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Christmas is only a few days away and this house is bustling with activity. The kids are now off school for the holidays and their excitement is off the chart. Santa Claus is coming and these boys are having a hard time keeping themselves quiet so that Mom can 'do her thing' with her new job. Needless to say my mind is full of everything BUT concentration these past few days. I have too much to do! We need to do some baking, I have to finish my Christmas shopping and I have to work on my trai
December 15, 2014
Day 11 here with WA. Day 11 of ever doing online marketing or business stuff whatsoever. I've written articles (just recently) but I haven't made any money from it. I just happened to be on my Amazon Associates account to add a link to my newest post and I noticed up in the top corner something looked 'different'. I clicked. I took a second look. I hollered! (scared the cat!) I sold my first item! Someone bought a "Cat shaped cream and sugar thingy" from clicking on my post! My Christmas gift p
Hi Folks! My name is Annice and I've been with the WA Community for 8 days as of today. I came here somewhat out of desperation. Not 'total desperation' but close! I am a Nurse in my Community here in Ontario Canada and I fell ill mid August and had to take a leave of absence. The bills still had to be paid, and although my wonderful 'partner in crime' tries to reassure me daily that 'everything will be fine' he doesn't make enough to keep the roof over our head and feed us all on his own. Henc