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RKiuttu Premium Top 200 started question in Pay Per Click Marketing

Hello,I have tried to get Ezoic working for 3 weeks.I have sent 50 messages to different support teams to fix this issue but nothing seems to help. I can't point…... continue reading

PatsyC Premium Ambassador blogged

A few months ago shortly after I joined WA, I noticed I had traffic on the days I was working on my website. My website was still new and I didn't get much traffic,…... continue reading

amyr2017 Premium blogged

Hiya my WA peeps...!I've been out of the loop and not engaged with Wealthy Affiliate for many weeks. Not because of a lack of interest -- that's hardly the case…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi guys and GalsI have been working for the past few hours with the new addition to the site speed and have found out the best way to handle it so thought I would…... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Top 50 blogged
Conversation with the Teddy Bear!

Earlier tonight I had a wonderful conversation with the Teddy Bear aka Chris Scott!I'm sure that many Friends here at Wealthy Affiliate already know him and that…... continue reading

codevonish Premium blogged

Yesterday was the first time since the hurricane that I was able to post content on all of my websites.Even with the limited access to electricity and Internet…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi Guys and GalsIt is really strange as things happen every day but sometime they happen and just no explaination so let me explain.I have been working on my site…... continue reading

roamy Premium blogged

Today I saw that one of my posts was out of the top 100.It``s an ok post.As my site continues to grow, some old posts get ignored by me and this is one of them…... continue reading

Fleeky Premium blogged

it is not end of year... i know1. Just wished i had more time to follow all the courses... and read.2. I wished my eyes were better, they tile soon 3. I-wished…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi guys and GalsI just want to share this with you as it will show the new members that are skeptics that WA is a real organisation and that Kyle and Carson are…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi guys and galsjust to let you know that I have at last managed to get all of my pages and post on the green and most at about 94 - 97 please see belowI am very…... continue reading

Drakonant Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

Hello,Just went premium, and before I start getting traffic to my site, I want to protect myself with a disclaimer, as my site is offering information/advice on…... continue reading

Song1 Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

Reaching out to friends here in desperation. As you can see ALL my pages and posts are at 45 or below. Kyle has acknowledge this and Site Support is looking into…... continue reading

DoubleTap Premium Top 200 published training

Before anything, please backup your site and use a child theme if possible!This video is intended to show you how to change the spacing underneath H1, H2 and H3…... continue reading

ChrisScott Premium Ambassador blogged

I have been reading a book called the GO-GIVERThere are 3 universal reasons for WORKING meet your basic living needs go beyond your basic…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Top 100 blogged

Yesterday was a teacher planning day, and I took the opportunity to do something I've been promising to do for a long time...I took my granddaughter, "The Sue,"…... continue reading

viloms Premium blogged

OMG! I just got indexed by google. This is proof that the tools and training provided by WA works. When you think about it, my site is just a couple days old. ... continue reading

arielharris7 Premium Top 50 blogged

One thing I am learning as I am doing this blog is the importance of how I communicate. Am I choosing to be vulnerable? Am I using language that speaks to others?…... continue reading

LanD1 blogged

I'm really excited to join the Affiliate team. My goals are to make $10,000+ a month. My hopes are to learn as much as possible like learn how to build a website,…... continue reading

MedOla Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

So i have a domain i got from godaddy, i just bought it recently. i havent really done anything with it. now i want to move my .siterubix website to the new domain.…... continue reading

DaveSw Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi, Everyone...A quick update on our recruiting contest...We are live now after a 2 1/2 day delay due to a software problem (not on our side)...This is a beta version…... continue reading

ais1978 Premium started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hi,How can I see the QSR for all the keywords at one - go instead of having to click on view result to see the QSR for each keyword. The analysis would be much…... continue reading

an79327932 blogged

I'm so excited to start my blog. It's first time in my life😊 ... continue reading

BlakeLyons blogged

Hello everyone my name is Blake Lyons. I was referred to Wealthy Affiliate by my good friend and business associate Lorenz. I've always been a little apprehensive…... continue reading

