We are at Crossroads - Decision Decision Decisions

Last Update: April 23, 2021

We recently had an inquiry about a domain names bundle we owned for quite some time, and we got many requests from bidders in the past; however, all were petty.

So today, we had a bidder who's willing to pay $155k for the bundle. A person ready to spend that much cash must have figured out a plan to probably 10x their investments. Or are they just collectors?

So now we are at crossroads; we've got to make a decision pretty soon. It is either a go or a cancel.

We are thinking of holding on to them and built upon a striking dot com site that would perhaps be worth a lot more money (if 10x'd, the value would be $1.5m).

What would you do if you were in our shoes?

Abie & AJ

Ideas? Thoughts? Questions? Further research notes are always welcome.


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revansca Premium
As I see it, you have a choice; take the offer if having the liquidity is something you need, or speculate and hold on to the dot com that you referenced, but be sure you really do have a plan for it before deciding on the hold option.
- Ron
dandarnell Premium Plus
Well sir, congratulations for having such a great asset(s) to have any bids on to begin with. That is amazing.

I would first need to look at what you had accomplished with the domains to get them to a point where they are so passive if someone has already placed a bid so high.

I would wait and if the bundle is actually worth that much by appraisal, I'd go with a 2-3 week auction. If someone is willing to pay that much, then there are others out there with more money who would probably at least like to place their bid. I know a little about domains but not to that extent.

I wish you much success either way with your decision and again a great congrats!

Godstrong Premium
My opinion comes after this question: If you hang on to those domain bundles, Will their value increase over time? So that you can make more profits should you decide to sell them at a later time?

Thanks so much AbieAJ with this question ringing Like a bell in my head and it says; "when shall I have the opportunity to be so confused with selling my domain bundles?".
MoniqueRich Premium
Wow, respect, you did a great job. Congratulation. And it is sure to be a difficult decision. Both are good for taking the money and starting something new. Or do you want to put more work into the bundle and make more money?

The question is, is this domain bundle something permanent, or is it more modern that may not be in demand next year?

I would ask Kyle or anyone in WA who has already sold domains.
In any case.

Anyhow, I would like to have a problem like that too.
Only1Hugh Premium
What was the original intention for compiling the bundle?
Is it that you had it on a sale site like Flippa?
As a side point how many domain names constitute your bundle?
You alone know your current needs at the moment to assess but $155k is nothing to sneeze at since I am sure you can replicate several other bundles.