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GebyarA Premium started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

Can somebody help me login to wordpress site? I want to install plugin that allow me to backup my site. After that, I want to transfer it to WA server.I get error…... continue reading

MarionBlack Premium Top 50 blogged Follow Me

Today I received a notification from PayPal to say that I have received $XX.00. But I didn't recognize the name associated with the receipt. (Sorry, I can't tell…... continue reading

leoemery Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

The security of your site must be at the top of your list within your online business. Everyday you hear of someones site being hacked. If fact a friend of mine…... continue reading

Kyle Premium Ambassador blogged
Sleep Your Way to Income, You Gotta See This!

It is official, Carson and I are proud to announce our latest division of Wealthy Affiliate. The “Sleep” division, better known as “SiteSleep”. According…... continue reading

KellyT Premium started question Follow Me in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

When managing different websites, in terms of SEO and convenience; would you create one gmail account per website one just one gmail account and park everything…... continue reading

PaulOsborne Premium started question Follow Me in Social Engagement & Marketing

Hey guysI have found the places for sharing each others Google Plus, Facebook profiles, etc, here on WA but is there a place to share each others CONTENT on the…... continue reading

stn67 Premium started question Follow Me in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

The thing is that at one point I later want to build a website in Danish. We do not have a tool available like Jaaxy but I have sided and dabbled with Google planner.…... continue reading

AmMovingOn Premium blogged Follow Me

Hey there, Anthony here.A fast website is the best option for your online business. The fast your site is, the higher the number of visitors. Visitors=Cash. Warning:There…... continue reading

lizahodgson Premium started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

I've noticed that Wordpress have some themes just for affiliate marketing - is it better to use a 'great for affiliate marketers theme'....rather than one you like…... continue reading

magistudios Premium Ambassador blogged
30 Day Private Step-by Step Coaching with Jay Now Available

Hi Folks, After several hundred requests, I am now offering private one on one coaching to those who are serious about accelerating their online business to the…... continue reading

DarckHorse Premium blogged Follow Me

After my public apology , I've remained silent, I've put my head down, and worked on my website. As a writer, it takes me a lot of time to be satisfied with my…... continue reading

EKautz Premium Top 100 blogged Follow Me

Unreal - Really I didn't think she could but she did - Oh yeah . . . and she has an Outie It's all Kyle's fault - I forgot what day it was until I got so excited…... continue reading

VRichard Premium blogged Follow Me

Just upgraded tonight. I am excited to get started on the rest of my lessons. I have learned so much so far. Just the info on correct ways to publish a website…... continue reading

MsT Premium blogged Follow Me

I have been at the Premium level on the $19.00 offer and soon faced with the reality of paying the monthly higher rate of $47.00 I live in Australia and the dollar…... continue reading

Ragus Premium started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

Is it neccesary to use both Akismet and SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam as they seem to do the same job?... continue reading

TJ Books Premium Ambassador published training Follow Me

What determines Internet income? It is overcoming what is between you and the market. The market is there but you must take action to break into the market so that…... continue reading

Shawn Martin Premium Ambassador blogged

Now it is time to say good bye to you all. I have learned all I can and I just see no reason to stay here anymore. I have made my first and second million and I…... continue reading

Rickyharden1 Premium started question Follow Me in Website Development & Programming

I have my domain name, about me, and privacy policy. Also im not getting googles attention? I'm trying to post some videos for my blog as well as put some earning…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

Today I asked for a PEEK at And I got very valuable information from Victoria. She couldnot find where to close my Yeloni exit Pop-up…... continue reading

tomtitty006 Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

Last night I wrote a short note of a few things to do today.As I had to do a few things to my site I thought this would get me motivated again.Unfortunately all…... continue reading

Rickyharden1 Premium blogged Follow Me

It seems that I decided on a niche that I thought would come easy to me so that I would be able to jump start my affiliate career. Yet in doing so I put the cart…... continue reading

BruceS Premium blogged Follow Me

One month in WA and i have a website with content.I put in lots of hours as I had time up my sleeve .I've had some email sign ups which is great as someone thinks…... continue reading

jtb527 Premium blogged Follow Me

All you need to know about cancer, the traditonell treatment and why its not working,the coverup and what to do if and when it hits you or your loved ones. This…... continue reading

ampmark Premium blogged Follow Me

PUBLISHED ON: APR 1, 2015 Rest in peace Gary Dahl, the man who convinced Americans to pay $4 a piece for pet rocks. The year was... well, we are informed only that…... continue reading

