The Complete Guide To Facebook Ad Targeting (fb ad infographic within)

Last Update: July 27, 2020

Hi folks

I recently started learning about facebook ads advertising campaigns, and glad to say I am enjoying it.

Come to think of it, Facebook is the land of tribe communities.. where each tribe has its own leader/s.. Currently, there's 2 billion users utilizing this medium. And by far, the subject itself is absolutely a gigantic platform to master, however skills earned are absolutely transferable and can be implemented on any product or service that you want to attract laser targeted leads, engagements, subscribers and site conversions. The best way to familiarize yourself with the jargon is to go to Google and type
'site:facebook . com ads'

Here's a complete guide to outlining the various demographics, connections, interests, custom audiences and behaviors. As you can see from the jpeg, and with a little guidance, you can micro target audiences specific to your niche.

As I indulge myself into the eCom world, I am split testing ad-sets $5 a day on both desktop and mobile, waiting time 48 hours.. Assess, duplicate, pause or scale, $5 dollars increments at a time. You're bound to smoke some dollars in process, however, don't think of it as a waste vs. collecting data and nurturing your pixel.

That's that for now.. I'll see you all on my next blog.

Yours truly


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VeronicasLuv Premium
Hmmm...that looks interesting. I see the offer a 14 day free trial. I may look into that. Thanks, Abie!
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Thanks for sharing, Abie.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks for sharing
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Most welcome :)