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preciousns Premium blogged

I received a cheque this morning from Getresponse for $155.58.*happy dance* (i do like a good happy dance!)I was so excited to see that today, especially as I've…... continue reading

4uburn4me Premium Top 200 blogged

Hey WA! So I have been working hard on my site You guys have been extremely supportive and provided great feedback. Previously I did a giveaway of…... continue reading

pparadise Premium Top 50 blogged

By Sam&Iris RichardsonAllow me to share the very best five tricks to get true ROI (return-on-investment) off of your Search engine optimizing: 1) Invest in an Search…... continue reading

CarmenJS Premium blogged

So, another lesson down and I'm still pushing myself to be on the receiving end of the cash flow. still a work in progress, and I'm still learning something new…... continue reading

AniGago Premium blogged

I am one week late with this post, but anyway, I want to share with you my personal success. My 3 weeks are related to 3 figures in the Rank position. I am starting…... continue reading

botipton Premium blogged

Time is your best friend or your worst enemy when building a businessAs business owners, we do not have someone looking over our shoulders telling us what we need…... continue reading

JennylynH Premium blogged

After spending lots of time deciding on a theme for my wordpress I finally bit the bullet on this new Journey for my life! Let the SmileS continue! ... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi Guys and galsThe new experiment is that I have taken a blog that I wrote 27th December and done NOTHING to it ay allI have just posted to five face book groups…... continue reading

4uburn4me Premium Top 200 started question in Pay Per Click Marketing

We all are familiar with Adsense, Click Bank, Commission Junction "CJ", etc. Out of curiosity, has anyone had any success with contacting companies in their niche…... continue reading

SUNDAY1 Premium Top 200 blogged

Miss Milkee Marie Erickson, age 11 months. She is a Maltese/Silky-Terrier mix and has the sweetest temperament. Milkee is trained as my Emotional Support Animal.…... continue reading

Amelita Premium blogged

Do you love that butterfly feeling? You know what I'm talking about. Here is a start. Lets make something happen today. My WA profile is that of a newbie. Here…... continue reading

viyee Premium Top 200 blogged

Money in the Bank3 Things to do in a bank: Ask where the toilet is. (This puts you in charge and them apologetic.)Ask for a milk shake since you are allergic to…... continue reading

kiliwia62 Premium Top 50 published training

I like to download music and videos from YouTube and here is an easy method in how to do it.Just follow those easy steps and you have your music on your computer…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

HI guys and gals this is in response to live chat Ho do you use the read more tool and where to find it see belowThe you are writing a blog look at the tool bar…... continue reading

DaveSw Premium Top 100 blogged

This is a subject that has been discussed at one time or another by many here, and is one that you could agree to disagree on forever, depending on your viewpoint...MY…... continue reading

Kyle Premium Ambassador blogged
Wealthy Affiliate Review in 2017, An Open Discussion

I know there are plenty of folks that want to hear my insights into WA and get an overview of not just what we offer here, but also get some insights into our ideologies…... continue reading

Robert-A Premium Top 50 blogged

Getting Your Keyword Density Spot On For SEO Optimization Hi FolksEarlier in the week I published a blog on Advertising Your Website within WA. In it I said to…... continue reading

MPollock Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi, everybody,Hope all is good on your end of town,So for today I will give you a little motivational chat,Always remember if you put it off, you will not succeed.…... continue reading

MarkAlden Premium blogged

So, I just wrapped up the second course of training. Very slow going at first. I'm a super busy guy; I work a ton of hours at my full time job plus I have family,…... continue reading

luigiblack91 Premium blogged

So today I checked my WA followers number and I just reached my first followers goal of 600. Pretty happy to have the mutual help I have with most people here in…... continue reading

TheTourist Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Hey guys, I was just wondering.. Should I spend a lot of my time on the design of the website, knowing that I'm still in the beginning phase of the bootcamp?Because…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

This will be the one time I break my own rule...30 characters or less in the Headline. (71 characters in this Headline, including spaces) Let's see what Google…... continue reading

kzalGBpacker Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

I applied for an affiliate and got denied because they said they couldnt find my website and it wasnt confirmed. How do i do that? Also, does anybody have a way…... continue reading

ChrisScott Premium Ambassador started question in Website Development & Programming

Money, of course.I was wondering if anyone knew how much of it I would need to get some training on Microsoft Office and all the components.Do you know Microsoft…... continue reading

