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Last Update: June 11, 2016

Hello everyone, I Am Adrian Brown "Your Financial Physician". In this blog post I will share some information which is vital to the success of your personal Journey to Wealth.

I am going to make the assumption that when you opened this blog you wanted to become wealthy.I believe that you are motivated to seek success, otherwise you would never have opened this blog post at all. But, to achieve your goals and begin carrying out the plans to be outlined on this Journey to Wealth you need one thing in addition to Motivation, you need the power gained with POSITIVE THINKING. Now I'm not here to give you any hocus-pocus magical formula to success, but I will give you some advice. Motivation combined with Positive Thinking will propel you to success. These two guiding principles are the keys to unlock your future. Both are within your power to achieve.

You likely already have the motivation for creating your own financial success. But, to develop a Positive Attitude toward success you must be prepared. Here are five key elements that will help you achieve this level of self-assurance necessary for true success. They are not listed in any order of importance because you must master each of them.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is the cornerstone upon which any enterprise is built. The more knowledge you possess about your venture the more confidence you will have that it will succeed. People all to often plunge headlong into an endeavor with so little knowledge that failure is almost guaranteed.

As the sayings goes, forewarned is forearmed. Take a little time to study-maybe-a-lot according to your ability to absorb and retain important information.Remember too that although you will find many facts in this article you should by no means allow this to be your only reference. Seek out other books, reports, and knowledge by all means be informed.

SPECIFIC GOALS: What do you want from this Journey to Wealth? From your Enterprise? From your Life? Do you want to become a Millionaire or just Financially Independent? How long will you allow yourself to achieve your particular goal? A month, six months, or years.

You must answer these and similar questions in order to be properly motivated. Don't say simply "I want to be a Millionaire". Who doesn't? Set a specific target, write it out on paper, and plant it firmly in your mind.

Also make your goals as specific as possible. Write them down and read them often. This affidavit to yourself should be so prominent in your consciousness that it would be impossible for you to forget about it for very long. Tape it to the mirror and to the dashboard of your car. Have a copy in your shirt pocket or purse. Read it often. In this way it will be almost impossible for doubt to creep in and to discourage you.

DESIRE: If you walk up to almost anyone right now and ask that person if they would like to be a success, at least 99% of the people you ask would respond positively. Some might even look at you as if you were crazy. Who wouldn't want to be a success? Although everyone would like to attain success few are willing to pay the dues necessary to achieve it. And there definitely are dues. To be a success you MUST Have a driving need to be successful. Aside from God, everything else must be secondary. No obstacle should be too great a hurdle on your path to personal fortune. No problem will occur that you cannot solve. And all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations must be directed toward that one goal of personal success.

SELF-IMAGE: To become Wealthy you must begin to Think and Act Wealthy. You read about people becoming Millionaires and you must reaffirm the feeling that you too will earn a Million Dollars ( or any sum you choose). Remember, it is not luck or brains alone that make a Millionaire. It is usually a healthy ego!

PERSISTENCE: Webster defines persistence as " a refusal to relent " especially in the face of opposition or interference. Persistence is exactly what you need if you are to be successful. Each unsuccessful attempt must be followed with renewed enthusiasm and a more determined effort. Keep trying, and learn from your failures. Your efforts and dedication will eventually pay off and another success story will be under way. Remember, that the alternative to success is a life of drudgery and dependence upon someone else for your next dollar.

You can make yourself a success. Believe that it will happen.

There you have it. Use this information to your advantage as you venture on your personal Journey to Wealth. I Am Adrian Brown " Your Financial Physician ".

Until next time remember: " All Things Are Possible For You! "

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JudeP Premium
Very helpful advice, thanks for sharing :)
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It's always a pleasure to share information that can help someone reach a higher level of accomplishment. I Am surely using my own advice and the results are great. Thank you for your comment AB.
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Thank you that sounds positive and constructive
abiznote Premium
I'm happy that you enjoyed the blog and It's content. With a little good advice we can make the needed changes that will take us to our success. Thank you for reading my blog. Keep in contact. AB.