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herinnelson Premium Ambassador blogged
1 Premium referral, 2 email subscribers & 1 Jaaxy referral today!

A PROFITABLE DAYToday was an awesome day! Going to my prayer meeting with my fiance at church last night helped immensely! THANKS, KYLE!I got on today and there…... continue reading

Kyle Premium Ambassador blogged
Nuance Affiliate Program - A Lesson How NOT to Treat Affiliates

There is a right way to run an affiliate program, and a wrong way. Unfortunately, affiliate programs and merchants are really starting to suffer as a result of…... continue reading

Henniest Premium Top 100 published training
How To Set Daily Goals

To set daily goals will help you to stay focused.... continue reading

Nick-at-WA Premium blogged
Wow! My First Cash Credits!

Hi WA FriendsI just opened my emails and this is what I saw!Thanks Kyle and Carson...and all of the WA Family!Nick ... continue reading

SWhitley Premium blogged

What a long strange trip it’s been! Looking back, I realize that the paths I chose led me here. To this particular place and point in time. Sometimes I wonder…... continue reading

AlexEvans Premium Ambassador blogged
Find Your Comfort Zone and Scale it From There

Take a breather and go with the flow, sometimes it is good to swim with the current instead of continuously swimming upstream in that endless battle to get where…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador started question in Email Marketing

Ever since I went through the Email Marketing training, implementing an Email Subscription page to my website, (with a free eBook to boot), I have seen a huge and…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador blogged
Your grade school English teacher would be pleased!

REMINISCING.Do you remember all the various "compositions" and "stories" we had to write back in grade school?! Some of us may have hemmed and hawed at the thought,…... continue reading

spurway Premium blogged
Twitter changed the rules

Hello and Good Morning Twitter is now enforcing a couple of new limitations. It has been already announced in February that the (TOS ) will change to prevent malicious…... continue reading

Belden22 Premium Top 200 blogged
Any Want to Take Me Up on a Bet?

I am leaving town for a few days to see some family.Does anyone want to give me odds on if I will be able to stay away from our WA family during that time?I’m…... continue reading

elores Premium blogged

Although I am working very hard on my articles, it seems I am not doing enough to get things done. I find that I am taking a much longer time to finish one article…... continue reading

PetraT Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

So I've got featured images for all my posts, but somehow I can't get some of them to be a square size rather than the rectangle that takes up a lot of room before…... continue reading

TopAchiever Premium Top 50 blogged
Breakthrough In Marketing Strategies For Affiliate Marketing Niche

Often times lately we find that we are challenged beyond what we think we can endure.However, when you have a Eureka! Moment like I did this week, it relieves the…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador blogged
Setting the groundwork

WHY WOULDN'T YOU SUCCEED?In our online affiliate business platform here at Wealthy Affiliate, all the training groundwork is set up for us to apply each step to…... continue reading

EddySalomon Premium Ambassador blogged
WA Lied! You're A Farmer Not A Business Blogger!

I know what you're thinking; What the hell is "Eddy with a y" babbling about now?Well let me break it down. We have a lot more in common with a farmer than you…... continue reading

Andrew-74 Premium Top 200 blogged
Wealthy Affiliate Websites Grow And Evolve With Feedback!

Wealthy Affiliate Websites Benefit Enormously With Site Feedback!Hi there! Today I just wanted to share something with you that I think you will all benefit from.…... continue reading

Debs66 Premium Top 50 blogged
Slow Down I am Not Tech Savvy

Hi, W.A, Please could I just say this!I am not a Tech Nerd. In 2016 I knew nothing about Building Websites. Not a thing. My only dream was to have my own Business…... continue reading

garydlc Premium Top 100 blogged
Yes, I am Happy with my Theme now

Hello Fellow WA Community MembersA short while back I asked a question in one of my WA Community Blogs, whether you are happy with your theme, I was not satisfied…... continue reading

HalleStern blogged
Ugh, Adulting

I couldn't sleep last night. My brain has been racing on and on about where I am in life and how to get out of it. I'm now in my late 20's, live with a room mate,…... continue reading

hanley Premium blogged
Email v SMS in marketing

email v SMS in marketing.I am often asked which one a business should use to get maximum benefit in marketing.As a result and having used both i believe they have…... continue reading

seconds2work Premium blogged
The Struggle Poem  Work in Proress

This is a poem I started working on in 2014. I never got around to completing. So this is the draft version and I'm posting incomplete, I call this version The…... continue reading

MJL71 Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I'm trying to sign up for Google's new Search Console. There are several ways listed on how to verify your website. There's a code Google gave me, and I'm told…... continue reading

Ariastar Premium blogged
Finally I have a site running,but it’s pretty blan,needs some technical help,lol

creativepowers is its name but their is nothing on it, alright I’m a creativepowers in the making you can stop by to give me some pointers,So i…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador blogged
The last time I heard that, I was broke!