Easy-Moneys Premium Top 200 blogged

Wealthy Affiliate creates success in so many ways!Writing and blogging are very disciplined activities as are planning and executing website building tasks. But…... continue reading

gobreza blogged

Here I am finally decided to start with Wealthy Affiliate. ... continue reading

botipton Premium started question in Getting Started

I am wanting to get to know more people on here and about Wealthy Affiliate. So since you have been on Wealthy Affiliate what is the best thing that has happened…... continue reading

ChrisScott Premium Ambassador started question in Website Development & Programming

Hello, my big beautiful family at the Mighty...The Mighty.....The Mighty Mighty Wealthy Affiliate Blogosphere.I bought the Adobe Element 15 Photo Shop and I would…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi guys and GalsToday has been crazy no time to do anything hardly as busyAll started out OK e=went for the walk and returned to find my brother-in-law had arrived…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

LinkedIn has initiated a new content discovery option with the release of ‘Trending Storylines’, an alternative news feed focused on specific topics.…... continue reading

WilliamBH Premium Top 50 blogged

Very excited .. our Facebook Page has hit 13,000+ Likes and 13,000 Followers.One of the great things about this is that the Page Likes is 13,045 and the Follows…... continue reading

SuccessDEUS Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

Hey guys,So one review I target a few keywords, yes did everything to get it ranked, but I added AFFILIATE LINKS on the page and got very poor rankings. I believe…... continue reading

JewelCarol Premium Ambassador blogged

Hello WA FamilyI am truly touched by Usiba ...Why, you may ask? Take a look at his comments for me below .. Comments from Usiba :1) My pleasure. I'll support you…... continue reading

JCHroncich blogged

Hi Everyone. First day here and excited about getting started. Any advice is always welcome. ... continue reading

NeBro Premium Top 50 blogged

IntroductionHi everyone, well, as you may know a couple of days ago I made a post about how annoying Auto Play video is to so many people whilst browsing. I am…... continue reading

DBlanchard Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

I put in an application approximately 2 weeks ago and realised a week later that the code was not pasted at the right place so I pasted the code after the tag as…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Ambassador blogged

A person grumbles:“Oh, how bad my life is. The wife is cheating,Colleagues idiots,The car is old, The roof is leaking”.“You don’t know how…... continue reading

JasonMcGehee blogged

Starting a small business and going through the growing pains I've accumulated a good amount of debt. At this point all of my equipment is paid off and I'm ready…... continue reading

Lee66 Premium blogged

Having been self -employed for forty four years in the insurance business has taught me that as hard as it is being your own boss, it's still preferable to trading…... continue reading

pparadise Premium Top 50 blogged

By Sam&Iris RichardsonHi,WA. We hope your day is going fine. Here is proof that landing pages do work and are apart of every business arsenal in some way. This…... continue reading

AllanSiegel Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I want to create my home page, but there is no edit button to do that. I created a post to it, but I want an image and content to appear when my site is live. How…... continue reading

Kcampbell74 blogged

not a lot on it but for anyone to just go and give it a visit ... continue reading

dcasa14 Premium blogged

The Impossible May Take a Little Longer“I cannot discover that anyone knows enough to say definitely what is and what is not possible.”Henry FordThere…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

The disaster in American retail has reached cataclysmic proportions! Department stores like Macy's, Sears and J.C. Penney, and retailers including BCBG, Abercrombie…... continue reading

Jim-Bo Premium Ambassador blogged

Strange man says "Hy, How r u?"12/03/2016 00:06Strange man says again "Hy!"21:58Helo dear.Jimbo says "I'm a man" not a woman!Strange man says "I also know."Jimbo…... continue reading

lullabybaby blogged

I am super stoked at this opportunity and I can't wait to see what comes of this adventure. ... continue reading

johnathan85 Premium blogged

I started with wealthy affiliate like i did with any other website. I had my doubts and took it with a grain of salt. I literally said one month and I'll see where…... continue reading

TJnow Premium blogged

Hey folks,it´s Friday evening and as usual, I´m doing the next lesson on the certification course.Here at WA for about 3 months now, I´m making…... continue reading

MikeLaz71 Premium blogged

Hello everyone, my name is Mike Lazdauskas, and I just wanted to take this time to say, "Thank You", to Kyle, Carson, and the rest of the staff at Wealthy Affiliate.…... continue reading