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Last Update: February 01, 2021


We noticed a blog post that told us it was spam; we left a Spam No No link we copied and pasted on the WA dashboard; later finding out it was replicated to a member's blog post. This person took action by Private Messaging us, in which we had no idea what they were talking about.

Looking through our bell notifications, we learned of their question, and following up; we discovered that our comment was replicated unknowingly onto their blog post, directly implicating the other member and us, thus filing a bug report.

So guys, if you notice a comment that doesn't relate or irrelevant to your blog post, DON'T be alerted. We're extending our observation to you.

How is it exactly replicating, you may ask? Two threads, writing a comment on one thread gets duplicated as soon as the reply button is applied.

Thank y'all for your time reading the above notification.

Abie & AJ

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YvonneBray Premium
Hi, Abie That happened to me once before, and I mentioned it but unsure if anything was done, it was on the blogging side.

I left a comment, and it was reposted in the same area with one or two words changed. I knew it was mine. What gave it away was the date and place. I hope you get the matter resolved.
TWaugh1 Premium
Thank you.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
I trust that it gets resolved.
luckycheryl Premium Plus
I am confused by this as well.
ratlhaganen Premium
Thank you.