Inspiration1 Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

Some members have problem with Grammarly software for Grammar and spell check. i am in search of a good one. What about "Ginger". Has anyone used it? Please share.... continue reading

dpednekar Premium blogged Follow Me

At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady.She started screaming out of fear. With a panic stricken face and trembling voice, she…... continue reading

Inspiration1 Premium blogged

Building a profitable online business is our goal. It was our luck that we came across the Wealthy affiliate site. In spite of all odds, since the day of joining…... continue reading

mdmajm4672 Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

I know they say it is April Fools day, but instead I want to wish everyone a Great April 2015 Success Day. Spring time is here and everything is turning green and…... continue reading

achiever21 Premium blogged Follow Me

So after signing up for a free membership and hanging around a week I liked what I saw. I mulled it over for a few days and decided to go premium to learn more…... continue reading

scblack1 Premium Top 200 started question Follow Me in Email Marketing

Hey guys, i've been clicking around for ideas about this.. for my site I would like to simply give away a free beat or something to each person that leaves an email…... continue reading

BruceS Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

Hi ,I've seen this asked but haven't solved it yet.I have an e mail link on my home page.The link behaves if its active but nothing happens when you click on it.My…... continue reading

PamelaRice Premium blogged Follow Me

Well, this is the section where the rubber meets the road. I came to WA knowing very little about internet marketing, other than I knew it is a great avenue for…... continue reading

Christabelle Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

At this moment in time Dom is in first place in the competition to be featured on He shares about it in his post here!…... continue reading

nicebiz Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

WA Family & Friends I started my blog website several years ago and left it dormant for few years; and now since I still love blogging; so I started to be more…... continue reading

Doxy Premium blogged Follow Me

We all know that when we're engaged in an activity we don't like or find boring, time drags...especially at work, where we can't help clock watching, even though…... continue reading

YMaye started question Follow Me in WA Affiliate Program

I have someone that is trying to join but is having issues. It's saying that he already have an account but when he selects "Forgot Password". It shows that he…... continue reading

veronica.l Premium Top 50 started question in Getting Started

Hi Moms,I am looking for moms that have made their first money online. You could be an experience online marketer or you could have made one sale...I am doing a…... continue reading

apache1 Premium Ambassador started question Follow Me in Search Engine Optimization

I know many WA members have some or all of their website hosted here at WA but others host them elsewhere.I am asking those who have their websites hosted with…... continue reading

kerrybramham Premium blogged Follow Me

It's official, I am definitely serious about making a go of WA, going yearly certainly makes sense. To me, it is making a commitment to work hard for the next 12…... continue reading

whitsunday Premium blogged Follow Me

At WA we often get the chance to jump in and pay it forward, to help out our fellow members. In fact we are getting well known for our awesome community. It's great…... continue reading

waltlopus Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

On the final step in setting this up/registering it, I get an error message that says, "We can't connect to your site. Your firewall may be blocking us." Clicking…... continue reading

TimBartlett Premium blogged Follow Me

I joined premium today after reviewing most of the information in the starter package. I am going to start with the WA affiliate program and then move on to a niche…... continue reading

TJRANDO Premium Top 200 blogged Follow Me

I saw this article in Indian Life Magazine and thought it was interesting, then tried to vet it, but was getting all sorts of varying information, some concurring,…... continue reading

Sui_generis Premium Top 50 blogged Follow Me

As many of you know, I gave up coffee and chocolate until Easter (3 more days by the way – whooo hooo). This morning my church served coffee, donuts, juice and…... continue reading

rozz Premium blogged Follow Me

A Few Minutes to Relax This blog shares two relaxation exercises that I personally find effective. You may see if either or both work for you! Versions of both…... continue reading

stevenc1 Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

Good evening everybody. Would somebody please spend ten seconds taking a look at my site? could really do with some feed back to see if i'm on the right track.…... continue reading

Cebu Man Premium blogged Follow Me

Hi all! I hope this day finds you all happy and healthy. Well, after being a WA member since November 2013, I guess it's time to start finally taking full advantage…... continue reading

tzar1250 Premium blogged Follow Me

A Recently Spotted Bumper Sticker: "Caution! I stop for gnomes, elves, pixies, unicorns, leprechauns, faeries, dragons, and other mystical creatures only I can…... continue reading