Which Character Are You?

Last Update: January 01, 2021

Our blog post today is simple straightforward.

Are you a person who's always upbeat, ready to start your day with enthusiasm, positive, get it going, get ball rolling, inspire, encourage, see solutions where others see impossibilities?


Someone who's living in the past, dwelling in the sorrows, negative, lazy, loves making excuses and cutting corners, gossip to hearts content, likes to waste energy and resources, and dying hard to get peoples' attention.

We all go through struggles, hardships and challenges. What differentiates us from the rest is how we fast improvise and bounce back. Life moves on.

Bottom line: We must own it. We choose how we make out. We are obliged to stay positive despite all the negativism in the world. We are obliged not to acknowledge negativism. We are limitless and boundless if we believe we are. We can attain anything, totally when we TRUTHFULLY put our minds, hearts and souls into it. There's no substitution for HARD WORK. Folks, the sky's the limit! and that's a fact.

Today is January 1st, 2021 - Get started writing your first chapter!

Happy New Year y'all

Abie & AJ

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Suzay Premium
Hi Abie! " The only guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat." Jean-Paul Sarte

Or why do they call him or her a (s)hero? Because (s) he rows!
I had to add that extra because of "she sheds."

Or I told Roy of Roysin, who is trying out Tik Tok and posting about his results:
"Seems that Roy, you are Roking the Tok, and Tiking the Walk!!"

And my new personal fave from Dr. John DeMartini who overcame really bad dyslexia, to become the brilliant coach he is today, says:
"If you don't fill up your day with High Priority Actions,
you will fill up your day with Low Priority Distractions."

Abie, I had a major change in my life happen recently. I just stopped a "family of origin" relationship with my abusive. lying, stealing, narcissistic brother, deleted his texts. deleted his phone calls. Deleted him, silently, with no reaction from me. Enough is enough. This one stole my past, smashed my guitar, cut my things up, without provocation, stole my paintings and tools,,,(joyful creations of my past, gone).
The other brother, who is Bi-polar stole the inheritance ( future stealing) and stopped "relating to us." And then the Narc one, I'd told him for years, before the parents died, I was going to drop him out of my life right after they died.
Well instead, now I'm 69 1/2 years, and this older brother is 1 year older, so I've had this "problem" all of my life."
Even being an energy healer for others, I was as if I was under an evil spell, and I was asleep, had to awaken first, before I could get free!
So it was this last Thanksgiving 2020 I was processing old stuff about mom dying, and I started to wake up regarding this last relative, who we are no match in relativity what so ever!.

In fact the relationship is spiritual, opposites that is. He has an assignment from his god to destroy me.
That's when I woke up, and after a massive burden of broken friendships, betrayals, tale-bearing lies, dreadful experiences, theft, steal my pets, you name it, he did it to me, was lifted!

So now i'm back at WA to do what I could not do, due to continually being kept off balance.
I have found my balance, and am free. I have more energy and see the path up ahead.
I was blind, but now I see!
This even relates to the CHF, congestive heart in June 2018, and lose 6 gallons, or 48 pounds of fluid in 8 days in the hospital and another 22 pounds in a month. Dr. said my heart would have stopped in my sleep if I hadn't come in to emergency.
That is -70 pounds in 5 weeks, and then lots of B1, Thiamine to never get CHF again. Although all that fluid did damage my lungs, It's got the ^^^ that same spiritual root, ^^^ up there.

I work for the One true God, he works for the evil. Opposites collide, but I had to apply all I'd ever learned to remove myself from the snare.
Rattlesnakes and scorpions both liquefy the flesh from the injection site and then moving thru the blood stream toward the heart. The toxin causes shock, numbs the brain's ability to process. You better think fast, the more you move the quicker you will die. Or figure out how to overcome, and choose to Rise and Live Victoriously!

