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Last Update: October 31, 2018

a few weeks ago i suppose it was, I was signing up for a free membership here at WA, Today I am wrapping up level 2 training, I have my own domain, website, blogs, indexed in Google, and extremely valuable education in the realm of affiliate marketing and also in my niche.

For my Niche I chose to affiliate market video games as video games are quite literally my favorite past time to the extent that it has a tendancy to become a little bit more than a past time depending on what I'm playing. Affiliate marketing has shown me that my interest and knowledge even in the realm of something that isn't all that profitable (video games) is ACTUALLY profitable! That is the beauty of affiliate marketing, in this day and age information is valueable and accessible to millions of people via the internet, we are that information and by sharing our knowledge we are (as said int he training) an authority of our niche!

I am still obviously still getting started no doubt, but as it currently stands I have no financial success yet but WA is my success so far, and one heck of a success at that! As I transform my enjoyable past time into an actual career I'm finding that I have to pull myself away from my "work" With affiliate marketing I am hooked and love my "work"

My plan is to make a site that me as a gamer would find everything i'm looking for and make it feel lie a sort of hub for everything gaming. so far I can see it slowly evolving in that direction. In about 6 months I can see my site being just that HUB I want it to be

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Cass51 Premium
Hi Anthony, Welcome to WA. I like your passion and energy. All the best. Cass