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Last Update: December 18, 2020

Due to an increasing number of questions in the Q & A classrooms in relation to training videos at WA and since system update and the offering of an upgraded bundle; many members have been left out and were totally surprised to see that there are indeed new training in house that are only accessible to a certain group of members.

Before system update, there were those videos uploaded freely by various members of the community as part of their profile training tabs and Jay's live events which were accessible to members who joined up as Premiums, as they are copyrighted to WA.

After system update, there's a new offering of an upgraded bundle for those individuals who want to take their business to the next level, and in addition to the previous uploaded freely and 52+ Expert classes Jay's live Events training videos, an additional 200 plus for the Pemium Plus + members (see images below).

A new join page and comparison chart was formed that can be accessible here

The new join page include three tiers, the free starters, diamond Premiums and the crown Premium Plus + memberships, where individuals can join direct without having to register a free starter as was the case the previous system.

The comparison chart above explains in detail the differences between the diamond Premium and the crown Premium Plus + memberships.

For current pricing please click on the join link provided above.

The differences that's changed is under the classes tab top menu, direct link include, see images below

Beside the Dashboard, Subscriptions, History and Promote buttons on the left side of browser, there's the calendar on the right side. You can click on the schedule and see what's available on a certain day and who's the Expert in session. -- Also on the actual videos top right corner, would say if videos are available for free, diamond Premiums or crown Premium Plus + members.

Another way to search is by clicking 'View Training Profile' or 'See More Classes' on Experts individual profiles (see image below)


For Jay's would be:

For Kyle's would be

Other great links that's often asked question is where Jay's live events, there's two other places you can get to them in addition to subscriptions classes tab.

Training tab top menu, Classrooms direct link and then click Events.

Or go to Jay's profile training tab direct

Or in case of Kyle's would be

Or if Carosn's would also be

Since we are Premium Plus + members, we find the new training offered by expert members of the community, mind blowing, would help us a great deal raising the bar and taking our business to the next level and therefore we strongly recommend and if your budget allows to upgrade and not hesitate a second more.

This by no means a full guide however more of a brief blog post highlighting what's newly available after system upgrade with respect to training videos at the Wealthy Affiliate. As always we appreciate your feedback and input, any questions you may have, jot them down. We'll do our best answer them as efficiently as possible.

Hope y'all enjoyed and having a terrific day.

Abie & AJ

A helping hand any day.

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Suzay Premium
Hi Abie & AJ,
I am still having trouble getting to Jay's classes. I subscribed to a bunch of them at one time, trying to learn where to go and what to do once I got to the next step.
OK, well I am always rushing home from errands on Friday, the objective is getting back before Jay's class starts so I can participate, yes? Yes!!.

Today for the 3rd time in a row, I can't get in either.

There is no weekly "reminder an hour ahead," thing to help me get to class.
I check in another step and it says that "I am subscribed."

*I can chat in the chat, but I can't see or hear Jay. refresh does nothing.
(f I go back Saturday, I can see & hear the replay.)

What is going on that I can't go to Jay's classes?,

Now if i says "You are subscribed", and you click on it,
then you would be unsubscribing yourself for that class,

But I don't touch it if it says, and it almost always does say, "You are subscribed."

2) You know that if you click on that, you did unsub yourself before class, well, why would it let you in then?

It just won't let me see/hear Jay.'s all black screen and cannot hear him teaching.
What am I doing wrong? What am I doing wrong??

Can you please help me? I'm getting over another bout of gluten intolerance, and have very little energy, if you understand how this dis ease works.
Thank you, i really need your help. And would really appreciate it coming from you,
Rhonda40 Premium Plus
I just love the training!
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Thanks so much Rhonda, we appreciate your feedback.
RobbysGirl Premium
this was really useful for me ... thanks!

AbieAJ Premium Plus
So very welcome Roberta, we are glad it served a purpose.
Laertes Premium
Great info ABie and J!...have a GREAT DAY!

AbieAJ Premium Plus
You too, thanks Laertes. We appreciate you.
Mick18 Premium
Thanks for sharing. Have a great evening.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hey Mickey, long time no see. Thank you.

Wish you awesomeness's and a great week ahead.