Which Do You Prefer? Speech Recognition Or Typing

Last Update: Dec 23, 2021

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Witch do you prefer?
I have a preference for typing vs. speech voice recognition.

I have tried to do speech recognition but failed miserably. Prior I have watched a webinar by Kyle.

And after having discussed it with Kyle, I found that how thoughts come across, I may be better off typing vs. utilizing speech recognition.

I type using eight fingers and my right thumb and really fast. My mom taught me; God bless her soul. I learned to type using fun techniques like games and stuff, so I had a goal to achieve, and meanwhile, I learned typing.

However, that's NOT the end.

We must always aim to sharpen our crafts and skills.

I have minimal experience when it comes to speech recognition. I am aware that Dragon Dictation is perhaps the best in the market. However, I could be very wrong.

Maybe those folks who use speech recognition and are good at it can educate me with some recommendations.

Please and thank you, much obliged and best wishes.

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Recent Comments


I do a bit of both. With voice to text you always have to back and check.

I did a training session on it a while ago. Hope it helps.


Nice Stephen, thank you.

I will check it out.

Yeah that was I was thinking, funny enough someone also mentioned you would.

However what would be more effective in terms of productivity?

Typing is more efficient or the other way around.

Thank you kindly.

Thank you so much!

Joyous Merry Christmas to you and yours!

I mix it up depends where I am and time available. I always check voice to text as we all say things that don’t translate to text well. But imagine you are on the beach with your phone and get a great idea, no computer.. tada..

Merry Christmas

That's awesome Stephen and you are so right!

I am going to try the offline dragon dictation one as it does not depend on cloud services and see how's that goes for me.

Cloud services are great however there may be a privacy concern issue, you can never tell who is listening. Google, AI or Apple, it is still a grey area.

Appreciate your feedback!

Hope you guys are have a super productive day!

Below blog post may also interest you. Much obliged and best wishes.


Thank you, Lara!

Highly appreciated.

Nice, is this a hobby of yours?

I'm afraid of new things. :D
I know what you mean about how things come across differently, too. Had I started out doing speech-to-text, I might have been able to do it, but now I am set in my ways, haha.

Plus I can just see having to spend an hour combing back through it afterwards to find and correct things that it got wrong...


Not so much afraid, vs thoughts not flowing same way as typing.

May be because there's a learning curve.

or May be because I didn't give it enough time - I suppose I want to try again however, I am not too KEEN on cloud services as there's may be a privacy concern.

However locally and see where that road leads me to.

Of course I would report my findings.

Craig appreciate your feedback so much.

And hope you and yous have a Joyous wonderful Christmas!


Great Post AbieAJ as usual.

Speech Recognition is one of its kind to enable the user to just keep on speaking and the computer types for the user. There are various issues like you need to use many words like full stop, comma exclamation marks while speaking which computer recognizes and types as you say. But normally it s not so easy.

Where as typing is very much easy as you think and you start typing including almost everything.

AbieAj if you want to automate speech recognition you need to feed the master words in the program that recognizes your speech which will take some time but that master then you can use it for the lifetime. Again there are some words which we don't use it daily and need to check whether the program has the capacity to make it happen.

You may face lots of issues while using speech recognition as
1. Accent match
2. special characters like comma, full stop, exclamation marks need to speak out while speaking
3. you need to verify the spoken words and the computer written words which consumes time
4. Certain words are not included in the program which you need to include before using it.
5. formatting of words, paragraphs like bold, italic etc is not included, hence you need to edit it after speaking so much

I would prefer typing instead of speech recognition. That is the best option i have every used it.

Of course here comes the concept of doing it consistently and you will achieve your goal AbieAj

i know you know it very well

Keep it post nice one

Good Luck with speech recognition


You are so right about the special characters lol

When typing, you just do them. You do not think you would want to say comma, full stop etc.

Automation is definitely an avenue to consider.

However as you describer what needs done, I am thinking I would have written the article, formatted, proofread it and ready for publishing and I am still dealing with my software.

However, I totally understand there may be learning curve to everything and perhaps I didn't give myself enough time to flatten the steep curve.

However I shall try again.

I definitely have learned new things here and I am going to give myself a chance. Of course I would report my findings, so that I get feedback and become even better.

Thank you Sachin, I really appreciate you taking the time and effort commenting on my blog post.

Your advice is sound.

Hope you and yours enjoy a super Joyous Merry Christmas!

Thank you once again.

Thank you AbieAJ for compliments

You're very welcome Sachin.

Hi, AbieAJ

I use speech recognition (Dragon Medical One) in my office and at the hospital. It's very efficient once you add macros for repetitive paragraphs, etc.

I do a lot of the work for my website on my iPhone using a combination of typing and speech recognition but, I tend to type more often to avoid distracting others.

I type fairly quickly and my preference is to type directly into the block editor on my laptop. I load a GenerateBlocks local template (pro version only) for the type of post I am creating and then fill in the blanks by copying and pasting info from my iPhone and typing in other info as I go.

So, the combination of both types of input is what works best for me.

Happy Holidays! 🎄🎁

there comes the bottom line " I tend to type more often to avoid distracting others" Very true.

Wish you and your family a Merry christmas


Same to you, Sachin! 🎄🎁🎅

Macros that seems interesting, want to learn more.

I would differently be investigating more.

Ah another interesting fact copying and pasting from an iPhone.

I usually work form my laptop, I don't really find smart phones useful for content but may be I am wrong. I need to look closely what I am doing and how can make out more productivity.

Awesome and thank you Frank, learned lots from your comment.

Appreciate so much taking the time to explain.

Hope that you have some time to relax over the holidays and spend time with loved ones.

Joyous Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Thank you.

Hi, AbieAJ

Sorry, I should have explained myself better.

With voice recognition, I create macros that add frequently-used, pre-written paragraphs, to make things more efficient, which I can customize later-on.

I use Google Docs, which supports voice recognition, on my iPhone, desktop at work, and laptop at home.

GenerateBlocks (pro version only) allows me to create and load local templates for each type of article into the block editor. So, I have a template for review articles on guitars, amplifiers, effects, etc. - each with pre-formatted tables, photos, and everything else I need.

It's the entire article with the specific information missing. I copy and paste info into the template from the Google Doc to write the final version.

I don't use Site Content. I just drop everything into the block editor.

Using my iPhone is not ideal but it allows me to write content for short periods of time at work when I'm waiting for test results, etc.
Ten minutes here and there, just 6 times during the day, gives me an additional hour of work on my next website post.

Merry Christmas & Have Some Fun Today! 🎄🎁🎅

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