Easter Sunday of Easter Sundays and Childhood Memories!

Last Update: April 05, 2021

For many, it's Christmas. For others, it's Thanksgiving or Valentine's.

My favorite holiday, from my earliest memories as a child to today, has always been Easter.

I like everything about Easter. I like seeing people all pampered dressed in their Sunday best. I want that more people attend communion services, including those who may not at other times. I like the hymns. Plus, you get family quality time and plenty of chocolate.

Our childhood memories unveil the need to know that the Easter message is unwavering love at the Easter message's core. It was love all across the board.

Our parents could determine our readiness to hear the detailed Easter story. No matter how it was told, the focus was on the hope of love that ran throughout the Easter message.

Our thoughts are with those whose reunion is otherwise discontinued due to current situations - Can this 2021 holiday still be a Happy Easter? Yes, the Easter message remains the same.

To the best of ability, let's rejoice to the fullest extent possible. Whether in person or online, let's rejoice and proclaim.

Be it indoors, watching the Easter show, reading it out loud, engaging a child with a theme of your choice. We hope you're able to embrace the quieter time with your family. We pray this Easter is a special one for you and your loved ones.

To everyone reading this, I pray for you to have a blessed weekend... a good, Good Friday, and a blessed and Happy Easter!




Abie & AJ

Ideas? Thoughts? Questions? Further research notes are always welcome.


This blog post is in compliance with the Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project (Rule #15. No faith or religion based posts) as it contains NO reference to faith or religion vs a simple holiday message. We hope you do so agree.

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    ElodieF4321 Premium
    HI Abbe thank you for that wonderful Eastern message

    My favorite times was helping bake our specI also goodies such as cake, sweetbreads, bread,. When we'return finishing making the cake the fun part was cleaning with our fingers, by eating what was left, in those days we have no cakeep mixer and stuff so everything was done manually.

    Here'she hoping everyone has a great and safe weekend and ready to go back to work.
    countrylife Premium
    Hey Abie, that's a beautiful message.
    Ours pretty sentimental because when we have kids in the house and want to prepare them for Easter, that's when the fun starts. I've always wanted our little guys to understand Easter beyond candy and a bunny, so I set out to create memorable activities to help them get excited about Easter while becoming more familiar with the Easter story and getting their piece of chocolate. Abie, have you ever noticed that we tend to do a whole lot to prep kids for a great Christmas and not nearly as much for Easter?
    Here's the drill; now, first, we gather the supplies we need, and most can be found around the house or created using items that hang around like paper bags, ribbon, hole punch or stapler, palm branches like leaves and faux flowers, tea light, silver coins, basin, clothes, communion cup, a small cross, torn piece of clothes and an activity guide with day and verse. Then we assemble the bags, folded down tops, punched two holes, and used ribbon to secure them. The activity guide lets you know symbols to use each day, gives passage to read, and includes a short explanation and suggestions for getting your little ones involved: the palm branches, a significant part of the Easter story for kids to act out. Tea lights tell his disciples' story, go into a dark room, turn on the little lights from their bags or a small flashlight, showing His light in us and being a light to someone is also a terrific memorable idea. Pieces of silver to conclude that no amount of money would be worth asking why someone would have to give them to give to their mom or dad. Basin for washing guests' feet consists of a large bowl and a cloth to wash kids' feet and vice versa. And to serve one another as He humbly served his disciples. Communion cup and bread, have crackers and grape juice for a snack, and be thankful to Him for what he has done for us. Cross symbol making a crown of thorns out of play-doh and some toothpicks. He was willing to endure all of his pain and death to save us. Ripped cloth holding up sheets between you and your child, showing how people were formerly separated. Then drop sheet so they can see how freely we can come to Him because of his son. Empty bags and time get to communion with your families for celebrations. Then display the countdown to Easter in a place where kiddos will see them often. Notice their reaction to each of the symbols.
    Apologies to drag on this comment, Abie; I hope this has given you a bit of an idea of what it's like to prep our kiddos for Easter.
    I am Lula (Countess Country), and wishing you guys well and a terrific blessed Easter Sunday, Abie & AJ!
    dcasa14 Premium
    Happy Easter and thank you for sharing family memories. May God bless you.
    AbieAJ Premium Plus
    Thank you so much Dave.

    Blessed Easter Sunday to you and yours too!
    philmedia Premium Plus
    Have a lovely time Abie and AJ and hope you get some rest. All the best, Phil
    AbieAJ Premium Plus
    Thanks Phil.

    Blessed Easter Sunday to you and yours!
    Only1Hugh Premium
    Happy Easter Abie and AJ
    AbieAJ Premium Plus
    Thank you.

    Blessed Easter Sunday to you and yours!