Please, Urgent Help

Last Update: November 19, 2019

I receive a letter and this is the content:

Hello Customer,
I would like to inquire about models/sizes on Car starter you sell,so email me availability and let me know the types of payment you accept.Hope to hear back from you ASAP.

Best Regards,

Vestal Harner
Harner Equipment
Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA

How do I deal with this? Maybe he's one of the visitors on my site about car maintenance. Where will I refer him?

Thank you for your indulgence.

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Dhind1 Premium
I would offer a generic reply with no details. If you want to check it out.

Others have stated delete the email and that is also a valid response.

You know that there might be a problem with this, which is why you checked. I think you a are correct to be suspicious, and as others have stated, it is most likely a scam of some sort.

Take care.
accad Premium
This is my second email, Alex with a different niche, one is on the computer. They want to buy 300 hard disks for the university which is a very rare volume of orders even the largest institution can do.

This one is just having an inquiry but I have to respond for I might be missing an opportunity.
Dhind1 Premium
Exactly, you have to be careful. You never know what might be real. Even though it sounds false.
Everyone is different and you never know.

lesabre Premium
Hi Jimmy,

Just did a quick search on Vestal Harner:

Vestal Harner
Vestal has a account
Business Owner at Haynes Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Cana, Virginia

Then I searched all the Vestal Harner In Santa Rosa.

Please Jimmy this is only what I would do...I would refer him to the delete bin.

Tots of great comments made in the post below.

Best wishes,
accad Premium
Thank, Michael.
SondraM Premium
As a business owner that gets telemarketing calls and emails ever day, I would delete it and move on.

Sounds like a scam type of email to me at worst. A terrible sales letter at best. I would ignore it.

1. Hello customer is the first clue.

2. If your website is primarily about car maintenance not an automotive store, that is another clue.

3. Most shoppers would not call the business the customer. They would also know what kind of car starters they need. They wouldn't ask for a list of what you have.

Delete and move on....
accad Premium
Thanks, Sondra.
DaveSw Premium
Most certainly you can follow up, request a call with him and talk to the person, see what it is they are after and based on what you have, see if there is a deal to be made.

Not sure if you are selling your own products or promoting products, either way, you can still make contact, that costs nothing (or little). You can check them out while talking to them (i.e. company registered, legitimate business address, GMB page, etc.)...

I have a lot of people/companies that make inquiries and they sometimes have serious intent sometimes not. Regarding payment, if nothing else you can create an invoice using PayPal for whatever it is they want to buy...

I would be careful, as Dianne below states. You can ask for company information, then do some checking. In no way should you have to pay anything to sell something under normal circumstances...

Let us know how it comes out and best of luck!

Dave : )
accad Premium
Thanks, Dave. As all of you have advised I can be wiser to deal with him.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - do be careful. I Googled his name and this is what I found.

"SC | February 11, 2019 | reply
Our company received a call from the same number (707-320-1338) and also an email inquiry from vestal harner @gmail. com asking for buying $11,000 worth of product and requesting to use a certain shipping company- sky shipping services. The guy provided credit card information but the billing address is a dry cleaning shop. This shipping company said they only accept wire transfers. When we talked to both the shipping company and the guy over the phone the connection was really bad. Apparently, they are using a different name now.

Grateful Reader | October 2, 2019 | reply
Thank you so much for sharing your blog. I just got contacted by the same person/scam. Exact MO, God Bless for your information"
accad Premium
Okay, so this person is just spamming and the worst thing a scammer. Thanks, Diane