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Omg... I have had the best month ever. I sold 10 affiliate products from one place and another product from another one!!! I am so excited to see results starting to manifest into real reality! How exciting is that! I am doing this just from creating great content and sharing my articles and affiliate link on social media with my followers and engaging with them through it. This is the start of a new way of being and infinite potential I see. Friends, we can all do it. I believe in this and
I am just so excited to announce that I logged into one of my affiliate site's and found out I actually sold something and made 50% commission! One sale made and $7.45 for me!! Yay! If you are interested in how I did it, I shared this link to my site with my community: My adsense has also been rising and it has now made me $26.00 also. It has only been a couple months and this is a sure sign I am on the right track. I need to thank WA
Update to all... this is an old post. I am now making much more than this and monthly income. I am glad to leave this up to inspire others who are in the beginning stages of the business. If you need any help, just let me know. :) I have been with Wealthy Affiliate just over a month. I shared my website post on Facebook and found out today that I have made my first bit of money via Google Adsense. I've made my first $5. It is only a small amount, but for being so early in my website developmen
How exciting it is to know that I just completed my first month here at Wealthy Affiliate and have achieved so much in such a small amount of time. As each day passes, I feel an inner confirmation that I am on the right path and I get a really good feeling about everything. What excites me the most is that i have found a way right now to create something I am very passionate about and from the heart. I don't have to wait until I gain more skills... I learn as I go. We can begin right now and fr
I CAN DO IT! So I have just finished the first two courses of Wealthy Affiliate, I became a premium member and I created my very first website ever! I am so exited that I managed to complete all of this. I have done things that in the past I would not have thought possible, but here I am creating a dream within my heart. The website I have created is and my niche is meditation/healing music. Helping people to let go of stress and to grow personally and spiritually is a B
April 04, 2014
I am very excited to announce that I am NOW a WA Premium member. One of the sayings I truly believe in is that the only thing that ever holds anyone back from creating success is fear of failure. Thing to remember though is that it is the failures that often lead us to the success if we are willing to keep going. By me investing NOW, I have told the Universe that I am 100% committed to making my dreams a reality and in doing so, I will be able to help even more people. We all deserve to liv
April 02, 2014
Well here I am. I just joined WA yesterday and so very excited to have found such an amazing site! This is exactly what I have wanted to find but did not realise there was a site to help people create their goals and achieve success. I am looking forward to getting started and learning more about how to create wealth with an online business. I see myself helping others through spirituality, healing, reaching our true potential and inspirations. I would love to help people be all they can b