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Top 200 Ranking Achieved TodayWhilst working on a post to update my website a popup appeared on my screen.Now normally I have to admit that popups annoy me but on this occasion was more than happy to see it.Some of you will know my story but in a nutshell I decided to work on my online business when forced lockdown due to Covid 19 was introduced. I could not go out and work in my usual offline business and my last day was Friday 10th April.I decided I had to find an opportunity out of the curre
How Do You Decide Who To Follow At Wealthy Affiliate?My thoughts today have been about who we as members choose to follow at WA and why we make those choices.Is it completely random?Do we follow someone because they followed us and it seems the decent thing to do?Is it because we think it makes us better business people and that we will make more money if we have more followers?Is it just to show off to other members?What Is The Purpose Of Our Journey Here At Wealthy Affiliate?For most of us we
Hi Everyone,A very quick post as it's 10pm and been at the computer too many hrs today, that's what my eyes are telling me anyway.I had intended finishing about 8pm today but was getting close to finishing level 3 training so had to push on.Onwards and Upwards - Level 4 starts tomorrow.Thanks to everyone helping me along the way, I appreciate it greatly.Andy.
Making Progress At Wealthy AffiliateWe in the UK are in lockdown due to Covid19 which for me meant I was not able to go about my business in the offline world and was confined to barracks so to speak.After a couple of days at home feeling sorry for myself and worrying about the future I gave myself a kick up the backside and decided to look for the opportunity amidst the angst and worry of the uncertain future.I already had a couple of websites for my offline business hosted here at Wealthy Aff
Where Do I find Posts That I have Bookmarked in WA?Just a very quick post today.I have been bookmarking various WA posts so I can go back to them to reread etc but then I could not find where they had been stored.This may have just been me having a senior moment and you may all know or remember where the Favourites access is but if you don't the image below will help.If you click on the Star icon to the far right of the WA search bar it will bring up all your bookmarks in alphabetical order. It
April 15, 2020
Progress Being MadeTodays post is just a short progress report.As some of you know I cane back to WA after illness had forced me to put a hold on my journey here.They say "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining"I have often heard the term but never really thought about what it means.I guess I could call my illness a very dark cloud and the silver lining? Well The Silver Lining For Me Was Comimg Through The Illness And Being Here To Tell The Tale.What About Covid 19? Is There A Silver Lining?Well for
Hi all,Just a short note to re-introduce myself. I joined WA around 2014/15 and was working well through it for a couple of years then was hit with some health challenges which decimated my finances and I had to take the decision to leave.I was able to come back in 2018 as a yearly premium member and although still struggling a little health-wise I have kept my offline websites and self employment going.Now, as with a lot of people here in UK and worldwide I find myself again having to cease m