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Bigacre Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

I would like to know if anyone here at WA has Clickbank as an affiliate and how it works for them. I joined, but it seems a little chaotic to me unlike Amazon etc.…... continue reading

stevecox Premium Ambassador blogged

My Fitbit just told me the battery needed to be charged. My notepad gave me a similar message. My water bottle shows I need to drink another 8 ounces this hour.My…... continue reading

trailhound Premium Top 100 blogged

Yes I'm still on lesson 6 in bootcamp. I rewrote my getting started page and I'm so much happier about it.I haven't had very much time to interact with the community.…... continue reading

LynneHuy Premium Top 50 published training

I have just come across this nifty little trick and I am about to start embedding Google Trends to a lot of my Wordpress posts!It is really simple to do, just enter…... continue reading

BarryJ Premium Top 100 blogged

Sometimes I have a real problem with this. Especially in the morning when it's hard to get started. I find I can focus on productivity late at night after all the…... continue reading

Mike-Writes Premium Ambassador blogged

In your quest to build a successful affiliate marketing business you will run into many obstacles. There will be problems... big and small.These problems will be…... continue reading

Brendie Premium Top 200 blogged

Again? Another Analogy? Will it ever end? No! Well, maybe for the bread and WA ones. Who knows when another one will strike! I was already making plans to bake…... continue reading

MPollock Premium Top 50 blogged

Hi, everybody.Hard weekend coming.Have to finish 5 vehicles by Monday.It is crunch time.2 days to finish all 5 of these.Work on car.Write a blog.1 done write some…... continue reading

Hraybal Premium blogged

Nobody said 3 months ago when I arrived here that it would be easy to succeed.So how has it turned out for me so far....well the last 3 months has been a journey…... continue reading

kiliwia62 Premium Top 50 blogged

Finally, being back home, will give me, once again, the right atmosphere to implement my thoughts, written "on paper", into perspective.During my ride home I started…... continue reading

janmar Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I am using the song writer theme.I have added images to the header but they do not fill the space all the way across the page. The note says to use images 1800x400…... continue reading

Steve1958 Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi again to everyone...Thanks again for the overwhelming response I got was amazing!Just when I thought I had climbed Mount Everest with my first…... continue reading

tclough Premium Top 200 blogged

The question of why members don't put their name in their WA profile comes up pretty often. I think I might know the answer!When someone make the wise decision…... continue reading

boomergp08 Premium Ambassador blogged

The majority of you members have jobs working for other people and are striving for the day when you can finally fire your boss and work at home full time. Trust…... continue reading

Sp732 Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

Hey so I had a quick question that maybe you could answer. When I started my site I used a siterubix hosted domain. Now I am a premium member and have since bought…... continue reading

JudeP Premium Ambassador blogged

Amazon are clamping down on 'fake' reviews on their sites and are currently trying to sue more than 1,000 people who they believe may have posted such reviews.…... continue reading

terrberr Premium Top 200 started question in Authoring & Writing Content

Hi folks!Although nothing is foolproof, and I'd want to proofread my blog for the final time myself...does anyone know of the BEST free, web-based checker?Please…... continue reading

AnthonyMLM Premium Top 100 blogged

This movie really inspired me to take a deeper look at what life is all about. Life is everything and in this movie Stephen and Jane Hawking face trials after he…... continue reading

Mike-Writes Premium Ambassador blogged

What is holding you back and keeping you from being successful with affiliate marketing? Share your thoughts on this below...'Til next time... learn, promote &…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

It Has Been Said That Most (80%) Of All Businesses Fail Within the First 5 Years.That's 4 Out Of 5 That Don't Make It!So, How Do We Become One of the Survivors?One…... continue reading

StephClark Premium blogged

So when I first found WA I was a little skeptical at first. Okay like a lot skeptical.. I was looking for something to really supplement what I make from my job.…... continue reading

chuka Premium Top 50 blogged

This is not about the book, but it came to my mind yesterday.In my coaching world, I needed to go through some rigorous assessments to gain further qualifications…... continue reading

MudreM Premium Top 50 started question in Getting Started

Is August on WA low intensity month? Or, it's just my feeling. I receive generally fewer notifications since the second half of July. ... continue reading

magistudios Premium Ambassador published training
Working with Parent Pages in Wordpress

Organization is one of the many keys needed to open the doors of success. This includes having organization with your own site hierarchy. Enter Parent Pages within…... continue reading

Ali-M Premium blogged
Get hundreds of Quality Photos for FREE!

