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so I just copleted my very first website I'm so excited to start the Affiliate marketing buissnes, I'm still new at this so any feedback from this community would…... continue reading

Mike-Writes Premium Ambassador blogged

Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle... not a job.If you want to be an entrepreneur, its not a job, it’s a lifestyle. It defines you. Forget about vacations,…... continue reading

SadieChan Premium Top 200 blogged

An effective method to improve the impact of your online business is to publish your blog posts on the best time and day of the week to the attractive most targeted…... continue reading

mybiz4u Premium Ambassador blogged

Hello Guys 'n Dolls!Top of the morning to you!I thought I would share this cute Breakfast Special with you!Good Morning Special BreakfastIngredients:A plate of…... continue reading

KatyaColvin Premium blogged
Don't postpone your posts.

I have signed up with WA in September 2016. It's been a few months now that I am here, and am truly enjoying the learning, the community, the tips, the whole nine…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi Guys and GalsI looked out of my window this morning and saw that the snow was back!!!So off for the walkBut Ice as well as temp dropped down to -2Only a couple…... continue reading

pparadise Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi,WA. We have start to create training videos, as you know it starts out with a learning curve. Do you know something? It is not all that bad, but one thing I…... continue reading

SPremro Premium blogged

This is where it starts, I have always been a fan of hard work. When I was too young to get a job in the real world I started mowing lawns. It felt good to have…... continue reading

mybiz4u Premium Ambassador blogged

Hello, hello, hello!Just stopped by to say hello!I have a brain teaser that I would like to share with you:'What occurs once in EVERY minute, twice in…... continue reading

Aandzia12 Premium blogged
Even Almighty

I prayed to God for patience as had none at all. Apparently He only gives you tools to get what you need yourself. That s at least what I hear listening to Morgan…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi Guys and GalsAS you know I am having success with Face book groups and since starting to use I have increased my daily views from average of 65 a day to an average…... continue reading

WilliamBH Premium Top 100 blogged

I have done training videos before "in my other life". And now it is time for a YouTube Channel for one of my Niches. This is a completely different deal because,…... continue reading

Shawn Martin Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi, everyone.Just wanted to pass on that it is....... (Drum roll please) .............NATIONAL BANANA BREAD DAY!!!!!Shawn>>Oh,…... continue reading

drjec Premium Top 50 blogged

As much work as I have done with the editing tools on a Mac, I just discovered how to add an arrow to an image. Several months ago, I asked how WAers add arrows…... continue reading

pparadise Premium Top 100 blogged

Take Advantage Of Blogging It's Free!Here Is What Becomes Of A True Blogger In 15 Steps!1. You will be a better writer. In essence, writing is communication. It…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi Guys and GalsI have seen may requests for help by n=ew members and this is what you can do firstLook at your page and at the top you will see a white search…... continue reading

evanevaalexa Premium Ambassador blogged

Creating a successful online business can be one of the most challenging and rewarding things that we can do. It has so many similarities to the bricks and mortar…... continue reading

AnnieOakley8 Premium blogged

My process for writing, suggested to me here at WA, is to just go ahead and write. I did that. But, then I let it sit. Just left it alone and let it sit. I didn't…... continue reading

Mike-Writes Premium Ambassador blogged

Words of wisdom from Jarod Kintz..."Wisdom equals knowledge plus courage. You have to not only know what to do and when to do it, but you have to also be brave…... continue reading

RHBarlow Premium Top 100 blogged

What is the difference between Courage and Encourage?One You Need to Have!The other You Need to Give!We Need Them Both!Bobby ... continue reading

Ivine Premium Top 200 blogged

What do you do with old content? Do you delete or archive it?In this article the author will show 11 smart ways to re-purpose your content. This will take the pain…... continue reading

codevonish Premium Top 100 blogged

On February 10th I was able to have a critical look at my websites through the eyes of an Expert.; namely Jay from magistudios. It was not surprising to me that…... continue reading

Rangertony Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

I would like to open up my website to offering others to post on mine. What should I consider in this proposition and how do I set it up? Thanks, ... continue reading

nicuman Premium blogged

Hi guys, just moved up to course 4. I am excited to see what's next ! ... continue reading

