I Would Seek Respect vs. Attention - How About You?

Last Update: May 23, 2022

Howdy, All Y'all, [uniquely special], Wealthy Affiliate members and the Wealthy Affiliate community; - "I Would Seek Respect vs. Attention - How About You?"

Seeking respect vs. attention, in my belief, lasts longer.

Are you driven by a strong sense of good human values? A strong character.

Folks doing good for humanity that in itself promotes respect. I'd go on to develop good human values and correct behaviors. This will give you consideration and provide you joy and happiness.

Be kind, show kindness, and do random acts of kindness. Stand beside fellow friends and help out as much as possible.

Honest and good people are always respected in society and given value. People are respected not because of their looks or wealth but because of their noble qualities and human-like attributes. Attention, on the contrary, isn't.

You'd often find that respect usually lasts longer than attraction because, in the long run, people never judge a book by its cover.

The aim is always to earn respect from others through actions.


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I hope ALL Y'all have a great, super productive day!

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Bibinassabi8 Premium
Hello AbieAJ,
I never look for attention. Respect, I try earning it with good behavior.
My mom gave me a strong foundation of positive values that continues to be with me.
I highly admire you Abie from my heart!
I have not seen or met you, but reading your posts, shows your character.
A good character is the most important attribute of a worthy life!
Hope to meet you someday!
Pedrone Premium
Hello AbieAJ,

I usually never look for attention,
(as I get the one anyway:)
"for me, being appreciated is valuable a lot to me,"
but respect is the one that
makes me feel wonderful
and great!

But first, I had to learn to respect myself and others,

wish you a wonderful day!

Zoopie Premium
To seek or look for something is something I’ve given up.
All I hope is we can all be humans and come together and look after one another and our planet.
I no longer seek recognition for things done or even respect. I only wish we all had group respect and love for one another..

Haha, getting all deep here, time for a nap.loll

💤 💤 😴
JHawumba Premium Plus
Thank you very much for this blog topic. While it should not be one's aim to seek attention from others, yet one who is respected may also attract the attention. The difference could be that he/she did not seek for it.
Another observation is that one may attract attention from a bad angle, yet one is respected for a good cause. Have a nice day
Villageist Premium Plus
AHOY! Great endeavors - All the way! LOL!

Thanks, Mme Abie! EAT berries 🍓🍓🍓
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Super Anthony and you're very welcome! How's your Sunday? Good time with the family?
LaraCro Premium Plus
EAT berries! :)