Hi lovely WA community!I've recently found out a website where you can get hundred of free royalty images and just wanted to share it with you too. At the first,…... continue reading

stevecox Premium Ambassador blogged

Since I went over the edge yesterday with an article that was too lengthy. today I am just going to post the URL. BUT, I encourage you to read it. Perhaps it isn't…... continue reading

CarolEll Premium Top 200 blogged

The first home that I remember living in is a 3-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom gem, located in northwest Detroit, in an attractive, tree-canopied neighborhood. I lived there…... continue reading

VynetteH Premium blogged

Hi there,I'm going to be visiting relatives somewhere with spotty Internet access starting on the sept 6th.Unfortunately my membership expires in 2 days. Since…... continue reading

stevecox Premium Ambassador blogged

This is taken from an article published by Since a very popular topic of conversation in WA is productivity and “to do” (or in some…... continue reading

fiftarina Premium blogged

Hi all,I am so happy that my friend, Shelma, has just joined our wonderful community.Please help me to welcome her in her profile page.…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

In the hot months in the Northern Hemisphere, we all need some cooling refreshment. I'm no just talking about water here but something even better!...Watermelon!…... continue reading

PSheridan Premium Top 100 blogged

Thought for the day:What if you woke up tomorrow and you were surrounded by the things you felt gratitude for.What if you woke up tomorrow and you were surrounded…... continue reading

dianebond1 Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

I have forgotten my email and password as was in hospital for 8 months ... continue reading

Irme blogged

Okay it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be! I managed to post my first post,hoping that I have put in practice all that I have been taught from the tutorials…... continue reading

Steve1958 Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi to everyone who reads this post...I AM OVER THE MOON! This is how I started my Friday morning...After 3 YEARS of trying without any success what so ever to get…... continue reading

matt81allin Premium Top 200 started question in WA Affiliate Program

I have recently been exchanging comments through siterubix and I noticed none of the comments left for me are showing on my posts. Is this right? ... continue reading

JoshyT Premium blogged
I'm a fool, WA is a blatant scam

"Josh, c'mon mate, stop being brainwashed. It's obviously a pyramid scheme designed to draw people like yourself in""I can't believe you've actually parted with…... continue reading

ArtysueloC Premium started question in Pay Per Click Marketing

I am hoping to find someone who has heard of or has experience with Click Again Affiliate program.I started fill out the app but when it comes to putting in info…... continue reading

drjec Premium blogged

My wife is very interested in WA after watching me write a few blogs and seeing the progress on websites. She decided to build a website of her own to share her…... continue reading

ScoFlo01 Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

Hi, I just tried to register a domain name and It is asking for payment of $13.99 to register it., Am I not already paying WA monthly for at least 1 domain of my…... continue reading

pugsley Premium blogged

I feel that I am advancing quite well here and things are going well. The only real frustrations I have are lack of time to get everything accomplished I set out…... continue reading

SCole01 Premium blogged

Are you a gamer? Do you like Borderlands?Do you have Borderlands, Borderlands 2, or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on PC? Or are you willing to get it?I have an entire…... continue reading

Steve1958 Premium Top 100 blogged

To all who read this post...First of all I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who has sent me a message today in response to the post I sent out…... continue reading

SassySuccess Premium blogged

I signed up for the annual membership. For all of you thinking about the annual membership, go for it! It locks you in to stay committed to your goals, your success.A…... continue reading

T1967 Premium Ambassador blogged


SCole01 Premium blogged

I have a simple request, I want help promoting and getting traffic to my site and I am willing to assist you in promoting your site as well.Leave your information…... continue reading

stevecox Premium Ambassador blogged

Mortimer J. Adler — 'The person who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it usually does not know what he thinks.'Perhaps an important point in…... continue reading

SCole01 Premium blogged

I joined WA with high ambitions and jumped right into things, I was extremely motivated and really didn't know where to begin. WA helped give me the tools to move…... continue reading