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November 29, 2018
Brieftypically when I approach my site I like to begin building content in a way that I personally would like to see it if I was the visitor. When it's a subject I am quite fond of, I obsess about specifics to the extent of being OCD, I also love to ramble or to hear someone ramble about it. In this day and age and with the way that people process information it is safe to say that this is not your typical reader or visitor. In fact, it has become quite apparent that people want as much info wi
October 31, 2018
a few weeks ago i suppose it was, I was signing up for a free membership here at WA, Today I am wrapping up level 2 training, I have my own domain, website, blogs, indexed in Google, and extremely valuable education in the realm of affiliate marketing and also in my niche. For my Niche I chose to affiliate market video games as video games are quite literally my favorite past time to the extent that it has a tendancy to become a little bit more than a past time depending on what I'm playing. Af
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Got listed on Google Yeahya!!!"I wish I could make money while fishing!" I've heard many say, dreaming up the idea of making money while doing something they love...Figuratively speaking, this is the life of an affiliate entrepreneur if you think about it!Imagine for a minute, your fishing rod is the "point of sale" your line is your "website's content", the hook is the "website listing," and the bait is your "niche". We cast our website out into the water (search engine) representing a specifi
First off, I'd like to say I am blown away at just how much valuable training material was packed into only 10 lessons!! Information capable of taking you from affiliate illiterate to affiliate ready! There is a lot more to learn obviously but the fact that I walked into the first level of training with fog surrounding me and walked out into such clarity is a testimony to the efficiency and credibility of WA!! level two here I come!!Quick, simple, and helpful note for training efficiency:I'd i
October 13, 2018
Here's to success!!I Believe in WA! I believe the investment for premium secures a dream-ta-comea dream of independance and the potential to create a profitable business online!Let the power of our hopes and dreams drive the heart of our commitments -Anthony