Choosing a Niche - How to get it Right!

Last Update: October 18, 2014

When we first start our adventure in creating a successful on-line business, we can often hit a crossroad when it comes to choosing the right niche in which we wish to target.

Many fears may enter our mind such as 'will my niche be profitable and can I really be a success?" This is why I want to assist in taking the stress out of this process a little more. Here are some tips that may help if this is an area you are still unsure about in creating your on-line business.

1. Do what you love

What are you passionate about? What makes your heart sing and gives you a boost of energy and joy? Your niche will be something that you are going to enjoy writing about, giving reviews and advice on to others who are also interested in the same subject. Choosing a subject you enjoy will make it much easier to stay focused, not become bored and stay motivated. Your passion will show in your work also and the people who visit your website to read your content can sense that and thus want to sign up and come back to visit again and again. It really does make a difference in achieving success when you follow your passion. What I love about choosing a niche I love is you make money from helping others who find your advice helpful.

2. Choose a subject you are an 'expert' in

If you are like a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to a certain subject, then allow all that knowledge to create value and success in your life and the lives of others. People will come to your site and respond your articles, wanting your expert advice on a subject where you can provide valuable information. It has been proven that many people are willing to pay money for expert advice and follow through with what they say. If you are not an expert in your chosen niche but do have a genuine interest in it, then you will need to do some research so you can really give back your best and your article writing and website becomes easier to create.

3. Consider what hasn't been done

Do you see a need for more websites and businesses on a particular subject or just something that could be done better? You may want to do some research and find out what there could be a demand for and then be the one to fill the gap in the market. There is always room for a new and innovative ideas. Think outside the box and get creative with your vision and choose an uncharted area. If you select a popular niche with a large amount of competition, you need some kind of innovative twist to make you stand out from the crowd. Understand not only the problem people are having in a certain area, but also the solution you can offer once the problem is addressed. Remember, people are going to respond to your passion towards all you create.

4. Do a test run if you are fearful

Don't let fear of possibly not choosing a successful niche hold you back. A great way to determine if you have chosen a niche well is to test drive it. Why not run a test marketing campaign and see what kinds of reactions and 'buzz' it creates. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain that way. Remember to have some fun while you learn, a part of success is in the journey. You may also want to check the number of monthly searches related to a problem and see if there is more need for that area. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

The purpose of a niche is to give you and your business a focus, thus narrowing in on your target audience for greater success. You may find that many of the products and services you want to promote cross over to more than one niche idea. If this is the case for you, you might be success at marketing multiple niches. Just remember to keep each niche within it's own lane and you can subtly do cross-overs when appropriate. Begin with one and expand from there.

Wishing you all great success here at WA and beyond. And remember...

Always follow your heart. True success will come when you allow yourself to be guided through the heart. When you do what you love, everything flows much more easily and life will be much more joyful when you’re aligned with your life goals. If you are doing something you are not satisfied with, you are bound to feel resistance and limitations in what you can create long term. The heart-space is sacred, gentle, loving and compassionate. Trust that your heart is there for you and will always lead you in the right direction. You are safe, supported and cared for.

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JSot Premium
Well said!
abigail11 Premium
Graitude and many blessings your way. :)))
dhayman Premium
Thanks Abagail. Great insights.
abigail11 Premium
Thank you so much Doug and Debbie. Grateful to be connected and sharing. Blessings. :)))
tmmom Premium
Great post, thanks for sharing!
abigail11 Premium
You are welcome. Blessings and gratitude. :)))
garyrethford Premium
Great post Abigail, I would have to think real hard on number 3 though, as I'm almost certain if you can do it, it's been done. I actually spent a couple hours looking for whats not been done, when I was contemplating my niche for my 2nd website. I gave up
abigail11 Premium
Very true Gary... it comes down to innovation and creative flair because so many niche ideas have already been done. You want your authentic stamp on it. That backed with our passion and determination is what gets us there. We just need to believe in our own potential and value in the world.

I believe there is enough room for all who truly believe in themselves to be a success. Yes, it is good to step back when unsure and go within again and gage what inspire us to what to create. blessings wishing you great success. :)))
zanylayney Premium
Excellent blog - this helps me immensely, thank you! :-)
abigail11 Premium
You are most welcome Zanylayney. Glad to be connected and sharing. Blessings and success your way. :)))