Live Forever Youthful Update!

Last Update: October 22, 2018

Finding niche for me started out a little slow, but I was able to overcome that hurdle after I began considering some things that I had a lot of knowledge about and that affects my family.

I personally did not have skin care issues until adulthood, but all four of my children were not so lucky. We literally have tried products over-the-counter and homemade, as well as prescribed. What worked for one, never worked for the other. So we were always back at square one.

I am still struggling with the site layouts and getting the pages to layout the way I want them to. I would like to create content to provide product review, but I am not sure how to do that. One thing at a time I suppose.

Ultimately, my goals for the next 3 months are to have my site complete and functional. I want to be able at this point to maintain the posts and reviews, and respond to my audience. Six months from now, I want to actually start seeing some income from site. I want to be able to continue building on my brand and being a role model for my children.

I am super excited about WA and wished there was a fast-forward button that would bring us through all the bumps that get us to our masterpiece.

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jeooms Premium
The training will go over product review and help you through creating a review post. You will get there. You have achievable goals, keep your enthusiasm and keep up the good work.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Abigail, you will find that time will fly by, and you will create your masterpiece, sooner than you think. The great thing about WA is that we are all of us on the same journey and it is good to share that experience.

Best wishes as you build your business, don't panic too much what seems hard this week will be something that you will be helping newer folks with next week.
Cass51 Premium
Hi Abigail, I am sure we would all like to push the fast forward button, but yes youre right, one thing at a time. You are doing great and have chosen a niche that is right for you and that you have knowledge in. A great start.
Marley2016 Premium
We all have a problem with deciding a niche, but so happy
you have found yours. It is nice to know that you have
laid out your goals so well that is commendable.
I wish I could say the same for myself I just keep producing
content and keeping Site Health Awesome and praying
for everything to work out - not too good of a goal LOL ::))
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Abigail!

If you'll find that fast-forward button let us know!