Covid 19 - Are We Taking It Seriously?

Last Update: May 12, 2020

Corona Virus - Is It As Bad As The Media Is Making It Out To Be?

We have all been affected by the outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid 19) and the ensuing lockdowns and restrictions throughout the world. It doesn't matter where it came from or how it started it has turned into a worldwide Pandemic and changed the way we live now and probably for some time to come if not for ever.

This post about Covid is partly a personal update of how it is affecting myself, my family and friends.

Those of you who have read my previous posts will know that we lost a family friend earlier this year to this disease, she had no underlying health conditions, was only in her mid 30's and left behind a husband and 3 children. Carol was the same age as my eldest daughter, went to school with her and spent many nights "over at ours" doing homework together.

In December my mum went into hospital for a routine procedure, she should have been in and out in 3 days maximum, there were complications post procedure, 3 weeks later she passed away still in the hospital bed. Cause of death was stated as pneumonia, it may have been early Corona virus as all the symptoms were there, we will never know for sure.

On Friday last my dad had a fall getting out of bed at his dementia nursing home, he told the nurses he was getting dressed to go find mum as it was late and she hadn't come home. Dad didn't hurt himself seriously in the fall but was complaining of hip pain so following protocol the nursing home sent him to Accident and Emergency to be checked over. We had the call at 3.15am on Friday morning, the hospitals are on lockdown so we could not go to be with him.
On the Saturday lunchtime we were told there was nothing broken but dad would be kept for observation for 24 hrs. After many frustrating phone call to the hospital over the last 3 days, today, Tuesday, the Doctor told me that dad had been moved to another ward, this ward was the quarantine ward for suspected Covid 19 patients, he was showing all the symptoms and struggling for breath, he is presently on fluids and oxygen. Dad has been tested for Covid but we will not know the result until Thurs, he was clear of the disease when routinely tested in the nursing home just 10 days ago. It will now be a long and stressful wait until Thurs.

So, personally my answer to the questions at the top of this post is: yes it is as bad as is being reported and yes we all need to take this seriously.

Keep Safe Everybody - Follow All The Precautions And Keep Your Loved Ones Safe.

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CStauber Premium
Oh Andy, I truly hope your dad is better. I am way behind on reading my emails and am just coming to yours today, the 21. I pray that he is all right. You have had a tough year so far, but remember you are never alone in your heartache, Our Father is walking along beside you every step you take. Let Him carry you.

Take care
Regina50 Premium
I’m a so sorry for the loses of your loved ones and I am sorry about your dad. I know you must be really hurting right now especially since you can’t see your dad. I’ve been under the weather a little myself and have not been on WA in several days so I’m catching up, so I don’t know what exactly is going on with your dad. I’m praying for you and your family, I hope it’s ok to say this. But I wanted you to know. I know it’s hard right now but I will say, I totally know what you have been going through with your dad before Covid-19, my mom had Alzheimer’s and dementia and Alzheimer’s are very similar. Just remember that things will get better, that every day is a new day. If you ever feel overwhelmed and need someone to listen you can contact me at or message me privately. Sometimes it helps to talk to others when we are grieving or struggling with life, especially someone who understands what your going through. I lost my mom to a stoke in Jan 2017.
Regina50 Premium
I didn’t mean send that last text yet I wasn’t finished. But to end this text I want to say I will keep y’all in my prayers and like I said if you need an ear I’m here. Best wishes, stay safe
a1jonuk1 Premium
Update from Andy.

Hi everyone, just a quick update to this post.

Dad has had all treatment stopped and is expected to pass away within the next 24 hrs. I have lost both Mum and Dad within a few short months, probably (not confirmed yet) to Covid 19 which was the basis of this post.

Thank you for all your good wishes and concerns, I really appreciate you all for that.

Since writing this post I have read other posts and comments about how members are upset about other members posting “Crap and Personal posts” just to rise up the rankings here.

So I will not be writing any more personal posts. This was the only one out of the 15 I have written in the past 4 weeks.

I am not here to just rise up the rankings. The only reason I have been able to spend the time here is because both of my offline service business’s are in lockdown.

Since 11.4.20 I have totally revamped both websites for the service business’s, purchased 2 new domains from WA, one for a motorcycle niche as motorcycling is a passion of mine and one to start a MMO blog mainly to promote WA (I may change my mind on that one), installed WP on both with Generate Press Premium theme and put up a number of posts on each. I have started the training here again from scratch, I am now about half way through Affiliate Bootcamp.

I appreciate very much all the help I have received at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have always tried to follow the 80/20 rule with regard to my time spent on here, 80% benefitting my business and 20% interacting , asking questions and helping where I can. I will probably now make that more like 90/10 so any concerned members (I am not referring to any of you who responded to my post here) need not worry about me climbing the ranks further.

I have been very active here and that is why my ranking is just inside the top 50, however once I am able to reopen the service business’s I will be spending most of my time there and my ranking will drop, probably quite rapidly.

Once again thank you to all of you who responded to this post.

ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
I'm really sorry to hear about your Dad Andy :-(

The last thing you want to be worrying about right now is other members here at WA and their thoughts about posts and ranking etc.

You need to focus on yourself and family right now.

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your familiy right now, if there's anything I can do, just let me know.
ChristineDu1 Premium

I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you. There are no words I can express now that will alleviate your pain, but believe me that I have tears in my eyes, writing this.

As for those members who complained about members posting about personal stuff, do not give them your attention. I can understand where they are coming from, but I am also guilty of blogging about personal stuff; and you are not here to make other members happy with topics that they specifically want to see on their feed. I see similar complaints on twitter all the time. "I don't want to see book promotions on my twitter feed" "I don't want to see this or that". Well, sorry scroll by and be done. No need to complain.

Whether it's social media or WA, people are still people and there will always be some who complain. Right now, you are going through a terrible time, and posting complaints about personal blogs in times likes these is just not on.

Please stay active on WA. It's not about the ranking, it's about us being a community, and you are a great member of the community.
CMacLellan Premium Plus
I thought we weren't supposed to get political on here?
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
I don't think it's entirely political or inappropriate, and I support this message
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I wouldn't describe this as political. There is no mention of the government or its policies.
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
A family member updating us is how I see it, we’re one big community, nothing political in this post
a1jonuk1 Premium
Thank you for your comment, always appreciate all views.
I have no interest in being political at all. I was talking generally about the virus the world is dealing with and how it has affected me and my family.
I really wouldn't know one end of politics from the other.
I do apologise to anyone who believes I have broken the platforms rules though, not my intention.
Furthermore if requested by management I will remove the post immediately.
phillwon4 Premium
I will be totally honest, I think the lockdown should continue because we are no wiser really, about covid-19. Now there are children coming down with something which they, at the moment they can not guarantee it's linked or not.
a1jonuk1 Premium
Thanks Phil. appreciate your comment. Andy.