Are we coherently adding value to discussions?

Last Update: March 20, 2021

Hey Wealthy Affiliate family

Lately, with so many incidents happening on the WA platform, our values have been diminishing. And more so with various blog posts that are popping by multiple members of this enriched community. We are hoping it will pass and peace reigns.

However, are we as members adding value and reaching out? Correctly as site and business owners perhaps, yet not entirely so on the virtual WA platform.

As site owners, when someone leaves us a spammy comment on our posts, would we like it? No. Why? It depreciates from the value of our sites. Upon moderation, we delete it.

When we leave a spammy comment on a discussion (Q & A) within the WA platform, it seems okay to some. Are we to assume the WA platform is of lesser value than our sites? Don't we value our co-founders Kyle & Carson, and the sweat and effort they put in provide us with the tools? How are we helping to address other person's issues, or does the ranking system blind us?

These are just some thoughts we have wanted to address for some time now.

Fabulous weekend everyone.

Abie & AJ

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ParthaB Premium Featured Comment
Hey Abie & AJ,

Honestly, I could write a book on this subject.

I am definitely a "people - watcher" (or stalker as Shannon likes to call me, LOL), both in "real life" and online.

I'm both intrigued and amazed at how we as human beings act and react, what makes up tick, etc.

I actually took umbrage to much of what I've seen over the past few months.


Then I realised that my reaction said more about me as a person than it did about other people.

I may not agree with other people's methods, opinions and aims, but who made me judge and jury?

I have a right to my own opinion, but I have no right to judge others for theirs.

But we do - that's human nature.

Guaranteed : a lot people will dislike me after reading this - I'll live.

Here's some of my controversial opinions. I'm sure many will disagree and probably take umbrage to me.

The new UX rolled out in October. .. hmmm, I'm not completely sold on the fact that this was the most important factor at the time for Kyle & Carson. I feel it was potentially done as a distraction.

We tend to forget that these guys are marketers, business people, and brilliant ones at that. So everything they do will have a marketing /sales element to it.

And so it should!!! They'd be pretty poor marketers if they provided us with help and tools, but didn't turn a profit.

I think the new UX was a bit of distraction marketing "oh look sweets by the checkout counter".

They're real baby was Premium Plus.

They're actual aim was to provide a superior service and to MAKE MONEY.

Why do think that the front page of WA constantly repeats blog posts about signing up for PP, getting indexed, ranked, and worst of all in my mind, increased WA ranking?

These are strategically placed there and aimed directly at the 1,000+ new members who join the platform daily.

And this huge influx of new people is an opportunity for many people here tk flex their, "internal ranking system muscles".

While the WA internal ranking system was a great initial concept, for many it's a massive distraction.

And some people don't even realsi the hold it has over them.


You can actually see the "rank chasers" a mile off.

Why is there a need to thank me for thanking you for thanking me for thanking you the first time?

Oh yeah, more "likes" = increased internal ranking.

This also leads for the increased need to blog and "provide help* among the community. Please note the inverted commas around provide help, hint: sarcasm.

I actually think there's a huge difference between being genuinely helpful and "scoring points".

I've even received PMs about some of the comments I've made, stating that I could've been more helpful or a little nicer.

Hmm, okay providing someone with false hope is more important than genuine honesty is it?

I would love to answer all the "Can you make money as a free starter" questions with a firm NO.

But, I'd get lynched, LOL.

In terms of JUST blogging and SEO (nothing more), how successful cam a siterubix be in 2021?

Google has now had 16 years of abandoned siterubix websites with 1-3 articles on, never used again.

Do you not think Google is taking notice of this?

Anyway, my whole point to this, I feel the internal ranking is outdated.

How many members here would actually still "help", blog and provide meaningful comments? Be honest.

There are people who genuinely want to help others and spend much of their day doing it.

I know I'm going to miss people off (sorry) but off the top of my head :

Abie, Diane, Shannon, Joe, the two UK Phils, Chrystopher (when he finishes his current projects) Nicole.

And as I say I'm sorry, I know I've missed many GENUINE helpers out.

