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Indiem Premium started question Follow Me in Search Engine Optimization

I have a problem that is worrying me. I deleted a page from my menu which I thought had no content, but now I realize that I wrote a couple of paragraphs content.…... continue reading

Dan-L Premium blogged Follow Me

I haven't made any money yet. I have heard it can take some time only 5 people have come as far as free but no premium yet. I am still working on my training every…... continue reading

donco6 Premium blogged Follow Me

UPDATE: Google's Mobile Algorithm At the onset of February, Google announced that they will be using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in driving search results…... continue reading

Daniel0 Premium started question Follow Me in Website Development & Programming

Building websites, content creation, learning all the training is great. But let's say I was getting 5000 visits a day and wanted to turn around and sell the website…... continue reading

Ken-Pringle Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

I keep seeing this over and over again. How long did it take before you made money? How much money do you make? Does anyone here make money? And on and on they…... continue reading

BigDaddyFred Premium Top 100 blogged Follow Me

I had a friend who was extremely successful in Florida upscale real estate sales. I asked him once, what the secret was for him. He told me that everyone in real…... continue reading

Phil52 Premium blogged Follow Me

Just wondering in view of another opportunity I have that may arise... if I stopped my Premium membership and reverted back to the 2 FREE website deal, can I still…... continue reading

AmberSubaki Premium blogged Follow Me

Today is a very important day for all Aussies and Kiwis as it's ANZAC day! ANZAC stands for Australian, New Zealand Army Crops and today is the day that we all…... continue reading

4n1g3r Premium started question Follow Me in Authoring & Writing Content

Just want to make sure I have realistic expectations. I know it will take a few months but I would like to hear from some people how long.... continue reading

BelieveItYes Premium Top 100 blogged Follow Me

It's not much really, but I received an email today telling me that someone signed up to a program that I promoted earlier in an article! =) Which means I made…... continue reading

Ilina Premium blogged Follow Me

Hello everybody, I have been almost 3 months in WA and I really enjoy my stay here. For these months not only I have learned so many new things, but I have met…... continue reading

4n1g3r Premium blogged Follow Me

Short posts still suit me best.Long posts require a lot of work. Formatting, photos, structure... I could stay up till late pruning a post to make it presentable.…... continue reading

AlexandraM Premium blogged Follow Me

I never got scam before, I guess there is always a first time. I was looking for a developer to fix an API code to my website and I could not find anyone close…... continue reading

yas775 Premium blogged Follow Me

Hi, i joined about 17 days ago. I am very happy. Because i am learning new things. I have a different background as i am related to accounts and finance field but…... continue reading

VitaliyG Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

While promoting WA has been and will be my main focus online and I have written blog posts on how to do this (check my history), promoting WA isn't for everyone…... continue reading

icansucceed Premium Top 200 started question Follow Me in Social Engagement & Marketing

I was just wondering if many people have forums as part of their website? I know it's easy to do, just by using a WordPress forum plugin. If the forum becomes popular,…... continue reading

TimsBus Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

So basically my question is, I am doing pretty good with my first site (I think anyway). I am very consistent with adding new content and what not. But, I am still…... continue reading

DauphinBleu Premium started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

Hello everyone!I have something to ask. It's exactly like the title of this post. I came up with this question because at first I thought SiteRubix was like a web…... continue reading

Toe-Knee Premium blogged Follow Me

So, I haven't blogged for a long time and I thought now is a good a time as any. For a long time I've been wanting to make a simple change to my site…... continue reading

Pas1on Premium blogged Follow Me

This member has said I should remove my site from WA and shouldn't post in the "Need comments" blog for this website. This member also reckons I am "Poaching" WA…... continue reading

kiliwia62 Premium Top 100 blogged Follow Me

If not, you still should do it anyway. If you don't will pat yourself sometimes for a job well done, who else will? Waiting for someone coming along to say: "hey…... continue reading

pvarga Premium blogged Follow Me

Please welcomeTony as our newest member to the Wealthy Affiliate family. continue reading

filbs71 Premium Top 200 blogged Follow Me

Yay It's Saturday Weekend time. I've started it off with a few blogs on my websites if you want to have a look please do! I have been very busy with banners for…... continue reading

