Believe in Yourself! You are Closer than you Think.

Last Update: October 16, 2014

Imagine Believe Inspire Create Success!

Hello dear WA friends, I wanted to take this moment to wish everyone unlimited success in creating their business and ultimately the LIFE of their dreams. Always remember you can achieve anything when you believe and have the patience to build a solid foundation to flourish. All is with us now just waiting to be unleashed. Say to yourself "I am a success."

When I started my adventure here at WA I had not idea how to build a website or create an on-line business. All I knew is that I was passionate about my niche and wished to share with others the inspirational ideas on how to heal and return back to self love/empowerment. Everything I created I simply learned as I went along and I continue to learn and grow each moment through all the challenges.

When we trust in our ability to create and let go of self doubt, amazing things can occur in our life. We unlock infinite potential and the abundance that exists all around. I feel many today are pioneers of the new, creating businesses and ideas in higher and expanded ways where all are winners and can encourage each other to be a success. What led me to WA and ultimately creating my first on-line business was the ability to trust my intuition.

Believe in and follow your intuition.

Intuition is something that grows stronger the more you trust and take action upon your inner guidance. Successful people listen to their intuition and make decisions quickly through any inner feelings that may come up along the way. It is time now to listen to your intuition and begin believing that the messages are real and valid, coming from your higher self; stop doubting yourself. Have faith in your ability to connect to inner wisdom and trust your insights. Act upon them!

You have something wonderful to offer this world! You have a purpose for being here during these incredible shifts in consciousness, and we know this simply because you were born! You are a valuable and special person with talents that can assist the whole earth and more. Start trusting that you will be supported when you create from your authentic self. If you are struggling to find your purpose, focus on what brings you joy from the heart (perhaps do an opening the heart meditation).

Your purpose will involve helping others in a way that is joyful, loving and fun to do. When you create from the heart, you can't help but be a success. People will naturally respond to your energy and enthusiasm. As you connect with your inner bliss, and continue your life goals, all will fall into place.

Have faith!

Once we have defined our goals, we then must breath out and let go of the hows and whys of the whole process; for as we trust in the process of life, the things we desire will be able to manifest at a much faster rate and in ways we may never have thought possible. As we let go of how we expect things to be or occur, we will create a space for the new and all the infinite possibilities to flow throughout our being. Trust that the universe has heard your requests, even if the answer has not appeared right now or in the way you expected.

Sometimes having patience means to just let go and allowing the new possibilities to unfold. I guaranty that if you have something to share from the heart and you are willing to work toward making your dreams a reality, people will find you and resonate with your authentic energy. Think outside the box and allow yourself to flow, learn and grow as you go along. Each step brings you closer to your dreams, so enjoy the journey.

Dream big my friend! Dreams will come true when we have the courage to pursue them and never give up. Blessings.

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MarilynM Premium
Thank you Abigail.
abigail11 Premium
Blessings dear Marilyn. You are welcome. :))
JadeLovane Premium
Perfect timing for this important post as we all ride the cosmic wave/shift in consciousness together. Anything that you put your heart and mind into you can manifest more so now than ever.

Thank you for this.
abigail11 Premium
You are welcome dear JadeLovane and I am so glad for the synchronicity. When we come from the heart and give back to others, we can't help but be a success. if we have a passion, we mustn't let self doubt stop us. We are capable beings. All the steps will fall into place. Namaste. :)))
iArtisan Premium
Very inspirational post. Self doubt is an enemy of success, and each and every one of us has something valuable to offer even if we don't realize it. We're all unique with our own experiences, and each and every one of us has the ability to make a valuable contribution to people's lives.

If you dream of success and that success involves the betterment of those around you, you can't go wrong. I used to struggle a little early on in my IM career with the notion that I was scheming to devise ways to get money out of people, and while some of that is true (I mean, we are in this to make a buck...), when you focus on the value that you're providing for others, the business model makes so much sense.

Dream big, give of yourself, concentrate on how you can improve people's lives - not what you can get from them, and success will follow.

Thank you for such an inspiring blog! :)
abigail11 Premium
That is so very true iArtisan. We really can make a difference to humanity if we come from a place of self believe and know that we deserve to have our own life work. If we have a talent, we can help and inspire others more when we empower our own life first.

We must tell ourselves that we are worthy of success and that all truly is within us to reach to higher level than we ever thought possible. The only limit is the ones we place upon ourselves. We each have it in us to create a successful business as well as inspire many others to reach their potential also.

I am grateful to be connected and to share from the heart. Blessings. :))
kholmes Premium
When I dream I know I am creating, even in sleep or just out walking around. I believe in me and share with others. Nice post Abigail. :))
abigail11 Premium
Simply beautiful dear Kim. So very true... each moment whether asleep or awake we are creating our dreams into reality. All is within. :)))
Incognito007 Premium
Inspiring article and pictures! :)
Thanks for that, Abigail.

Lot of success,
abigail11 Premium
You are welcome dear Tanguy,

Wishing you great success and joy always.
Blessings and gratitude,