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March 04, 2018
I was looking through Google like I normally do, this way I get ideas to base my blogs off of. Brain storming call it what you like, but I came across a few videos on you tube of this guy talking about drop shipping and the way he was describing the system made me kinda think about how we do things at WA. In the videos this guy talking about drop shipping through Shopify is bring him in "x" amount of dollars but it didn't happen over night. It takes research on trending products to market so yo
So today I posted Another Post on one of my websites, on the Technology website I am working on, It is a long awaited blog on Bitcoin, please visit my profile to check out the site. In the process of writing the blog another post was indexed! Amazing! I also found my website on the second page of Google Today!! It was on the 3rd page just yesterday!!!I bought my Site Logo for My Affiliate program site! Keeping busy!! that is the goal. You know as I go along and learn new things and make more mi
I am so excited!! I decided to look through Google, Just poke around to see if I can find my website. Lo and behold!! there it Is!! 3rd Page!! There I am!! My first website is doing great! Its on its way. This is proof to show you that hard work and dedication will prove itself worthy. I have to be honest. I was starting to think that I was never going to get close to the first page. I underestimated the power of Keywords! LOL!! I am excited to see how my second website works out!!I have that s
February 26, 2018
I am in pursuit of better things! I am a Man on a mission. I love watching the ranking on my Wealthy Affiliate home page. Each day when I wake up I look at my phone to check how my WA Fam is doing! and to look at my ranking. LOL! I know, I know! never, ever, stare directly into the Ranking. A little humor there, but seriously I want to get to the double digits within the ranking. I believe I can do it! I know this Ranking is not reflected on m
So If you do not know about this yet, You can download the plugin " Ad inserter " and create a " one link " account with Amazon, and with the one link you can combine many Affiliate Amazon links for multiple countries under one link "Ad" preferably placed on the footer is what is suggested. So now my Amazon links are going global now, everyone one of the countries I created a link with can purchase anything through my link and I get paid for it. This now means I can advertise in those countrie
So I don't know if you have gotten the chance to download the plugin " Pretty Links " yet? but if not, you should!! This is Great!! It makes the links look much more professional!! The links look better and its recommended for better ranking, Google likes pretty Links. lol If you want to get Pretty Links all you have to do is go to your dashboard and proceed to Plugin. Choose Add a plugin and then you will be asked to put in the name of the plugin you want to add. Type in Pretty links and then
February 23, 2018
So tomorrow is Another day! But why put off till tomorrow if you can do it today! Tomorrow is not a guarantee. I am staring to believe that saying " I'll do it tomorrow " is a bad cancer and should be removed from the vocabulary. I have seen the result's of waiting until tomorrow, and they are not great. People who are successful in life do not put off what they can accomplish today. I want to be successful, do you? So Wealthy Affiliate community members!! Are you going to say Tomorrow is ano
So I got this wild hair to write. and write I did! You see I have been going through the Affiliate Boot camp and because I already know most of how to build a site with rich content I just wrote. Each day a new blog! and actually I was writing blogs and reviews for both my websites. I guess you could say I'm addicted!! This is your Brian connected to the Matrix I have wrote 6 blogs in 4 days. 5 on a new Website and 1 on my other site. all content rich blogs, 1000
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February 19, 2018
So Here we go again! I'm learning everything al over again.I just started the Affiliate Boot Camp! And boy I got to say its exciting! I say this because I have already started a website and it is fully functional," hasn't produced anything tangible but give it time". and now I want to promote the Affiliate program! I believe this is the best way to earn a decent residual income on a month to month basis. Not too mention I can write my heart out and its more of a freeing experience to write abou
February 15, 2018
I made my first few cents the other day from an Ad click! I was so excited to see a deposit of .31cent and another for .43cent. I know, I know its nothing right!? WRONG!! it's the first brick to building your mansion! or Castel. Or you can look at it as a drop of water in a pond and watching the ripples. So, One Brick At A Time and you will have this right here. Something you can be proud of. And the thing about building your own site and then seeing a profit, no matter how big or small is abso