But these guys and gals do it every single day without any real thought for rank.

How many other people can HONESTLY say they don't care about internal WA rank and that this doesn't influence them in some way.

You'll notice I don't have thousands and thousands of followers.

I don't typically welcome new members, I usually only follow people back after they've followed me.

And I don't do the 100 rank chasing messages afterwards, "thanks for following me", "you're welcome", so are you ", etc.

Does this make me a lesser person than others?

Does this make me less helpful?

Does this make me not as nice a person?

If you know you know.

"Help" doesn't always to be provided is such a public way that everyone can see.

Right I'm going to stop before I do end up writing that book.

My overall message - be genuine in all dealings with others, your rewards will eventually come.

DianeScorpio Premium
Thank you for the mention and I agree with your points. I have recently had my hands slapped for daring to suggest that it takes months to make any income.

Every day, I see examples of websites that are quite clearly never going to see any success, but we are expected to encourage members and keep those commissions rolling in.

And like yourself, I have been accused of being too blunt and not congratulating members. Sorry, I don't do motivation, I leave that up to others who are much more sincere about it than I would be.

I have also been told that I should "like" somebody's comments simply because they liked mine. Sorry, I reserve my likes for posts and comments that I choose.

I have no intention of changing my style of offering genuine, honest advice. And judging by the number of PMs I receive daily requesting my help, then I am clearly doing something right.

I have recently mentioned to Kyle that the ranking system creates unrest and ill-feeling, with those who add no value with their replies seemingly being rewarded.

He asked me to send him a PM with details, but that was over a week ago and I am not hopeful of a reply. This whole sorry subject has been weighing me down and I feel better for having said this.
JoeRebisz Premium
I remember the hand slap incident, still think you're right. Also, Michael sent Kyle a list of people who deserve recognition over those that don't by leaving slim comments for the purpose of maintaining their. THAT is wrong. Kudos!
ParthaB Premium
Hey Diane,

Thank you for thanking me for thanking you, LOL. Just kidding.

Oh, you will never know how much I had to bite my tongue in that situation.

I knew I would end up saying something I regretted, so I stayed out of it. For that I apologise to you.

However, it is clear that the person has ulterior motives.

Being a hugely successful affiliate marketer doesn't automatically make you a genuine, honest and nice person.

But there's seems to be a common misconception about this.

Even though we are very similar in the way we go about things Diane, you have FAR more patience than me. I take my hat off to you for that.

I see "mantras", "sayings", *phrases es" often banded about here at WA.

But I've said it before, so I'll say it again - Not Everyone is Cut Out to be Successful.

There will be people who spend years here and won't "make it".

I can even guarantee 2-3 years down the line many "rank chasers" may even call WA a scam. The system works. They simply weren't good enough or didn't make the required effort.

I'm all for being "nice", I don't believe I'm ever rude, but I'd rather fluff things up and make them look pretty fory kids.

If you're a serious business person/entrepreneur, you need to learn rejection and hearing the truth without it being buttered up.

Much the sames as you, my daily PMs speak volumes.

However, as for you Diane, never stop being you. Don't let others opinions impact on you.

In my mind you're the TRUE spirit of WA.

To me, you are and always will be

"The Queen of No Fluff."

JoeRebisz Premium
Yes, well put. I did back Diane and tactfully replied to that person. If they didn't like it, oh well, too bad. It's the truth though! If they can't take, not our fault.
Linda103 Premium
Oh dear, I didn't know that there was meant to be a back and forth to aid ranking Partha.
I rarely look at the front page and have never taken part in the 'live chat'. Got put off with links being dropped, people being told niot to but they still remained in place.
Why shouldn't we be honest with people? If someone asked me that question about making money I would say no. What is wrong with that?
I would certainly take umbrage with people telling me how my comments should be. It's not their business.
Must admit I rarely take part in the platform stuff anymore, which is probably a good thing.
ParthaB Premium
Haha, oh Linda,

And here's me wishing you would take further part.

You're definitely one of the people who's comments & posts I always take an interest in.

