Wow! What a ride!

Last Update: May 09, 2016

It's starting to get really exciting for me now ... or at least more so. Putting content on a website can be very tedious work. Yet, within a week since joining this program, I already have the makings of what I hope to be another successful site on the web.

I chose a niche which interests me without much thought into whether or not it is lucrative enough to draw me lots of cash. You can take a look at what I started off to the side in my profile. Perhaps that niche was a mistake from the point of view that I ideally want to be making lots of money in this business. Not that money is everything, but without getting into all the details, I do have a need to seriously boost my income. Of course, who is to say that such won't happen? The niche is apparently an up and coming one in the mindset of gardeners and folk who are concerned about sustainable living on a planet whose future is unknown as a result of over-exploitation.

Anyway, I'm happy with the fact that I got this far and am really looking forward to seeing what the results of this project will be over time with the sincere hope that it will be a successful one. Considering the thought of putting together another one soon but want to be satisfied that I can let this present one ride for a while. At best, a blog is something that should be continuously updated with new content and I don't want to be lacking in that area. The quality of a site is its content and I imagine this one will be a lot better if I add more personal content to it which is going to take some time as I work on my own "not yet started" garden. But I think I'm off to a good start. What do you think?

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JudeP Premium
Sounds as though you have everything you need, (mindset, focus and plans,( to get you to your goals, well done :)
AbeDublevey Premium
Thanks Jude! The proof will be in the "puttin"! :)
TobiasJake Premium
Hi Abe

I think you are doing well..I am also interested in your theme so I will be following your content as it 'grows'..(no pun intended)

You will read about ways of improving the aesthetics of yur site using 'images' a little further into the course I think

I wish you well with the site

AbeDublevey Premium
Thanks Stephen! I like the unintended pun. Funny!
Looking forward to learning more as I progress. Good information just keeps on coming. We only benefit from being a part of this community.