MLangston Premium blogged Follow Me

I decided to upgrade to premium. I had created my website but realized I had no idea what to do with it and how to market it. So, here I am!... continue reading

Garden77 Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

As an electrician for many years, I've come to realize affiliate marketing has some things in common with the study of electricity In the above image you'll observe…... continue reading

KBush Premium blogged Follow Me

Hi Everyone, my name is Kinda, NO not kinda, but Linda with a K. I have finally, become a premium member. I'm so excited to get my website built and start earning…... continue reading

KBush Premium blogged Follow Me

update 5/25/2015: I just found this in my blog folder as a draft. Better late than never. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you wonderful WA members and…... continue reading

gbmarksmedia Premium blogged Follow Me

If you have ever watched any of those health related TV shows like ‘Dr. Oz’ or ‘The Doctors’, you would get the impression that it’s extremely difficult…... continue reading

That Helpful Dude Premium blogged Follow Me

Hey what's up guys! I need your help with something dudes and dudettes. I'm trying to come up with a funky name for my main email list for my That Marketing Dude…... continue reading

LauraB2 Premium started question Follow Me in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

When I checked the competition of a keyword, I accidentally noticed that if I just hit the search again on the competition results I receive completely different…... continue reading

tzar1250 Premium blogged Follow Me

Singing In Church A minister decided to try something a little different one Sunday morning. He said, "Today, in church, I am going to say a single word and you…... continue reading

gbmarksmedia Premium blogged Follow Me

Wealthy Affiliate SuccessLearn wealthy affiliate Success secrets Start now for free and then switch to the premium version when you become comfortable. Remember…... continue reading

ChrisSweeney Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

I'm out of this thing soon, I've spent 7 hours trying to get a banner on the page, a picture worked, but not the banner, as an ex 737 pilot not dense, it does not…... continue reading

Daniel0 Premium blogged Follow Me

I really have not been building my website and posting on a consistent basis. All to my surprise, my site is receiving decent traffic and surprised to see 5 comments.…... continue reading

twever1 Premium started question Follow Me in Website Development & Programming

In a previous lesson we were told to make our main menu pages into drop down menus. That went well but the main page title did not get the little drop down arrow.…... continue reading

DauphinBleu Premium blogged Follow Me

Finally.. I made the decision to upgraded. No! Honestly, it's not that I've just made the decision. I've already decided to upgrade to premium ever since I became…... continue reading

CecilleF started question Follow Me in Getting Started

Can I get a feedback if I can use this as my domain name: continue reading

RKSiganisucu Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

I'm creating a post in my Wordpress and I want to link the reader to Affiliate Marketing. How do I go about doing it?... continue reading

Andree Premium started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

I can't write any content in a post anymore, I can add title, and all the other fields, but not the content field. What has happened?... continue reading

RitaK Premium blogged Follow Me

I'm now 2 weeks on WA and I've just finished Course 2. I've set up my website with 4 pages and 2 blogs, but I feel I still have a long way to go. My goal is to…... continue reading

katew5263 blogged Follow Me

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived on a dairy farm. She was a tomboy all the way she followed her daddy around like a lost puppy.She started milking cows…... continue reading

ThirdBack Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

well if i don't have money then i can't offer a monthly pay, can i just stop be premium and when i got money i start back, and what happen to my website.... continue reading

RKSiganisucu Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

It's flashing at me everytime I access wordpress and I just thought that I'd ask the community about this.... continue reading

brenthersh started question Follow Me in Getting Started

how much is monthly fee and how will this benefit my family... continue reading

jvranjes Premium Top 50 started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

Here is a picture of my meta title. I get red warning that it is 63 characters long. But I see only 37. Retyped, and it did not change, no idea what is happening.... continue reading

michael074 Premium blogged Follow Me

And so it begins. This is a blog about two journeys that are linked. The first journey begins with me weighing myself and finding, to my astonishment that I am…... continue reading