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celiacman Premium Top 200 started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I have been using wordpress for my business websites on Wealthy Affiliate almost two years now, I recently started a blog on blogspot for a dropshipping business…... continue reading

PatsyC Premium Ambassador blogged

A fellow member lost all her hard work due to a theme update, so I thought I would share this to spare another member from this experience.A child theme is a theme…... continue reading

botipton Premium Top 50 blogged

Get The Creative Juices GoingThis is an interesting free tool to help get thoughts going about what to write about. If you have writers block and cannot think of…... continue reading

celiacman Premium Top 200 started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Here are the list of tools listed below:Google Keyword plannerSEMRUSH (Have given a link below to try SEMRUSH worth $199)Ahrefs (Offers 14 days trial)LongTailProKWFinder…... continue reading

boomergp08 Premium Ambassador blogged
Sometimes I Like Getting Naked for Lunch

There was a time back in the crazy wild days of being in the video game industry when a co-worker gave me a jolt just after lunch to jump start my afternoon. Wow!…... continue reading

sukumarth Premium Top 100 started question in Everything Wordpress

I have heard that people sometimes advocate changing dates (either to a future date or a back date) of the posts in our website. What are the benefits of this?…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

I had a problem today that I'm sure fits a lot of households. There have been high winds in the area. Many objects blow away and a common victim is the humble trashcan…... continue reading

StunningBell Premium Top 50 blogged

BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!Don't fall into the same trap I did. I was not backing up because I was lazy to learn how to do it. And then…... continue reading

jvranjes Premium Top 100 blogged

Somebody just blogged this:The guy in question was me, and the "profane and offensive language" I used was this:And after such a "profane and offensive language"…... continue reading

wendyg53 Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I'm having some trouble picking a platform for writing the drafts of my pages and posts. I resent MS Office charging people a monthly fee. I get it free from work…... continue reading

phakacha8 Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi friends,Good Morning, Good Evening wherever you are.Here's a brainstorming question for all of us today. The question is - What is a Juicy Apple to a long, weary…... continue reading

StunningBell Premium Top 50 blogged

I received a very disturbing comment on my recent blog about manually backing up your site on a daily basis. I replied and left some very key information about…... continue reading

Fleeky Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

Any experience?Suggestions?How to manage several websites under one roof?(Yes yes... roof is following me) ... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Top 200 blogged

Once in a while we need to remind ourselves who we are and what qualities we need to develop in ourselves to persevere and to withstand criticism, lack of understanding,often…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

There has been much discussion about the global concerns on free internet today after the US FCC vote yesterday. The US which formulated the internet has championed…... continue reading

arielharris7 Premium Top 50 started question in Authoring & Writing Content

Hello amazing lovely WA community, Happy Weekend!One of the joys of asking for comments is how all over the map they are. It is always intriguing and interesting…... continue reading

DEversley Premium Top 50 blogged

As an open source enthusiast, I try to use as much FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) as possible. You may be asking, what is FOSS. Well, you use it every day.…... continue reading

CarolMeador Premium Top 100 blogged

Hey, gang.You haven't heard much from me for awhile because I've been busy researching the next page for my website. You guessed it...I've been up to my eyeballs…... continue reading

alicef blogged

I've created my first site. No content yet, but hopefully today or tomorrow! ... continue reading

botipton Premium Top 50 blogged

Over the last few days I have been working with a couple of people on their sites. One of the questions that was asked is why would anyone come to my site and buy…... continue reading

DShensky Premium blogged

1.You Can't Control Social MediaFacebook is always making changes or if you post in too many groups at once you can be blocked. Instagram not always reliable. In…... continue reading

botipton Premium Top 50 blogged

You Can Spend To Much Time Checking Your SiteSomeone asked me today "How often do I need to check my sites statistics."I know you have already heard you can spend…... continue reading

MozMary Premium Ambassador blogged

This just happened to me this morning, I spent a long time last night editing an article, removing a gravatar, editing large amounts of text and links for a specific…... continue reading

CarlJDill Premium Top 50 blogged

The Success of Wealthy Affiliate is due to every one of you who gets involved with the community here. It is due in part, especially for the new comer to affiliate…... continue reading