MattyBx Premium blogged

Facebook GROUPS are a great way to increase your traffic. I have been involved with many groups within my niche. I often post my website articles to these groups…... continue reading

CherylK Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I have a personal blog that I've moved to WA for safekeeping (so to speak) It's really a journal I created over several years while my husband and I traveled. After…... continue reading

sporkypie Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

If so, how did you maximize Active View Viewable? Please PM me for the discussion, and don't reply here. thanks! ... continue reading

AnthonyMLM Premium Top 200 blogged

What's Stopping You From Starting Your Dreams or Growing Your Blog?Most people are excited about the concept of starting a blog. The idea seems like a good opportunity…... continue reading

Meibelle7 blogged

Hey All... Super excited to learn more about this industry and REALLY hoping the possibilities of success are as true as they seem to be. ... continue reading

ceblack Premium blogged

Just started sharing about Wealthy Affiliate yesterday and already have two referrals! I shared on facebook, Instagram, and twitter and just now posted up my website…... continue reading

bmcginnis07 Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

When it comes to promoting WA as an affiliate, has anyone ever used it to grow their last? For example, I was thinking about offering WA as a lead magnet by having…... continue reading

Ganeshsharma Premium blogged

Short and precise description about myself!! :) ... continue reading

Matija12 blogged
Castle Veliki Tabor

Castle Veliki TaborMost of the castle was built by the Hungarian noble family of Rattkay, in whose ownership it remained until 1793. It is located in the region…... continue reading

Sachindra Premium blogged

Wishing all Wealthy Affiliate members a very Happy Dipavali. May millions of lamps illuminate your life with endless joy, prosperity, health and wealth forever.…... continue reading

CoachGom Premium blogged

I was looking for a good keyword tool as I am very disappointed with the new Google Adwords Keyword Planner.So, the other night, I asked my blogger friends on Facebook…... continue reading

ColettedC blogged
Today is the Day!

That I hopefully change my life forever and learn via WA how to live the life I can currently only dream of!Already feeling like I am finally "home" ... very excited…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Top 100 blogged

If you want the scam out of your film-flam,If ya wanna go legit,If you're stuck in a con that's goin' on and on,If you're the trick in a trickety-trick.You can…... continue reading

kperrine66 Premium started question in Getting Started

I got to the end of writing the about me part of my blog....But I found I was missing on. Very important thing. Sometimes I feel like a real dummy! 😳 ... continue reading

mbani Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

I am looking for other affiliate companies other than Amazon and I am looking to our fellow wealthy affiliate members to see which ones they are happy with and…... continue reading

ColleenLVSJC Premium blogged

Taking the small steps and being consistent are what pays off for long-term success. Nice to know that Google found my site! ... continue reading

Armlemt Premium blogged

I started my day returning emails, working on goals and writing content. It wasn't until just a little while ago that I logged onto Wealthy Affiliate. Boy! Was…... continue reading

DisrupTech Premium blogged

"I'm good at saving money, but I have NO IDEA how to do anything related to investments and retirement savings. It majorly stresses me out because I have a bunch…... continue reading

GailLowe Premium Top 100 blogged

Wealthy Affiliate First MonthToday marks my one month birthday here at Wealthy Affiliate (woo hoo!) and what a time it's been. I thought I would just bookmark a…... continue reading

DShensky Premium blogged

As a child the relationship you have with your parents also influences the relationship you have with your children. We learn to treat someone else in the exact…... continue reading

pascallove68 blogged

starting they say is one hard thing but once the groung is set running,patience and consistency and hard work is the needed recipe for a steady i want…... continue reading

laurenjean Premium Top 100 blogged

How to Get a Blog Noticed (by your friends) As blogger, learning to thrive in the online environment, I've found it interesting to note that my readership is global.…... continue reading

nathanpall99 Premium blogged

Hard to believe it's been that long!That time has flown. And what a difference 3 years makes. 3 years ago, when I started, I was making zero online income - I was…... continue reading

Chezbrown Premium Ambassador blogged

Just a very quick blog today to say that I have just received my Ambassadors flag back again. Pleased about this but don't worry folks as I am not getting the trumpet…... continue reading