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June 10, 2018
Seems the closer we get the further we find ourselves. This is true with a lot of things we try to accomplish. There are so many times when I finish a blog and get indexed then only find out that its just the begining of the long road ahead. Many people, myself included thought if I build it, they will come. This is only a half truth to the reality of becoming a website owner, blogger, freelancer, buisness owner, etc. We must continue to strive to be a better person, or better at what we are do
So I am helping WCD Indonesia and on September 15th we will be involved in the world's largest clean up day ever! In Indonesia alone we are trying to reach 13 Million volunteers, I am currently building the site for the Indonesia location,This event will help not just the Indonesian people, but the whole world. I don't know about you,but I want to live in a clean environment with clean rivers and oceans. There are many organizations which will be a part of this year's event. With the help of "l
So I have run into a problem. I have in the past on my other sites been able to add keywords to my posts. I was just indexed today on my new site, and thought OH GREAT I can finally add my keywords that I spent hours searching for to the "Field" or "area" in which you would add them in the WordPress Editor. However that location which is under the discription and above the " NO META" " NO INDEX" is not there. So how do I add my Keywords? I am struggling to know what is up with this? Why are we
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April 26, 2018
So far I have been here in Depok, Indonesia "Jakarta" for about 2 weeks now, almost 3 weeks. I have encountered issues with using my phone, WiFi, how to get around and where to go to among others. On the other hand I have met wonderful people, made new friends, "belajar bahasa Indonesia" learn how to speak more Indonesian, And most of all Spend Valuable time with my wife!! A few days after arriving in Jakarta My neigbour invited me to come over for "Kopi" that's coffee! and I accepted, even tho
April 05, 2018
So my time has come guys! So I have been absent for a while. I am still working on my sites, but anyone who follows me or if you would like to read my profile, you will see that I am moving to INDONESIA!!! I received my VISA and it is only a social visa, but I plan on extending it for up to 6 months. After that my Wife and I should be legally married and I will apply for a KITAS which is a long term visa.I will be keeping my American Citizenship and Personal accounts to banking and stuff. Other
March 23, 2018
Got A new Laptop!! I saved up some money and bought a new HP Intel core i5 15'' inch screen8G Ram1T Memory1year factory warranty Geek Squad Support Touch Screen!! I love this computer! All I need now is decent internet at home. Oh well, Starbucks and my local coffee shop will do. I look forward to writing many, many posts and blogs! Thank you for taking the time to read this and share my happiness! I believe in all of you! Your Friend, Aaron G
March 19, 2018
OK so if you have not done this yet, you really should. Mailchimp is going to be the home run to making your site automated. We all want the same thing. "Well maybe not all" We want our sites to be fully automated with emails and response. Its great!! you can set up a landing page to draw people too. Offer a "whatever" for FREE by putting in their email, and viola! Mailchimp does its magic! YAY!! This is what I have been looking for! I have been wondering when the heck am I going to learn about
We all have a fear of doing nothing and becoming lazyThis was almost the case with me today. I do not have access to my internet at the house, and therefor I have to go to a cafe of place with free WiFi. Of course living in NYC has it's options for access points for internet, but today I really didn't want to go. I am here! Look I am working! This will have to do for me while I wait to buy another laptop. A better laptop. I really hope it can be soon, because WA is waiting for no one. I feel so
I know its not wise to use a community WiFi like at Starbucks to work, but its secure and I need to keep pushing forward until I can buy a new laptop with higher memory and speed. I also like the new cover Image for the blogs! "or has that always been there!?" I hope this is not a case of the "Mandela Effect". If you don't know what that is, it's when you remember something a certain way, wait a minute! did the whole theme for the WA blog's change!? anyways back to the Mandela effect. So you re
March 09, 2018
well, for the last week both of my laptops are not working. One of them is crashed and the other will not load webpages. I have tried everything possible. I am writing this on my phone. Lol. Gotta keep moving forward, right? Well anyway this has been very frustrating to say the least. Not too mention I'm trying to get everything together for my leaving to Indonesia which also now I have learned might be a bit harder than I thought, because of some legal issues from my past. I am not a bad perso