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Hey everyone , Jack is back at you with my updates, as a WA affiliate mareketer. When I began I was somewhat my usual stubborn self that did not want to follow instructions to the key, I have always had that problem somewhat, also I have a very busy full time job, so starting out was defineatly a huge struggle also due to not lack of computer savvy skills. This is my first endeveor in this field, as may be true to so many of you out there, I almost gave up, however I have never been a quiter, s
Hello Everyone this is Jack,, once again from, It is a real pleasure to talk to everyone and let all of the WA network know how I am doing.Well I am really starting to get excited with the wisdom and knowledge that I have learned in the last few months, truly amazing. At this time things are really starting to register,everyone remember do not get to far ahead of yourself, be patient and ask questions, this program truly works if you follow it properly. Th
Hello everyone,this is Jack coming back from a month or so of my growth, as I have been gaining knowledge, to move forward in a more effevtive manner, as I am overcoming my original frustration's and doubt's, as I move forward with much more confidence in this new business of mine, remember I have alway's known the potential of this market, but unfortunealtly, I only ran into the scammer;s, until a few months ago.I was very computer illiterate, so not only am I truely learning the curve's of t
Remember, patience is the virtue, with anything good, and I for one have decided to write down one thing a day that I am struggling with in the reralm of technology,IE computer skills within this system, and research it until i have been able to overcome it with more confidence, remembering my computer anilitic skills are really no growing,I hope the best for everyone. sincerely Jack.
November 08, 2017
Hello everyone, this is Jack Butler I am 57 years old, i have been running businesses for most of my life, as well as building a small rental property investment. I have worked very hard my entire life, and have looked into affilitate marketing for many years,knowing the potential with the right effort's, however over this time period,I have only run into scams, high cost, always wanting more money, once your are in there loop.well i am here to tell you i have worked entirely to hard for what