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G mail - why domy wa emails go to updates?
Hi,I have my gmail inbox settings setup to use only inbox for all emails…
1 month ago 1 Reply
Facebook and messenger question about notifications?
Hi ,I have messenger installed and receive messages including chat head…
3 months ago 5 Replies
Autoplay codeing not working on youtube embedded video?
Hi,I am having trouble with autoplaying a youtube video on a page or post.Adding…
3 months ago 1 Reply
Contact form has started getting spam ?
Hi,I am using WP Forms Lite as my contact form on 2 of my websites.I have…
3 months ago 6 Replies
Wordpress site not displaying correctly on tablets or phone?
Hi,I have a wordpress theme which is not displaying correctly on tablets…
4 months ago 7 Replies
E mail not forwarding to g mail account?
Hi I have several of my email addresses within WA forwarding to a gmail…
5 months ago 3 Replies
Notifications? how to receive emails.
Hi allIs there a setting that enables notifications?I used to receive…
7 months ago 7 Replies
What is wa's pop server for incoming messages?
Hi I am adding my WA site email to gmail.I have setup outgoing email smtp…
1 year ago 6 Replies