The fact that you've run an online business for over a decade and yet quietly go about your business daily speaks volumes.

Unfortunately, whenever we form part of a multi-diverse community, people will always have differing views, opinions and outlooks on life.

What someone may view as solid advice, another would see as just plain rude, and vice versa.

There is a leaning towards "sugar-coating" things here.

I honestly don't believe I've ever been rude to anyone here (but I'm also not aware of how people react to the things that I say).

I'll often see comments, pats on the back, great motivational speeches, many of which provide false hopes and create unrealistic expectations.

Admittedly, the vast majority of the time I take a step back, allow others to bask in their glory and earn popularity points.

Whereas in reality I want to say, "you're slowing your website down, no-one is ever going to search for those specific queries, stop worrying about how your site looks and start adding some content, that will not actually get you any traffic or make you any money, etc."

Obviously, me being me, I would then also offer solutions and even check everything afterwards.

I have gone as far as to do keyword research for people, shown them how I've done it, outlined articles for them, shown them what information I would add, and how to research these further.

Then let them get on with it and come back to me afterwards to look stuff over.

Unfortunately, because I choose to do this in private, I'll never get any recognition or "ranking points".

Obviously, if I'd just made a rousing speech in a blog post that would've been much better wouldn't it?

Look at me Linda, getting on my high horse. LOL.

I'll shut up now. And if you do ever pop into live chat Linda, I promise to only spam with links once.

Brongsugah Premium
Again Partha, thanks for your honesty. Like you, I sometimes want to be honest and frank when commenting on sites instead of being sweet like honey (read being a hypocrite). This is only because some time ago, one honest opinion I gave on how an affiliate might have improved the look and feel of their website - nothing negative about how it actually looked, but what she might think of adding in terms of visuals/content, was promptly 'disapproved' with the site owner responding to me in quite a crass manner about what I had said. Since then I have desisted from giving any opinions about improvements - all sites are great and will make money. Period! Sigh.....

I was once rapped on the knuckles by an Ambassador for writing a blog post that was not WA focused - the blog policy was even attached so that I could read it and familiarise myself with the rules. I've seen tons of non-WA blogs and I honestly positively comment on select ones. No problem.

At the end of the day, I came into this experience not knowing what to expect. It has been more than I can imagine in terms of what I've learned and the network that has come with the journey. For me, this is about building a business and realising a dream and goals. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff! Happy Sunday all! Cheers!

Linda103 Premium
I do like your posts and responses Partha. They are always interesting, thought provoking and funny at times too.

I suspect if I am too honest, it might be considered rude, lol. I try to be nice and mostly am, I think.

I don't have much patience with sugar coating. It is what it is. If people think they will be earning money within a month, that is totally nuts.

It's those that quietly work and help others that are the important ones, not those that stand there saying 'look how great I am'.
Keep being you.
Rupert4U Premium Plus
Hello Partha
I enjoyed every word you wrote here. Your blog posts have provided me tremendous help. I do not need a thank you, your welcome, but I do need genuine help. I'll say it. The WA rank has a hold over me. But not as much as it used to. I guess you can say I am starting to grow up. Thanks for your honesty. It's refreshing. Yours, Rupert.
JEaston Premium Plus
Hello Abie & AJ,

Thank you so much for your post. Sorry I didn't really know it was spam. Thank you. This is a big help for me; I have to be careful before leaving a comment next time.

I hope I didn't do anything wrong here on the WA platform.

Thank you so much for your kind sharing.

All the best,
Christorv Premium Plus
For me, since I came here just for the hosting I decided from the get go that if I was going to get involved in the community it will be in learning and commenting in blogs. With millions of people on here and increasing, it will be quite something to moderate- I expect it might change eventually. But as long as it remains sort of a community, hosting, educational and tech platform I hope any changes are supported by all those who really make this place tick
JoeRebisz Premium
Oh yes, this community keeps this place ticking and Kyle busy too lol
Brongsugah Premium
I've read the post and comments with much interest and feeling like I've been living under a rock the last 4.5 months that I've been here, not having been exposed to what I've read.

