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Hello everyone, today I really wanted to explore want it is that sets highly motivated people who achieve their goals and dreams apart from others. We each have the same ability to achieve the life we want, so what makes some people reach their desired reality, while others never quite hit the mark? Lets us ponder the question 'what does it really take to be highly motivated? Let us explore what it is that others are doing differently in creating their success. It all comes down to the very ha
What a feeling it is to log into an affiliate account to see that my $292 sale turned into a $340 SALE. To top it off there is another $30 from two other less expensive product sales made this month. I have made $370 this month, plus another $11.27 in Adsense clicks. Happy dance time! I was mainly focusing on tweaking my website this week and was not pushing the marketing on social media, so I was a little surprised to see this result which must have come from either previous visitors or rank
When we first start our adventure in creating a successful on-line business, we can often hit a crossroad when it comes to choosing the right niche in which we wish to target. Many fears may enter our mind such as 'will my niche be profitable and can I really be a success?" This is why I want to assist in taking the stress out of this process a little more. Here are some tips that may help if this is an area you are still unsure about in creating your on-line business. 1. Do what you love What
What an amazing experience to have had so far being here at WA dear friends. In 6 months I have accomplished every goal I set out to do and have a business I always hoped for. Just like everyone else in life, there have been challenges and fears come up and I wanted to share one of the biggest tip that has helped me when dealing with adversity... 'Accept each challenge, then act. Whatever lesson you're going through right now, you'll have an opportunity to give back through teaching from the
Hello dear WA friends, I love using affirmations to assist in propelling myself forwards and keeping a positive state of mind when achieving goals. What you think and say about yourself matters and can make all the difference in achieving success. Everything in life is energy, everything is consciousness, from the smallest atom to the entire galaxy and we are all part of this same Divinity, this Oneness. When we change our thoughts, we change our energy state and thus our entire reality. This
October 08, 2014
Hello dear WA friends. I have to say it is very exciting when logging into one of your affiliate accounts and seeing that you sold a product where you make 50% commission. I sold one product and made $198.50 in one hit and all together I sold $292.48 worth of products! YES!!! You see with the right attitude and commitment towards your goals, you can and will succeed. I did it and it is exciting to see these results starting to show in just 5 to 6 months of dedicated work and sharing my passion
Imagine Believe Inspire Create Success! Hello dear WA friends, I wanted to take this moment to wish everyone unlimited success in creating their business and ultimately the LIFE of their dreams. Always remember you can achieve anything when you believe and have the patience to build a solid foundation to flourish. All is with us now just waiting to be unleashed. Say to yourself "I am a success." When I started my adventure here at WA I had not idea how to build a website or create an on-line bu
Hello dear WA friends, I am so very grateful to be connected and just wanted to use this moment to express my appreciation to this community and all the support I have been given to take my goals to the next level. I know very often we can get caught up in what is negative in our life and what seems to not be working in the way we would like. It is important to remember that no matter the challenge we face, there is always a hidden blessing within the lesson. The hardship I personally faced to
Hello to all wealthy affiliate friends! Great NEWS!!! I have just upgraded my premium membership to yearly. It is well worth it and to now be saving money will be a huge bonus. I am looking forward to staying focused on all my goals and helping where I can. The whole journey is amazing and empowering to be creating something from the heart. I have learned so much from building an online business and it truly has been a life changing experience for me. I have showed a couple of people that are
September 02, 2014
Hello dear friends, I am excited to say I have just had my personal best month and it is so exciting to see the steady growth I have been having since beginning this journey. This month I made $300 from three different sources and I believe I could of made more as I had some time off from doing my website and marketing. I believe I have just entered my fifth month into this business and how amazing to see the growth already. I can see with consistency toward success, this will keep spirally