After You've Been Approve as Affiliate

Last Update: November 11, 2019

After you've been approved as affiliate in any of the programs you applied what's next?

Aside from promoting affiliate products is it important step to create your online store under the affiliate program?

Please share the steps you've been with successes so you can help me and many others here who are newbies.

Thank you for coming and sharing your experiences.

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Evamonster Premium
after I finished with the website and being approved I did the following:

1. Create social media accounts and schedule my posts such as images. blogs etc
2. Put in all the keywords needed for my SEO on my site pages and posts
3. Created a small ad and targeted my surrounding city and province
4. Since I am on YouTube I did a video about my product etc and optimized it for YouTube

You don't have to be on Youtube if it's not your thing although YouTube pays out once you get monitized.

Hope they can learn something here.
accad Premium
Thank you very much. If you would mind, after doing the steps you mentioned can tell us some more results?
Aussiemuso Premium
Terrific question. I'm interested in the community answer as I have just been putting affiliate links only in my content.
Lily 😊
accad Premium
That's what I'm doing too. I'm sure we can learn from the answers.