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rajeshjain Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

What I have understood from the various tutorials is that sooner you have a paid theme, the better it is. I am from a non computer background and wish to buy a…... continue reading

Saidako Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

Every time I embed the siterubix code on my website and update, it shows on the website as:Bad gateway!Any idea why? ... continue reading

Linchi Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

I am doing the lesson on Google + and have been asked to join groups and invite others to join mine. I need to provide my Google+ account information. Is my account…... continue reading

PMbaluka Premium Top 50 blogged

Did you know that you can get ideas from your own content? Sometimes it is very normal to feel dry of materials to write on your website. For the last few days…... continue reading

otranto Premium blogged

Howdy Partners! I've just finished my first website and I'm wondering if you can help me giving your feedback about it My domain is: and its…... continue reading

IzlorPreneur Premium Top 200 blogged

Its been a fun journey these last couple months here at WA! I've tried to be consistent with positing and engaging with you all here & it paid off. I don't know…... continue reading

Ultimateless Premium Ambassador published training
Yellow Star Tagging - How to sort your favourites at Wealthy Affiliate

If you are being overwhelmed by the number of posts/trainings you are bookmarking for later then this is for you. I will show you 2 ways in which you can file your…... continue reading

Funkydunc208 Premium Top 100 blogged

Here's a personal question I want to ask you. Not too personal but your answer will be quite interesting. Let's keep it rhetorical then.Before joining Wealthy Affiliate,…... continue reading

Jim-Bo Premium Ambassador blogged

Serplify Review - Shamelessly Promoted by Those Who Don't Give a Damn About Quality Content or Your Website.Just a heads up for all our legitimate Wealthy Affiliate…... continue reading

waian Premium published training
25 Sites with Royalty Free Images For Commercial Use CC0 License

In this training, I explain the problem with most free image sources, and link to 25 free image sources that are actually safe and free to use.... continue reading

PSheridan Premium Top 100 blogged

Thought for the day:10% of conflict is due to differences of opinion and 90% is due to delivery and tone of voice. Remember be thankful for all those difficult…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi guys and GalsI know there has been a big discussion with regards to comments lately but I want to stress just how important they are and I will give you a great…... continue reading

aroran Premium blogged

Success in online business or any other endeavor in life is directly proportional to the way you view yourself. I had a long winter break with family visiting,…... continue reading

viyee Premium blogged

Good morning jokesHi, good morning everyone! There we were, two adults and a 13 year old, discussing chicken jokes; as you do.The jokes turned to “Why did…... continue reading

Mike-Writes Premium Ambassador blogged

It's all about HOW you say it...A picture really is worth a thousand words!'Til next time... learn, promote & prosper! ... continue reading

viyee Premium blogged

Hi everyone, I just completed my Certifications Course 2. Movein' on up Certifications Courses 3. I sincerely thank you for everyone support and encourage.To success,…... continue reading

WilliamBH Premium Top 100 blogged

I (we .. as in my wife and I) made a decision to start using Instagram for our business in the second half of last year. My wife already had an Instagram that had…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

Does anyone here remember encyclopedia Americana or Britannica? What about Encarta? There are places where hard copy newspapers are no longer printed. Because advertising…... continue reading

RBoaventura started question in WA Affiliate Program

I wonder if I can use the two exemple scenarios provided in my WA Affiliate Program page to promote WA in my website. ... continue reading

Geniysus blogged

Financial peace isn't the acquisition of stuff. It's learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can't win…... continue reading

Tasna Premium blogged

Back to the drawing board and looking for motivation... After having 3 weeks off, enjoying summer and Sydney is going through some sort of heat wave; now it's time…... continue reading

wb5yjs Premium blogged

Are you an employee?That’s another way of asking if you have a Job or are part of the JOB Market.A more important question is: "do you know anyone that is…... continue reading

GlenPalo Premium Top 200 blogged

I recently reviewed several websites that requested feedback within the Site Feedback section. Several were curating content.This got me to wondering about how…... continue reading

johnwnewman Premium Top 50 blogged

The late Jim Rohn was a very successful motivational speaker and entrepreneur.Here are some of his most unforgettable quotes, I hope they help motivate you to success.“Don’t…... continue reading

