Affirmations to Change your Life! Tips for Greater Success!

Last Update: October 12, 2014

Hello dear WA friends,

I love using affirmations to assist in propelling myself forwards and keeping a positive state of mind when achieving goals. What you think and say about yourself matters and can make all the difference in achieving success. Everything in life is energy, everything is consciousness, from the smallest atom to the entire galaxy and we are all part of this same Divinity, this Oneness. When we change our thoughts, we change our energy state and thus our entire reality. This amazing universe responds to our energy always. Our thoughts are a magnetic energy signal, drawing in a vibrational match, always. We can work consciously on drawing to us that in which we which to experience. Affirmations backed up with action work!

What is an affirmation and how can they help me?

An affirmation is anything you say, think or feel whether in your mind or out loud. Many of us unconsciously think things that are very negative and will ultimately sabotage our success. When you catch yourself thinking a negative and fearful thought, stop and and try not to judge. Instead replace the un-serving thought with a positive statement that reflects higher truth about who you are and where you deserve to be. Make sure to say affirmations in present term, and not in some distant future that never comes.

‘I’m not good enough’ becomes ‘I am creating positive new changes in my life, I am good enough’

‘I never have enough money’ becomes ‘I open to receiving money and it flows into my life effortlessly’

‘I’m not creative’ becomes ‘I am a creative being and I am discovering talents I did not know I had’

Your affirmation work is going to be much like exercising a muscle. You need consistent, daily effort before the muscle grows strong and you get fitter. If you have been saying negative beliefs about yourself for years, it will take a while for this negative belief be weeded out and stop dominating your life. Nourish the new positive statement daily until it becomes real for you. Below are some of my favourite affirmations I like to say throughout the day to keep me in a positive state while reaching for my goals.

People value and honour my work.

I honour and value my creativity and ideas.

I trust my ever-increasing ability to create abundance.

I follow my heart.

I bring love and a positive attitude to everything I do.

I give myself permission to be all I can be.

I easily receive new, creative, and original ideas.

My beliefs create my reality. I believe in my unlimited prosperity.

I picture abundance for myself and others.

I know I have unlimited potential.

I have a wealth of valuable skills and talents.

I know what I love to do and I do it.

I honour my dreams.

I am magnetic to success.

All answers are within me. I follow my inner wisdom.

I am the source of my abundance.

Everything I give to others is a gift to myself. As I give I receive.

I know the abundance of my soul.

My choices and possibilities are expanding every day.

I am open to receive.

I am a success. I allow myself to feel successful.

All I need is within me now.

Why not try affirmations out for yourself! I like to begin each day by going for a power walk/jog for anywhere from 15 mins to 60 mins (no excuses) and saying my positive affirmations out loud. Say 'All I need is within me now.' All is within us now and you can achieve your dreams through self belief. If you want to learn more about affirmations, here is my article too

Have a beautiful day and remember, YOU are good enough.

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sage1954 Premium
Thank you Abigail and what a beautiful website you have!! I agree with you about the affirmations and I will start using those again. I have gotten so far off track as of late, but you have given me a reminder which will really help in my daily life.
abigail11 Premium
I am so glad and grateful this message reached out to you Wendy. Thank you also, I have been pouring my heart and soul into getting my website to match my vision. It feels good to create something that can help people also. I feel we can all have those moment of getting off track, fear the negative thoughts take over. i too love gentle reminders that help me stay on course. It is a blessing to be connected and sharing. Namaste _/|\_ :)))
Thank you for your post! Affirmations is something I started doing daily about a month ago, until then I didn't realize how much energy our thoughts have.
abigail11 Premium
You are most welcome Camesha. So true about how we may not even be aware of just how powerful the energy of our thought influence our reality. This is why I love meditation also, because it allows us to become more consciously aware of our thoughts and thus change them for the better. We are each more powerful than we realise and we can shift our reality by working consciously with our thoughts. :)))
JennPGD Premium
I always love affirmations. Thanks, Abigail.
abigail11 Premium
You are welcome Jenn. Blessings and gratitude also. :)))
CarlaIves Premium
Thanks for sharing that, Abigail!
abigail11 Premium
You are most welcome Carla. Blessings and thank you for all you share. :)))
mlshands Premium
Very powerful! I think this is an amazing message that people should take to heart. I am going to show this to my children because, as adults, I see them hesitating to believe in their choices and themselves. They are finished being children but haven't quite yet figured out how to be independent adults who believe in themselves as capable people. I also need to take this to heart and begin using affirmations more often. I know one of my problems is valuing my ability to help people even though I spend so much of my efforts trying to do so. It's amazing the power our negative thoughts have but our positive thoughts have just as much if not more power to free us from negativity.
abigail11 Premium
Thank you and so very true that we can often hold ourselves back from reaching success when we keep holding onto negative thoughts. It is so empowering to know that we can change our thoughts by simply observing them and replacing them with something more positive and aligned with success. Our negative thoughts don't need to run the show! We each deserve true success in all areas of life and we can achieve it through changing our beliefs and creating through action. Glad to be connected and sharing. Blessings to you and you children. :)))