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It's funny, or maybe not so come to think of it, that in all the excitement that this opportunity brings, there will of course be some of us who "jump the gun" and run with the information being provided here ... prematurely. I say this as it just occurred to me now that I have come to lesson #8 of the first certification course, that oops, I'm one of them! I began to put together a web site in a chosen niche without learning first what WA recommends as part of the process. It's not so much tha
May 09, 2016
It's starting to get really exciting for me now ... or at least more so. Putting content on a website can be very tedious work. Yet, within a week since joining this program, I already have the makings of what I hope to be another successful site on the web.I chose a niche which interests me without much thought into whether or not it is lucrative enough to draw me lots of cash. You can take a look at what I started off to the side in my profile. Perhaps that niche was a mistake from the point
May 07, 2016
Well folks, I've made the decision to go full steam ahead! Couldn't resist the jump to premium. If at all I'm serious about being successful in this world of internet marketing, this has to be one of the best decisions that can be made regarding this business. So, I'm going to get busy . . . and sincere ... and I can only imagine that somewhere along this flight, I am going to be able to say to you all, "Yeah Baby" ... because we all are getting to know that this training does indeed work. The