BrittanyBoss Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

I'm kinda scared moving on with my site that I may have too many affiliate links, I really want to be ranked my google and would be devastated if i got blacklisted…... continue reading

brandonacox Premium blogged

Saw this on Unbounce's blog (original post: and thought it was perfect!Granted, it's a highly technical schematic,…... continue reading

CarolE1 Premium Top 200 blogged

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE,So, I was searching on google for some research and came across this. I never seen a bad review on WA and this one is ridiculous. I do not…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

I tried one more time, with a different Artificial Intelligence, named A.L.I.C.E., and have concluded that they just don't have a clue. This one was a bit sexier,…... continue reading

Aconchaaa blogged

Check out my new post about Star Wars Battlefront on my site "url is in bio" ... continue reading

Lorenzo1231 Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I want to start adding better pictures with my content and I wanted to ask, where do people suggest I go to get the best pictures online and what photo editing…... continue reading

ChappyK Premium published training
Self Marketing!

Have you ever wondered why you see athletes wearing name brand clothing? They’ve learned an important secret – “SELF-MARKETING”! ... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

"What do YOU like, Mr. Rick?" said the curious Second Grade boy, and he stood there, hands on hips, staring into my eyes.I must admit, it was a question I was not…... continue reading

RHBarlow Premium Top 100 started question in Website Development & Programming

All my other pages and posts I have a comment section at the bottom.On my opening page I cannot add the comment section. On the page where you edit it shows that…... continue reading

PSheridan Premium Top 100 blogged

Ones level of success is determined by ones level of discipline and perseverance. Remember the quickest way to acquire self-confidence is to do exactly what you…... continue reading

SUNDAY1 Premium Top 200 blogged

Let’s be candid. I join WA to make money. Let’s be honest. I think most people do. We pick a niche we have either know or have a passion for. We take…... continue reading

bosco50050 Premium blogged

Why am I failing to make money doing online marketing?I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now and I have not made any money. Can you believe that?…... continue reading

nmarino7 Premium started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I did a few searches on here and was surprised at the lack of information on these subjects. I would think there would be clear instructions and advice as to what…... continue reading

reanna1 Premium Top 100 published training
Self-publishing an eBook for free with Nookpress

In this tutorial, we are about to discuss how to self-publish an eBook with Nookpress. ... continue reading

JakePowell Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

Getting a little frustrated with my project as much hardly getting any traffic, only around 10-15 people a day and most of them from WA.Think I'm getting frustrated…... continue reading

WaynePro Premium blogged

I have been away for awhile due to workload at my day job. I saw my WA ranking slip up a bit and that was no big surprise. However, now that I've been active again…... continue reading

DennisD1 Premium blogged

There is a lot of controversy around the concept of Global Warming. Is it junk science or not? Is there a benefit to the so called leaders of the movement, flying…... continue reading

HCM Premium blogged

This plugin makes very nice icons for social media. I really like it. ... continue reading

MFogarty Premium blogged

I have been missing in action for a while. Sorry to not keep you guys in the loop. A lot has been going on in my life. There have been a lot of hills and valleys…... continue reading

Andrew-74 Premium Top 200 blogged

Good morning, afternoon or evening, depending where you are in the world! Today is a pretty gloomy day here in the UK. I just wanted to reach out to you guys today…... continue reading

Marcus1978 Premium Top 50 started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I've noticed something strange that happens with credits that I earn from referring new members to WA, creating training, etc. As you may know, the threshold for…... continue reading

Robert-A Premium Top 50 blogged

Earn Online Home Business - Make Money Online Hi folks this blog is just me thinking out loud. Why? Well I just had a look at the amount of followers I have. Its…... continue reading

RHBarlow Premium Top 100 blogged

Social security is a concept of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states:Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled…... continue reading

lobsterman61 Premium started question in Getting Started

Does anyone have any new updates on adding amazon astore? I've been trying for 2 days and it seems like it is to big for my page or post. Or is there a certain…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Ambassador blogged

Never in my life had I fallen up before it happened yesterday while I was walking up the flight of stairs and a kind of grumbling to myself about the absence of…... continue reading

BrettVore Premium blogged

Let's make some money upcycling used items, new items and furniture today! ... continue reading