Just Like Making Money While Fishing!

Last Update: October 19, 2018

Got listed on Google Yeahya!!!

"I wish I could make money while fishing!" I've heard many say, dreaming up the idea of making money while doing something they love...

Figuratively speaking, this is the life of an affiliate entrepreneur if you think about it!

Imagine for a minute,

your fishing rod is the "point of sale" your line is your "website's content", the hook is the "website listing," and the bait is your "niche". We cast our website out into the water (search engine) representing a specific niche (bait) to attract a specific type of fish (visitor) and when we get a bite we reel the fish in with our reliable fishing line (content) and make a catch (revenue)

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be demeaning to site visitors or to belittle them in any way.This is also in no way intended to be a derogatory illustration of affiliates. This is simply an analogy of how our job can relate to something as pleasant as fishing.


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Cass51 Premium
Awsome analogy, I think I feel like going fishing now:)
A2A Premium
I second that
Marley2016 Premium
Love the analogy - the disclaimer was better - no
just kidding - thank you great post :)
LCEndahl Premium
Great analogy. Thanks for sharing! Laurs
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
No worries to me your analogy was quite interesting.
your journey has started, and having fun is part of this of the trip