Well, I sure spilled my guts over here Abie. & AJ!!
I'm believing for whatever years I have left above ground, not in it, that it be spent on the Alleluia side of the street, redeeming the time, attaining and surpassing, miracles keep happening, growing what's lasting! Sharing and caring.
The Vision keeps pulling me upwards and driving me higher. I'm a story teller, a tour guide, a public speaker, an influencer,
And I was born to Inspire!

Love, hugs, and many thanks!! Thank you so much Abie...
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Abie,

Indeed, we have to make amends and move on. We can not dwell in the past. We have stay in the present; that's where our power, magic and genius lies. Thanks for the great motivation! We are either one or the other character no is no such thing as a character in between.

Wishing you the very best!

Happy New Year!

Kind regards,
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Really enjoyed reading your comment, and immensely. You are spot on, Nichola. I commend you.

Thanks so much for your feedback and happy new year to you and yours.
hmommers Premium
Yep, definitely true, and I reckon myself to be in the first group.
I also notice that people are going through a hard time if they have to deal with setbacks because of the virus. And although at times I think 'come on, do something, don't just complain', I also feel for them. Not everyone can turn his/her business into an online one.
Yet I do love all the creativity we also see in these times. :)

Thanks for the inspiration, Abie.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
Thank you so much for you notes Hannie, and yes the pandemic has been detrimental and had its toll for so many including us.

But the positivity is what's ingrained, and a character is what remains with us second natured.

I know we are only human and thus imperfect, we all lose our temper and moan sometimes however it is temporary.

Creativity and awesomeness throughout, I also believe that too. Thanks for notes again, hoping you are having a stupendous day.
hmommers Premium
Exactly, Abie :)
Yes, the sun is shining, making our daily hike really pleasurable despite the cold. LOL, some wouldn't say our 10 degrees C is cold at all. It's all perception. :-)
Hope you have a marvelous day as well.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
This is really great Hannie, sun and hiking goes hand in hand. Snowing here rather, would fancy getting on the sleigh for a ride LOL -- we appreciate you.
hmommers Premium
Twack Premium
Love it all but especially the last paragraph, powerful and inspiring.

I also wanted to let you know that I went to the website you mentioned, in answer to my question about having sites within a site. (DotDash)
I liked the look of it and I think it will be something I shall try to emulate, so thank you. I would have replied in the question thread but so far I haven't been able to find it.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Thank you so much Twack.

As I was reading your comment, it reminded from days we had catering business, don't know if you are aware with a la carte dishes, the way you would place the sauce on the dish when you are plating up is first put a dot with a spoon, then spread it across the plate in a dash lol thus dot dash haha

Anyways, glad to see you are liking site and could possibly consider emulating, which you can do by trial and error. I think Elementor qualifies here more than Divi or GPPremium as their elements qualify for such things, however you'd also want to keep things in perspective as far as site speeds are concerned.

We have a similar project in the pipeline however not as yet as we are now building individual sites. But yes, we purchased ourselves a two letter domain that would hold our corporate umbrella for all our sites, and was thinking emulating dotdash before your question landed on the Q&A panel in the community.

Also to let you know we to this date own 303 domain names, some of which would include other same name domain to protect brand.

To find the thread you are looking, look up your questions under your profile, find your question and viola you'd find the thread, however commenting here is cool too.

We look forward to hearing how you are progressing and if needing help or have more questions for us along the journey we would try our best respond to the best of our abilities.

Thank you today for your notes and feedback, we really appreciate you. Hope you are having a fab day.

And btw Happy New Year to you and yours!
JohnJStanley Premium Plus
Nice Abie & AJ,
Thanks for the reminder to always be upbeat, ready to start your day with enthusiasm, positive, get it going, get ball rolling, inspire, encourage, see solutions over the setbacks etc.
We live in a world of much negativity - we need to keep moving forwards.
Have a great 2021. John
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Thank you for your notes and feedback, by the end of the day we choose how we make out.

Worry about you vs World, you circle too because we all reflect back from within, it is simple really. It is what you want vs what everyone wants.

So what you do you want John?