing them for others instead of for myself. If you're not motivated to accomplish something trying to follow through on a resolution is impossible. I think WA has a lot to offer and while I haven't been blessed with the success many people have I still feel that there are opportunities to make money - so we will push on into the new year. I'v
November 07, 2017
Just finished with Course 2. Great stuff - lots learned but so many questions still needing answered. Kyle, Jay and the rest of the members of WA have been tremendous in helping and I'll continue to look for everyone's help and support moving forward. Our site is progressing nicely and we would love it if you would check us out at and drop us a comment!Keep up the good work everyone and thanks for everything!
August 07, 2017
Here we go! Upgraded to Premium
August 02, 2017
Just trucking along....trying to figure everything out - the videos are enormously helpful!
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