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pattucker Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

People look at those that have achieved what they want, and see where they would like to be. Often they do not see the hard work only the end result.It is good…... continue reading

pattucker Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

Does anyone ever feel this? You want to do something but when you think it all out in your head, you go through how much time it will take to do each part of your…... continue reading

shoofar Premium blogged Follow Me

Hello everybody.Lately i've noticed few spam referral bots attacking my site. This traffic will mess up your google analytics reports (each hit to your site will…... continue reading

robinjs Premium started question Follow Me in Website Development & Programming

I need to change my theme from Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme. I've done my homework and should be able to do it in a hour or two. But you know how unexpected things…... continue reading

roamy Premium Top 100 started question Follow Me in Pay Per Click Marketing

l about to place my first ad but I'm not exactly sure how to do it.Do i show a specific page where l want people to go or how exactly is the right way? thanks ... continue reading

MudreM Premium Top 50 started question Follow Me in Authoring & Writing Content

Hi, i try to show gratitude to people who comment on my posts (or questions) either by replying if I find it necessary or at least clicking "like" button.. I think…... continue reading

LH-CLUB Premium blogged Follow Me

I have just found this you may want to check it out, it does work and simple to do if the first code don`t work try the second, that worked for me.…... continue reading

KevinFroude Premium Top 100 blogged Follow Me

Hi Folks I am fairly sure that there are a number of aspiring writer's out there in Wealthy Affiliate land.....budding authors or article writers who want to take…... continue reading

codevonish Premium blogged Follow Me

It would be very revealing to take a global poll of how many people are happy in their current jobs.If comments made here at WA Is anything to go by, i think the…... continue reading

Jovestone Premium blogged Follow Me

I recently posted an article on Ronday Rousey, and few days after found out to my surprise that I was #1 on Google's first page with keywords 'rousey vs holm astrology'.…... continue reading

Lsissons Premium blogged Follow Me

Seems to me there are two main types of blogs (this isn't my original idea I ripped it off from somewhere):Business, the kind that purely exist to make money andArt,…... continue reading

lisa970 Premium Top 200 blogged Follow Me

Some people complain about life instead of being thankful. If you are alive and wake up today be thankful. You should be thankful because someone, some where didn't…... continue reading

zohrab15 blogged Follow Me

How much is your website worth? This may be a question that you have asked yourself with thoughts to sell it, or it could be just to get an idea of how your work…... continue reading

apache1 Premium Top 200 blogged Follow Me

Facebook may have noticed a change of pace from Facebook themselves. I have seen this more noticeable over the last few weeks.Yesterday I shared another members…... continue reading

JudeP Premium blogged Follow Me

When creating your business it is very important that you follow your passion. After all, if you have a huge amount of interest in a niche then you are far more…... continue reading

MillyJ Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

Hi!I wondered I could get product links in my posts, instead of only in the sidebar widget?Thanks,Milly ... continue reading

Jagulba Premium started question Follow Me in Social Engagement & Marketing

Hello people,I need to understand the logic here. If I leave one comment somewhere then I should be able to receive one in my website. If someone can explain the…... continue reading

tensjoshwa Premium blogged Follow Me

This is my own judgement and I do not know what yours might be.On joining WA, I was looking at having few clicks and making lots of quick money as fake internet…... continue reading

allchristie Premium blogged Follow Me

Changes come to us all through our lives. None are so dramatic as those that come with change of location, even change of country. For so long I had celebrated…... continue reading

MikeSouness1 blogged Follow Me

So I'm the new kid on campus first term is a fresh Feeling a bit overwhelmed but excited no less The lobby and halls are filled with adviceGood values and honour,…... continue reading

vic62 Premium Top 200 started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

When I click on Site Manager and then click on the Log In Now tab - to access my WP website - I can only see one user where it lists The Website Administrator Users.…... continue reading

JewelCarol Premium Ambassador blogged Follow Me

Hello WA FamilyHow are you today? I hope everyone is happy and contented; and busy promoting the WA Black Friday Deal!!. ;))Our dear Gordon (gappleby) gave me some…... continue reading

playfulheart Premium blogged Follow Me

I joined WA on Nov. so I've been working away at things for more or less 18 days (some days were pretty short as I'm finishing up another big project). Not a long…... continue reading

mijareze Premium Top 100 blogged Follow Me

Hello Everyone,I am writing this short post to wish everyone at Wealthy Affiliate University a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoys there turkey or whatever…... continue reading

mshonhai Premium blogged Follow Me

I started toying with the idea of building a website in 2012. I tried a number of online web hosting such as Tip Top etc. I was not impressed and for some time…... continue reading