Funkydunc208 Premium Top 100 blogged

Most of us will see the term "content marketing" and wonder how does a "One-Man (or Woman) Show" do this? Isn't this for the advertising houses that have dedicated…... continue reading

ariesurya Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

Hello Citizen of WA, I have a question about my Gravatar profile. My Gravatar is already set up on my site, but when I update my Gravatar profile for better description…... continue reading

SmallBizGuy1 Premium blogged

We all know the importance of having a mobile friendly website, even if our theme does a good job of displaying our content on mobile, sometimes it can still look…... continue reading

angieina Premium started question in Getting Started

Hi All, I have just upgraded to premium and being a real novice especially with computors.....lost the introductory video and when I wanted to publish my introductory…... continue reading

jmrt Premium blogged

Training has been going well so far. I'm almost through the second course and my site is coming along nicely. However, there has been one thing that has been holding…... continue reading

elinadk Premium started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Keyword tool shows article power and PPC power.What to do with the two and which is better Article power 7, PPC 8.5 or article power 7.6, PPC 7. ... continue reading

LoriMP Premium blogged
First Page Results!

Well, I woke up today and just checked in Google (as per usual) some of the 'special' keywords i have been targeting in the recent weeks. This morning felt different,…... continue reading

jennybarreto Premium started question in Getting Started

Not sure about this part. Should I use both of them or only one of them is enough? Which is best? ... continue reading

docub Premium Ambassador published training

Learn the In's and Out's of the CPA Affiliate Network in this short video. Take notes and return as often as you like to review and re-watch this…... continue reading

pae100 Premium blogged

Hoping that I will finally be able to reach the level of online business success I have always desired with the help and support of the WA Community... ... continue reading

Ultimateless Premium Ambassador blogged

So there you are happily tagging all your favourite posts/trainings. You know, clicking the star that turns yellow? You write what you think is a great tag title.Several…... continue reading

ArtByHeart Premium Top 100 published training
How To Improve Your Returning Customer Count

This training establishes the importance of having returning customers and introduces ways to ensure your clients want to return to read more of your content!... continue reading

accad Premium blogged

Chronos and Kairos TimeTime fleets on and never come back, fear is beginning to set in for nothing has been done and the day had passed empty and blank.We are bound…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

This is one of our most popular Blues songs. People come up to me and ask about the song, and I tell them the truth: It's about Roller Coasters. (If you're a Roller…... continue reading

SabinT Premium blogged

It's 43 Celsius (109.4 Fahrenheit) here in Sydney and the weather people are saying it will be hotter again tomorrow. It's just another reminder of why I started…... continue reading

GayleneNepia Premium Top 50 blogged

As you can see, I have a long way to go to improve my site. However:Site Health is Pretty Good - in the blue;I have 250 Comments - not bad I suppose;I only have…... continue reading

jvranjes Premium Ambassador started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

In the tutorial 31:00 he uses Alternate Method after Recommended Method. Is this necessary? If yes, how about…... continue reading

DoYourBest Premium blogged

You have heard it over an over again to get a head you need a mentor!What they don't tell is important too, can you afford the mentor, is it the right fit, how…... continue reading

leslieaddo33 Premium blogged

I joined WA on the first day of this year(which was my only new years resolutuion :))Its been 17 days already and Im really having fun.It was quite overwhelming…... continue reading

Mburul Premium blogged

Hi guys. Am a big fan of Terminator-judgment Day. Its one of those movies I never get tired of watching.I read posts and comments sometimes and I can’t help…... continue reading

amgolf Premium blogged

Build relationship by FAN PAGE: benefit information make good relation. How to build good advertisement : screen and attract only payment like, Clear NICHE need,…... continue reading

marince blogged

I can't wait to take this journey! So excited to be here! ... continue reading

SDane Premium blogged

It is so frustrating losing my short term memory. I wasn't always this way. In the past I could remember phone number easily. Account numbers came to me with little…... continue reading

FranMan Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I have no clue about how one goes about this, so best thing to do is to ask the best online family. Where do you go to write an eBook? Thoughts and comments are…... continue reading

Ultimateless Premium Ambassador blogged

How quickly time flies!So here we are starting on our new quest to make our websites zing! We are doing this by writing one, two or three posts (in total, not per…... continue reading

SimplifyLife Premium blogged

It's been weeks since I have felt as productive as today. I was able to rework a page I previously had marked as under construction.…... continue reading