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April 03, 2019
To All My Fellow Affiliate Challenge 2020 Members Remember it's about the journey that leads you to where you want to go...Not the destination.I have been accepted in the Super Affiliate Challenge 2020 and boy am I ready for this!I have been waiting for an opportunity like this to present itself for over a year. While the training it great and I have been learning so much, I still need that proper direction as to where to go.Some of you probably feel this same way. We are so close to unlocking
March 28, 2019
Have you thought about Giving up?...Well Don't To many times people have joined our amazing program here and put in some good effort only to walk away.You owe it to yourself to see what's on the other side. You worked hard to get where you are and all that hard work will go in vein if you walk away. You have to give yourself the time to watch your creativity blossom. It takes time for hard work to pay off. Too many people are looking for instant gratification. Making money online does not happe
They Accept But Don't Fill Out The Profile...So I've been getting invitations, but most do not fill out the profile....Are they just kicking tires? Is anyone else having this problem? I wake up in the morning and check my emails like I always do and there it is "invitation accepted! I go to see who they are and NO PROFILE and no goals filled out. This has been reoccurring for me. I even say in my posts and messages "after joining the first thing you should do is fill out your profile so that ot
March 25, 2019
You gotta have GOALS!This year is going to be a challenge, but a good one. I have some plans in the works to be a content creating king. I am taking my work seriously and putting forth the effort of making 2 blogs a day and a YouTube video to go along with each video if it is acceptable to do so. if I can't post a video on both blogs I will still be trying to post at least one per video. The blogs will come faster than the videos, but this will keep me busy and always have some form of content
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YouTube Here I Come!so, I've decided to create a YouTube channel. This is out of my comfort zone, but sometimes we need to push ourselves to seek greatness.I'm not that good on camera. I'm self conscious and forgetful when it comes to saying what I want to say in front of a camera.With all that said I still did it. I started by making a screen recording for a tutorial. Now I've bit the bullet and bought a vlogging camera (Cannon M100) and started filming myself. Needless to say I must have took
December 15, 2018
Hello WA family! I'm sure many of you go through this, but if not you might. I have gone through a huge metamorphosis with my thought process on how to make my website convert better and branding. I realize that I had no real strategy on where I was going with marketing Affiliate links and I needed to change that.I thought to myself, I call my Instagram one thing, I call my FB page another, and my website is called something else. I was all over the place. I have decided to merge the name of my
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December 03, 2018
Sometimes the truth is bitter...But it can be bitter-sweet, I've been I guess you can say slacking here at Wealthy Affiliate, but really in my defense I've been busy. I started working as an English teacher here in Indonesia for an International School in Bogor. It has kept me so busy! Every time I come home I just want to spend quality time with my wife and get ready for the next day. Does that make me lazy? I know I could work on my sites on the weekend, but man! I am beat. So here is what I'
The title is NOT a typo. There is so much worry in life of what is our Net Worth, rather it should be what is our Net Health. We go through life with up's and downs and we are constantly reminded about our own value in terms of dollars. There are these wealth assessment calculators that ask all types of questions like what is your total amount of home loans, car loans, student loans, credit debt, mortgage and so on. Then you are asked to input your assets like the value of your home, jewelry, c
So I just put up a blog and in LITERALLY ONE DAY I was indexed! I have had some blogs get indexed pretty fast, but this was the fastest! Jaxxy is one hell of a tool. I recommend if you find that ONE keyword that puts you on the first page use it over and over. Integrate it into the blogs you are writing. It works for me because my Niech is electronics and technology. The word I use is compatible to use over and over again. I don't know if it is a good idea, but it worked so I will keep using it
June 19, 2018
I QUITDear friends at WA, I hope I don't offend anyone here at WA, but I quit! I quit thinking about what others think of me in a negative way!I quit making excuses for myself.I quit thinking im not good enough.I quit working "only enough to get by" I quit only thinking about myself.I quit putting myself down and rather I raise myself UP! I quit trying to impress.I QUIT!!! & I HOPE YOU WILL QUIT TOO! I hope I didn't frighten anyone. LOL..... Just thought I would try a little CLICK BA