How have you been achieving maximum productivity?

Last Update: May 09, 2021

Are you becoming a productive person? Exactly how productive?


Here things we follow:

- Get rolling. It will never be perfect, do what you can with what you have, make the best out of it

- Unclutter yourself, your life, and your working space. Cut off, toxic people

- Please write down your goals and rewrite them again in the morning when you first wake up and again in the evening before you go to sleep

- Getting up at 5 AM each day, the dollar will follow you. Anytime later, you are following the dollar

- Look yourself in the mirror each evening and ask yourself what you have achieved for the day

- Sell your TV

- Learn to say No. Get lost someplace with zero interruptions!

- Get your delicious habits in order

- Do focused tasks, six in an hour at 10 minutes intervals, and stick to the ten minutes

- Delegate, delegate, delegate!

- Outsource your weaknesses; focus on your strengths

- Exercise, exercise, exercise!

- Drink plenty of water

- Use your commute time, use your sleeping time. Listen to your favorite podcast while in commute or sleep; our subconscious never goes to sleep

- Do things off-peak

- Do it right the first time.



You may like to share your wisdom with us :)


Abie & AJ

Ideas? Thoughts? Questions? Further research notes are always welcome.


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davehayes Premium
I agree with most of the post. However getting up at 5am and selling the TV are not what I plan to do. I did getting up at 5am as a Law Enforcement officer for a lot of years, so that is not happening now

Selling the TV, nah, not happening either, because the TV I watch is controlled and 90% of it gives me ideas for content.The remainder is relaxation

The rest I think are good ideas
IamTracy Premium
Hi Abie and AJ I love all of these ideas and most I try and do but you reminded me of a few I need to invest more in. I really like the 6 tasks in an hour idea - that's my goal for the week set. Thank you for sharing all these here.
Have a happy and successful week.
SHINEPAGE1 Premium Plus
Very well said AbieAj, I like the path you say exercise exercise exercise, and drink plenty of water, I love the routine also , I will be try to implement that into my professional life , the setting targets am already doing that , but I enjoy what this post is saying, nice one AbieAj
Denise462 Premium
We're on the same page! Recently, I made huge changes to my life. I am organizing, uncluttering, and I left several toxic people in the rear view mirror as I drove into my new life. Exercise, a lot of water, good food, and a positive attitude are my daily focus. I LOVE your insightful list. It sounds familiar, and similar to goals I've put in place for myself. I have a tendency to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. Time management is one of my biggest challenges. In order to be productive and further my goals, burn-out must be avoided. It is one of the pitfalls of starting anything new and challenging. It can be intimidating, and then there's the adrenalin rush. Remind yourself to be patient; take your time; rome wasn't built in a day; haste makes waste; the sun will come up tomorrow; don't be in such a rush; pay close attention to the little details that will make you more successful in the future, and don't give up. You made it this far, and it can only get better. Hope you are all having a great day, and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers out there! :)
VirginiaRod1 Premium Plus
Good morning @AbieAJ I really need to work on prioritizing my tasks and my time. A lot of times I feel that I take on too much, trying to accomplish everything and at the end of the day I get NOTHING done. I also tend to procrastinate a lot. For example, I'm still and I'm a lil ashamed to say this but I'm still on level one in my training with only 37% completed. Instead of making this one of my more important thing to focus on and accomplish I do other less important things that pretty much just waste my time.With this said I have been stuck trying to finish my website for several days now and instead of asking for help I try to figure it out on my own and get frustrated and I stop. UGH! so much I need to work on.
Denise462 Premium
I'm trying to learn HTML and website building. It can be frustrating, and sometimes I feel like I'm spinning in circles. I tend to get too caught up, and then my focus is off. I ignore other things I need to do, or put them off. My problem is patience; I want it overnight, after years of struggling with family and other comittments. I have to slow down and take my time; I can't do it all in a day. We should give each other a shot in the arm; LOL. Keep on going.... you'll nail it you keep trying. :)