Don't let bad news discourage you!

Last Update: September 16, 2019

Hello WA friends!

I've been waiting for 2 affiliate programs to approve my joining but today I found out I was declined. Is that going to discourage me??? NO Way! I tell myself that if they don't want my business then they don't know what they are loosing. haha

I keep on going no matter what.

Thank you for your support and advice.

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Anthonyhu Premium
Nice attitude. Keep working to improve and you will get there.
Joes946 Premium
Don't feel bad...I think all of us have been turned down. Their loss...move on!
webcash2us Premium
You can try joining Svorn /Commerce which is formally called Viglink. The Viglink platform allows you to have affiliate links from many affiliate programs that would otherwise deny you.

The program can monetize all of your content on autopilot, it's worth looking at Viglink they seem to accept everyone.

Viglink will take relevant words in your content and link them with an affiliate program.

The platform has a WP plugin too.

I wish you all the best.
ACPetronelli Premium
Thanks for the info!!
kevinzshan Premium
It's good that you are not letting it discourage you. You can always apply again another time! Good luck with your blog :)
BarbaraBC Premium
Good for you! They will regret it! You go girl.
I've had discouragement too. But it just makes me dig in and work harder.
Much success to you!