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So I just started AdSense, I am looking forward to see the results. I do however have to ask, is anyone trying AdWords? and if you are is it working? I am looking for the best ways to earn income online. I am moving to Indonesia soon and I will need to make a living. I have found that it is very difficult to find work there as a foreigner. I will need to pave my own road. I don't need to make a lot of money, but I will need to make some. While I am there and not having a traditional way to make
February 05, 2018
When Elephants are grown up they are held with just a simple piece of rope. Obviously they could break the rope if they wanted too, however they don't because when the elephant was small growing up it was restrained by chains. Knowing they could not break free the baby elephant's would remember that all the way to adulthood, thus leaving the restraint alone.Now this full grown Elephant, big enough to turn over a car, its being held with a thin piece of rope. I believe our own memory works that
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So, How has your life changed since joining Wealthy Affiliate program? Or maybe nothing has changed? I would think if nothing has changed its because nothing is being done. For change to happen there has to be a start to something. If you have joined WA then you have started, you have begun to do something. The goal here is to change the things from before, or to continue to do the things you were doing and just add more to it.Confused yet? hang in there ill explain. We are all striving for mor
January 21, 2018
I just want more time in the day!! have you ever felt that way? Have you ever been so wrapped up in a project that you would lose track of time? and when you realize its 3am in the morning you stress out because you know your not going to get enough sleep. Well fear not my friend! All of your work is not done in vein. If you are experiencing this you are on the right track. Although you don't want to have this feeling all your life of course. Unfortunately for me and probably a lot of you, you
January 15, 2018
Alright! Moving on to the money train! well that's the plan right? So far I have put in some serious time and effort to get where I am now. I have a decent website with lots of information, but still no links to affiliates to have my site generate cash flow. I am now ready to add my links and start making money. When I was thinking about switching gears from my usual JOB and start to learn how to build a website, I never thought I would be writing as much as I am. I have to say, I am very thank
My achievement's which I have accomplished through WA I can be very proud of. I came into this probably like most of you have, "not knowing what to do". I can honestly say this, the information I have learned in the last month has taught me to make a website which has been indexed on Google three time's. I just published a new page today, and that's another thing I wanted to talk about. Content!.......Content, Content, Content! I can not stress that enough. I am learning now more than
I have just been indexed by Google! Im really happy for this! I just need to put in some good content!
So here I go!! I look forward to speaking with all of you here at WA. I am currently going through the lessons and trying to build a good website. I hope to learn some tricks from some of the veterans here. thank you all!!
December 19, 2017
so I got my website, still need to go through many more lessons to finally get things rolling!! but I'm on my way!! and I'm looking forward to it!!!
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December 18, 2017
I look forward to hearing some good advice from anyone willing to give it. Thank you!!