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Lilika84 Premium Top 50 blogged

Saturday, October 22, 2016.BelgradeOne more page done! What Is The WordPress Dashboard13 days behind my challenge. If I haven't started it who knows if I would…... continue reading

Brendie Premium Top 100 blogged

Happy Saturday! Hope your weekend is going great! So far so good here. Earlier today as I was doing a little work on my main site, I had my email open (never know…... continue reading

brooksbode90 Premium Top 200 blogged

I find it significant that although I strongly dislike blogging about me, given my views of life, you WA folks are such awesome family, that I feel compelled to…... continue reading

EricH1 Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

I have tried all I know how to try. Pinterest is blocking me from adding links to my images that lead back to my website. They put up a warning that linking may…... continue reading

JohnA78 Premium Top 200 blogged

Hey Gang! I had to take a few days to recover from a nasty little bug and wasn't able to participate in Michael@Ultimateless' 30 day challenge. Well, I'm feeling…... continue reading

PMbaluka Premium Top 200 blogged

Today I woke up feeling so low in spirit. I couldn't work on my business as I normally do. I don't know why but I think it's human's nature sometimes to be in low…... continue reading

AngelaHall Premium Top 200 blogged

I want to share a source with you that I have been using for a few months.I receive daily email notifications of Ebooks which might interest me. It is a site called…... continue reading

JerryHuang Premium blogged

I'm sure many of you have thought about this question before, so do I. Sometimes we want to mention the number of members in this community in our website/review...…... continue reading

JohnStevens Premium Top 200 blogged

Hi All, WA friends, please support me in some home truth's, if you have your own take on what I am about to say, let me know.I have just been on live chat, reading…... continue reading

Triblu Premium Top 200 blogged

iOkay ... got 3 logos to choose from. There is one that I prefer ... but ... I would like to here from ALL of YOU ... and, I will definitely only use the one that…... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Top 50 blogged
Ambassador at WA again

Hello Friends,I started with WA on 18 June 2015 and right out of the gate was super active to get a better WA rank.In just over 3 months I actually became an Ambassador…... continue reading

PatLemy Premium blogged

Most people want to be successful in life and I’m certain you do too right?I’am sure, most successful home business owners or network marketers will…... continue reading

MPollock Premium Top 50 blogged

Hi, everybodyTonight my comment is about ranking in WA.Yes it is cool to be liked,When you were in school, you were popular or you were a plain student, not accepted…... continue reading

CasFromCary Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

Since the first impression is so important to a new visitor, I would like to follow up with them immediately after they sign up. Since these are my Prospects, how…... continue reading

MarionBlack Premium Ambassador blogged

Today I received a private message from one of my WA friends who was concerned about search engine optimization.Anyway, I thought my answer could help other people…... continue reading

onmyownterms Premium Ambassador blogged

I ended Day 5 at a little over the 9 hr. mark. To be realistic, most people only have about 10 hours a week to devote to something like this over and above job…... continue reading

Mike-Writes Premium Ambassador blogged

Stop holding yourself back. The limitations you set upon yourself don’t suit you. “Everything in the world is potentially yours. Don't limit yourself…... continue reading

Biggsta Premium Top 100 blogged

I know it isn't much but I finally published 100 articles. My goal was to post at least 150 articles before I reach 1 year here at Wealthy Affiliate but I have…... continue reading

PenCherry Premium Top 100 blogged

I often wondered if Kyle and Carson were being fair by setting up a system where you only get a comment or feedback after you give two of your own. I must admit…... continue reading

tyrellch Premium Top 100 blogged

The bucket list is now a common term referring to those things that one would love to do before they die. It is all well and good to start with the end in mind…... continue reading

With-Kev Premium Top 100 started question in Everything Wordpress

I am having all kinds of problems after I transferred one of my websites to Hostgator from WA hosting. I have spoken to WA support and they claim the domain is…... continue reading

AnthonyMLM Premium Top 100 blogged

What Is It About Fear! That Stop Your Dreams.F. False E. EvidenceA. Appearing R. RealFear is the number one obstacle the stop people from achieving their dream.…... continue reading

onmyownterms Premium Ambassador blogged

Today I'm going to be giving a short overview of how guest blogging can be useful to build your audience. Later this month, I'll provide more in-depth training…... continue reading