PUT AWAY YOUR BRAGGING RIGHTS!Have you ever run into someone at the post office or store that simply has to tell you how they're doing? Their bragging rights come…... continue reading

CoachGom Premium Top 50 started question in Website Development & Programming

I read somewhere that Amazon wants us to just use their short link system instead of using other link shorteners out there.Is Pretty Link, the URL shortener/customizer…... continue reading

carolbinger Premium blogged
Use Great Sentence Starters and Transition Words to Boost Writing

Hi WA Community,Despite the fact that some of us are great writers, others do struggle to get the point across to our audience. We all agree that it is important…... continue reading

Karax Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Hey all,I recently implemented Google Adsense.I am using in-article ads and I put the code in the text editor.I noticed that my article has 4 ads displayed instead…... continue reading

Fintyd Premium blogged

www.lowercholesterolserrapeptase.comGoogle indexing within four days of building the site ... continue reading

Joshua2765 Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I am a little confused about the relationship between our blogs on our websites and the WA blogs. For example, Do our WA blogs get indexed by Google? ... continue reading

sns1977 Premium blogged

Hello Everyone!I am a little behind on my weekly posts so here goes. I have found that I have a little adjusting to get through with the new way Kyle is having…... continue reading

jetrbby80316 Premium Top 100 blogged

Well, lately I've been playing catchup and it's about time. But I've found a gear and making up for lost ground. I will put this certification training off no more!…... continue reading

IngoHoffmann Premium blogged
Real Estate Marketing Niche

My Real Estate Marketing Niche.Today, I would like to give you an advice, or actually offer you a new Service.No matter for how long you already work in the Real…... continue reading

joyjoi Premium blogged
Gentle Exercise Moves for People Living with Arthritis

Hi my name is Joy and, I have both Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and although they are related because of the pain, I want to help people, and myself, learn to live…... continue reading

Belden22 Premium Top 200 blogged

I thought I would be smart and get some extra sleep tonight. Actually it would only have been 7 hours of sleep but that seems like a dream right now.Well, it hasn’t…... continue reading

JosetteM blogged

Help me to achieve my goal of a thriving social network specifically made for people in the beauty industry. I am so excited to begin, and I hope I will gain support…... continue reading

bigrog44 Premium blogged

Hello WA:Last Friday I came home and found out that University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) beat the overall #1 seed Virginia in the National Collegient…... continue reading

Chrisie1 Premium blogged
I Feel Lucky - WA Rank#777

Hey WA family, I felt lucky today when I opened my computer. My WA number, I landed on was 777, which changes every day. I know it's not the top 200 or anything…... continue reading

csgdude Premium blogged

Hope the hard part is out of the way >.> lol ... continue reading

fondevilla Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

There is a video prepared by one of the professors at university of California Barkley. It has been circulating on social media and is very appropriate for my content.…... continue reading

Acharya71 Premium blogged

Have you fallen in Love with WA?Truly speaking right now I am totally exhausted working 8 hours standing on a concrete floor. My fingers hardly move to type this…... continue reading

Joshua2765 Premium blogged
I'm Not Above Cheating!

I’m not above cheating; yet, I cherish honesty above all else!Doublespeak? First, hear me out; then decide! One of the tasks in the SWAG challenge is "Live…... continue reading

Freisia Premium blogged
Risk Taking

Taking a risk to complete a challengeSome of the trees around our garden have grown to extraordinary heights and are now no longer safe to allow them to continue…... continue reading

HappySnow blogged

Hi. I am not sure I know what to post first. Hmmm. I am happy I found the web-site I can really make money and enjoy. I hope my dreams come true! Would be happy…... continue reading

bigrog44 Premium blogged

Hello WA:I just finished course 5 lesson2. I'm trying to get my second website on to Google webmaster.I'll see you guys and women at the top.Roger ... continue reading

wyattsmom Premium blogged

Great instruction, tools, information and support to successfully build a profitable website. This is life changing. ... continue reading

carolbinger Premium blogged
Progressing With Super Wealthy Affiliate Group

Nobody denies that Wealthy affiliate is filled with information to learn everyday. By the time I am finished here, I can actually be an expert at what I am doing.…... continue reading

Kenyearta blogged

Good afternoon everyone! Please go check out my newly established website, createyourcharacters.siterubix.comI could really use your opinion on it and any advice…... continue reading

botipton Premium Ambassador published training

Here are some post I did about this…... continue reading