AriefWibowo Premium blogged Follow Me

This is my first contribution to WA. Hopefully this is helpful.I came across an article on and it warns us about online job scams or any online offers…... continue reading

JasonGB Premium Top 50 blogged Follow Me

Interesting isn't it... referring to work as a matter of the heart....Is that how you feel about your job? Your work? Do you wake each morning with a desire to…... continue reading

BobZeiss Premium Top 200 started question Follow Me in Everything Wordpress

I have a simple requirement but I have spent all morning searching for the answer with no joy.I want to add a text box to a page/post without resorting to coding.…... continue reading

RaquelT Premium blogged Follow Me

Time does fly fast when you are having fun! Prior to this, I've been searching and searching for what I can do at home to earn. I've been wanting to go back to…... continue reading

Phoenix2015 Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

Dear WA Friends,Today is 26 November 2015. I have a wish exactly the same time next year that is in November 2016 I want to go to Dubai with my wife and daughter.…... continue reading

Richinwealth Premium blogged Follow Me

What do we know about Mindful Dating? I went out on a date with this one guy I met online several months ago. We hit it off and were dating for a few months, say…... continue reading

AmMovingOn Premium blogged Follow Me

You need not to show an income proof to build credbility. People will trust you if you help them out and show them what exactly other members are getting by taking…... continue reading

bobtm56 Premium blogged Follow Me

Is Being Retired ,Aged ,Redundant or Unemployed the ENDTo evaluate these different scenarios are quite different yet also has so many similarities , so let us look…... continue reading

Martstervt Premium Top 50 blogged Follow Me

So Much To Be Thankful For I am just sitting here thinking of reasons to be thankful. It has truly been a year of change. Last year I didn't have a clue about Wealthy…... continue reading

MudreM Premium Top 50 blogged Follow Me

You may have heard the frog race competition story. The frogs had a simple goal to reach the top of a high pole. Thought it was a dangerous task, a few brave frogs…... continue reading

ricardo1 Premium blogged Follow Me

We all should have some excitement leading up to Turkey Day. Just this past Sunday my pastor in his sermon made reference to the things that we all should be thankful…... continue reading

NPark74 Premium blogged Follow Me

Aloha everyone! I just signed up for the Premium WA and I have to say there are so many things going through my mind at the moment. I mean first off I am so excited…... continue reading

maxser67 Premium blogged Follow Me

I'm just on may way ending course 2 and jumping in to the third one.Due to have done this three years ago it went quite smooth. Had some issues with the theme set…... continue reading

TjTej Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

hi all, I just got the About Me page done.. any thoughts or suggestions ..? hers's the link: - ... continue reading

Adam77 Premium started question Follow Me in Website Development & Programming

Hello everyone!I am creating a site to share free images and I would like to add a link enables a visitor to directly download an image. I think it would a lot…... continue reading

Timea Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

I'm a beginner of everything. Just bought my domain name, then dragged it here, and uploaded my own picture. Then what? Can you give me instructions how to choose…... continue reading

Izpowashere Premium Top 50 blogged Follow Me

When I was running Windows 7 these high-end graphics and Video programs would just kill the computer. Now with Windows 10 everything runs great. I still prefer…... continue reading

joet1 Premium started question Follow Me in Authoring & Writing Content

How do i place a photo where i would like it to sit on my site? I can't seem to set it where i want it to be ... continue reading

LynneHuy Premium Top 100 blogged Follow Me

Do you want a free eBook to give away on your website? I wrote one for my website to give away as a free gift to entice people to sign up. So here's the deal. I…... continue reading

bustervik Premium started question Follow Me in Getting Started

I am no where near what they are doing, how can you comment on others website like that. to me they are good 100% on mine. ... continue reading

Powerliudi Premium blogged Follow Me

Nowadays, how many of you are doing a job which you are not interested at all but you still need it in order to support your life? If you are one of them, that…... continue reading