Compsol99 Premium Top 100 blogged

I woke up this morning and after checking my emails and having my morning tea, I thought I would check the weather to see if the rain was ever going to stop or…... continue reading

evanevaalexa Premium Ambassador blogged

As a marketer, I think that I have missed the boat on some aspects of the game, blame it my age lol. Maybe we all need to stop and take stock things are changing…... continue reading

CathH1 Premium Top 100 blogged

Ok so I have spent a few days looking at colours for a new website and after some quite extensive research and playing with colour palettes I have come up with…... continue reading

Jarred1977 Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I would like visitors to my site to fill in a form with there post/zip code first name and email address in return for 7 eBooks. is it possible to have this process…... continue reading

Lilika84 Premium Top 50 blogged

Friday, October 21, 2016.BelgradeAuthor of the book ''Outliers'' Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes 10.000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in any field.That…... continue reading

stevecox Premium Ambassador blogged

I completely disconnected from all electronic media for two weeks. I experienced some fantastic self revelations and made some significant progress in several areas…... continue reading

Steve1958 Premium Top 50 blogged

Hi from Adelaide in South Australia to everyone who reads this post!I get a message from the 'UNIVERSE' every day and I thought these messages might help to brighten…... continue reading

Me4TheWin Premium blogged

This week I've been in high stress mode because my Wealthy Affiliate fees are due any day now. The benefits of my membership here are incalculable, and I don't…... continue reading

pparadise Premium Top 200 blogged

Hello, WA. This just a short blog post letting the world know. How we all can defeat the odds. We have not given up since we were face with no were to go as far…... continue reading

slys Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

I have recently noticed that the number of URLs I had indexed in google webmaster tools has started to drop. It used to be almost even with the number I had submitted…... continue reading

Crittercraft Premium Top 100 blogged

Two years ago I went through something I'll never forget! Suddenly I was off my food, I couldn't eat much at a time and the doctors didn't know why! I lost a huge…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

Nope-It's Not Another Halloween-Themed Blog. Not This Time.This Is More About What Haunts You From Within.What Haunts You Here, At Wealthy Affiliate?-Is It Finding…... continue reading

grannyjou Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

veronica in her tutorial said the first product she promoted,where did get the product? ... continue reading

JoyNelson Premium Top 50 blogged

Hey folks,I am on a roll today. Everything is flowing and I am managing to get a LOT accomplished! I think the free writing, mind mapping and vision board exercises…... continue reading

JasonJF Premium Top 200 blogged

Online Internet Scams are really a BIG problem.There are more scams out there that I can count and more that will be created in the future.It is estimated that…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

(Just Kidding, Steve, but Just In Case, You Guys Better Grab This Information Quick, While It's Still Available!)Inc.Com Lists 8 Low-Cost Online Marketing Hacks…... continue reading

ClaudiaHB Premium Top 100 started question in Everything Wordpress

Hi, I have several people tell me that they can not leave a comment on my website ( ) not sure what I need to do to fix it. They…... continue reading

onmyownterms Premium Ambassador blogged

Today I'm going to talk about MailChimp, which is an excellent free autoresponder when you're just getting started.MailChimp's "Getting Started" autoresponder allows…... continue reading

greenvee Premium Top 200 blogged

If you want to change something in you life,CHANGE SOMETHING in your life!Others can help, support, offer advice, but in the end if WE do not make the Necessary…... continue reading

Jpowell1278 Premium blogged

How come some of my posts dont have a comments section at the bottom? Can someone tell me how i can fix this please. ... continue reading

Crittercraft Premium Top 100 blogged

How to get the most out of every minute of your day!What I did!Step 1Sit down and make a list, I love lists! Write down all the things that you need to accomplish…... continue reading

Hani Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

If I'm posting on a forum or Facebook or email group for example, should I send people directly to WA or to my site which is promoting WA? What do you think would…... continue reading

sharonlaw Premium started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I can see the site fine but when I log in from site manager I get in the URL but nothing on the page. ... continue reading

Cheng39 Premium blogged

I've renewed my membership. It signify a new beginning, a new goal.I am ready to persevere, determine to work towards a successful online business.Feels good to…... continue reading

BriennaC Premium blogged

Hey you guys! So let me just start off by saying that I now feel so much better about joining this community. So far everyone has been so kind and encouraging;…... continue reading