I will admit the ranking thing, whether it was meant to be an incentive of sorts for members to become bloggers on steroids, provide tons of disingenuous comments and check a box in the lessons in order to climb up the ranks quickly...really worked.

I certainly was sold and I'm sure thousands of others have been too. I don't know what the 'old' WA was like, I can only speak for my recent, maybe somewhat 'naive' experience, but the support meted out, the knowledge shared, the connections made thus far and the fact that I have a real live website that I learned to build and populate myself, is pretty damn good in my books. Following this discussion with interest. Cheers!

JoeRebisz Premium
Glad to have you here Maria :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very well said, Maria!

Brongsugah Premium
Thanks. Glad to be here! Cheers!

1800CC Premium
Hello wa members.
I am who I am.
I will always try to be encouraging towards other members. For site comments I will answer according to what was requested and use constructive criticism. I am not worried about 20 or 40% accepted results or the small monetary you may receive for it.
I have a follow and unfollow option available. If you do not like me or my comments go ahead and unfollow. I will not be offended.
Be safe
JeffreyBrown Premium
I agree with your take on things, Mike!
Brongsugah Premium
Nailed it Mike! Love the honesty too! Thanks for it. Cheers!

feigner Premium
personally i don't like the way wa is going but got told by kyle that it was going on the direction of a sociial site.....
so now i have to bite my tongue every time i see a thinly veiled wa review from top members try to get more sales
or thin comments looking to keep rankings
or sagas about peoples lives...
for ne it's a business learning platform and i had a little adjustment ot do and now just ignore it ...
if i don't like it to that degree then i can always take myself elsewhere...there are plenty of other places....
so now the platform is a hosting....learning...answering tech questions platform....
it is such a shame that it has become what it is, but it is noyt up to me to judge whether that is good or is what it is...and i can't change it....
it is a safe place ( at the moment) away from the main eyes on the web so useful but.....
i now try not to judge by my own standards....every bodies perception of what is good and bad is different...sometimes very different...
have fun
JeffreyBrown Premium
Interestingly, I love learning too, Phil, and learn something new every single day, but education does not have to be bland, it should be exciting and motivational too! I had friends at the University that I attended and we "socialized" on occasion! All Universities are like that! Isn't WA a University as well? It has been advertised like that in many circles!

The beauty part is that we are free to choose which posts we read and which posts we ignore. Just a thought. We all have opinions. You have shared yours, and here is mine! We can agree to disagree! Cool stuff, huh?
If you love learning so much how come you have been here over three years and only completed two levels of training?
feigner Premium
i totally agree that you have an opinion... i was amazed it was more than one line....
only joking, i saw some of your early exploits and then left you too it...
i frequently visit questions from members, which have already been leave rather than leaving a few words...
but we are all different...
and that's what makes wa interesting...
as you say there is enough room in here for different personalities
as for here being a university... if they all had lessons that are as old ad these are then students would be coming out learning techniques that are out of date before they start their ..thinking about it ..not far off....
i am a member of another program where they have created training about getting the snippet, youtube shorts, creating a yourube channel and other 'new' mehods and for less money.....
feigner Premium
it is called project 24...i can say without reprise as i cannot get an affiliate link...i don't have enough visitors.....
check out their free yt channel first to see if you get on with their teaching style....
but stick to one system...don't try to mix two normally ends up being very messy and just confusing you...
feigner Premium
no worries...
JeffreyBrown Premium
The latter part of that about the YT shorts and snippets especially sounds interesting. I cannot beat the price for the hosting here which was my primary objective. I have also use Site Support on occasion, and they are second to none compared to the others I have used!

Thanks for the response, my friend! Hopefully things will get a bit better here in the few areas which are lacking.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I'll have to take a look, Phil! Thanks!
JeffreyBrown Premium
JeffreyBrown Premium
Probably because I'm here for the excellent hosting, Site Support, and promoting the books that I write! Any education at this juncture is a BONUS. My physical business endeavors make me money and keep me plenty busy! No need for anything else right now!