SmallBizGuy1 Premium blogged

If seen some discussion about the 'admin' username recently and thought this would help. By default, WP assigns the name 'admin' to the first user when installed.'Admin'…... continue reading

adelmoh09 blogged

there are many sites that making bitcoin, but the best of it who i worked on are :1- can give you 200 Gh/s in start bonus and you…... continue reading

YusuffIbhim Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

We choose our own theme for our website. At times they upgraded to a new version. We realized that the older version is better. How to get back to the old version?…... continue reading

DShensky Premium blogged

Desire is a strong feeling or emotion to want something to happenIt's something that you're born with and it's in the brain, that why if you have some kind of accident…... continue reading

DynamicDavid Premium Top 100 blogged

One of the many questions I was asked earlier was basically how to make an image smaller. In this context, this question was related to making the image smaller,…... continue reading

botipton Premium Top 50 blogged

Now For More Stats To CheckI just wrote a post about not spending too much time checking your stats and here I am going to give you more tools to check your site…... continue reading

botipton Premium Top 50 blogged

#1 Best Way To Get Referrals To Wealthy AffiliateRecently I asked the question, "What Brought You To Wealthy Affiliate." I did…... continue reading

Henry-II Premium Ambassador blogged

I’d like to say in my characteristic deep, soft, low pitched voice “Thank you very much Wealthy Affiliate”. I have been learning so much from…... continue reading

Beginzwithme blogged

The only thing I ever truly changed about myself was I stopped being afraid. Everything else has just fallen into place..... ... continue reading

botipton Premium Top 50 blogged

I Like Things That Make My Life EasierI recently asked the question, "Have you used the content writer yet?" of the members…... continue reading

JHaugland Premium Ambassador blogged

Oops... it seems like the heading was wrong. The right one should be:How to make a living stealing content IDEAS.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT…... continue reading

guykrow Premium blogged

I started my adventure here at Wealthy Affiliates about 2 months now, I have learned things I had no idea even existed, the electronic magic that a simple TV with…... continue reading

Mbiko blogged

i am pleased to join WA. I trust the group will help me expand my e-commerce business. ... continue reading

Alan Hocking Premium Top 100 blogged

Happy Friday!I've had a great week, I hope you have as well.As we head into the weekend I just want to leave you with a quick thought.I was watching one of those…... continue reading

Sofoula30 blogged

I searched a lot. I went deep in everything i learned. And now i am in a position to give a seminar which i call Rebirth and second title Spiritual Laws of Money,…... continue reading

FTurner8032 Premium Top 50 blogged

So today we come to the end of the 7/7 day writing challenge. This has been a very enlightening and encouraging time for me and I hope for all you that have participated.…... continue reading

halinphilly Premium blogged

Religiously may not the be the right word, but it wouldn't be wrong to say I log into my bank account almost daily to see the balance of my checking account for…... continue reading

AfqmBiz Premium Top 200 blogged

How SiteContent And Jaaxy Features Become Writing Unit With My Offline Writing EffortThis current statistic of SiteContent says everything in helping me structure…... continue reading

laparra1 Premium Top 50 blogged

A story on some Christmas Traditions. I was born in Australia and my Dutch Mother tried to introduce some Christmas traditions from her home into her new country.…... continue reading

AnisChity Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

Hi everyone just wanted to ask you if you have noticed some drop in conversion or traffic this month (December)I have been updating my site regularly and it's dry…... continue reading

Swangirl Premium Ambassador blogged

Update: I got my answer in the comments below. Since this was my first time using Site Content I didn't realize I had to chose Post or Page first before choosing…... continue reading

Stevejr2 Premium blogged

just upgraded to premium after a long long long time of contemplation. I’m ready to take this to the next level ! ... continue reading

SuaveJoe Premium blogged

Primer paso, aprender como funciona.Firt step, Learn how it works. ... continue reading

IngridF Premium blogged

HEY GUYYYYSS!!! I'M SO EXCITED! TODAY I STARTED MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!! Here's the link, I hope you like it: this channel, I will…... continue reading