What is your story? I was in a very scary situation could have lost everything.

Last Update: September 29, 2015

My life before WA

Someone asked me recently to tell my story - I thought I had been sharing a lot in my profile and posts however I considered the request and replied to my new follower... a story I will share with you today in this post. As I wrote my reply, I couldn't help but reflect on the many stories within the numerous profiles I have read since joining WA 2 months ago. I wondered also - Who here actually reads our profiles?

I try to read most peoples profile (I aim to read about 3 - 5 new profiles per day) especially when someone makes an effort to leave a comment and uses my actual name - Tracey. I try to make the effort, search, read people profile, and search for their name, and reply to comments using personal name as often as I can.

You see one thing I have learned here is that you do not have to be anonymous here - we are not alone, we can create personal and professional relationships. We can be honest, we can expect respect, you see here at WA I believe we are all buying into the community..., integrity, protection, from ridicule, harsh judgement, and free from persecution. amongst other things.

My message here today is that YOU are on the right track to secure the future for yourself, your family, your children, and your future...

My Story

- It is not about what happens to you but what you DO about what happens to you!

I was in a very scary situation about 15 years ago working full time, expecting my 4th child my marriage was failing because of my husbands gambling problem, I was fighting for my children who had disabilities and learning problems, my health was in bad way having heart palpitations due to anxiety, smoking too much - cigarettes and drinking too much coffee, then if that wasn't enough to deal with - I had a retinal detachment and lost sight in an eye - was so scary going blind... I felt I was loosing and failing at everything...

It starts with a DECISION

Out of shear desperation I made a decision... and made some changes. My kids were everything to me I felt I was the only one who had their back 'unconditionally' so I made a decision... to save myself and my children and create a positive future... my reason WHY and my goals included NOT being dependant or reliant on others for my future. to work towards being, emotionally & financially FREE...

Take Positive Action

I gave up smoking cigarettes, cut my coffee to 3 - 4 per day, quit my full time job - for a stay-at-home job, after spending over a year working on my marriage I left my husband, sold our home transferred my mortgage to an old building not one wanted but was big enough for my kids and It had "potential"... I made positive steps forward everyday was never easy I had massive hurdles along the way, but I am a lot closer to achieving my goals...

I have had a second retinal detachment, other health issues, developed AF after phenomena, and had 2 extruded disks was unable to walk for a few weeks and took many months to recover with some residual problems still... I have also made a decision, and taken positive steps continuously towards my goals to achieve.... and have - developed a bricks and mortar business, bought other properties, helped care for my parents who have now passed away, and have been there for my children. I have remarried and our 5th child is now 6 years old, and my husband and I work in our business together achieving and creating a new future for ourselves and our family. Believe take positive action - and you can achieve. This is my husband and I cruising somewhere in Tahiti.

The F#.... Word

My Final word - is find your freedom...personal freedom - financial freedom....

We are thankful and appreciate having found WA, the community here and life is looking good... We are working on a number of projects and one of the things I love is to help others to achieve their dreams and goals. Believe in yourself, surround yourself with positive people who can 'help' you emotionally, and physically when needed... protect what matters, most of all take time...
take time to....GRIEVE - BREATH ... and ACHIEVE!

Face you fears and dare to be different

I follow with interest - thanks for taking time from your busy day to read this I hope you can take just one thing from this to help you move forward in some small way today - cheers Tracey

PS - I encourage you to share your story in the comments below - or on your own personal profile, or not as you feel comfortable or motivated to do so.


In fact It would be great if any of you have the time to welcome a new referral I introduced to WA yesterday he is serving in Afghanistan at the moment and as you could imagine could really used our prayers and any words of encouragement... cheers Tracey https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/georgemills

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rosieM Premium
I am in awe of you and one day perhaps I will figure a positive way to put in writing what I would like to say......you are an amazing woman of much depth and I am personally very honored to have come to know you better.....
suzyq97439 Premium
Thanks for telling us your story Tracey! I also feel I have a community of friends who are here to encourage and support. We are blessed to have founf WA. Blessings, Sue
4GoodBuy Premium
Hey Suzy, Thanks for taking the time to read, I know you have many life and service experiences that have helped shape you into the fantastic person you are today.
In fact It would be great if you have the time to welcome a new referral I introduced to WA yesterday he is serving in Afghanistan at the moment and as you could imagine could really used our prayers and any words of encouragement... cheers Tracey https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/georgemills
suzyq97439 Premium
Tracey, I added George to my network and sent him a welcome. I will maintain close contact and prayer support.
rwagener Premium
Good on you. Keep pressing on. Richard
4GoodBuy Premium
Likewise Richard - remember as a stay at home Dad you are undertaking one of the most valuable jobs on this great planet so keep up caring and sharing with your wife and family personal and professionally - put into positive action every day and you will achieve your goals. following with interest cheers Tracey
suetay Premium
Thank you for sharing, Tracey.
My story is nowhere as scary as yours, but I have had my share of grief to overcome and challenges to face.
Thanks for being an encouragement.
4GoodBuy Premium
Thanks so much Sue, for taking the time to read and reply I know you are really busy, and keeping up with everything can be really tiring - I hope you found s at least one little 'gem' here to help in some tiny way towards you next step.

As a child, my father use to tell me whenever I complained about anything to be 'grateful for everything I had' and 'there but for the grace of God go I'...

If I complained about my shoes not fitting or getting holes he would point out a child who had NO SHOES, if I complained further he would point out the child who HAS NO FEET...!
Keyur72 Premium
Excellent blog Tracey and thanks for sharing :)
jsorenson Premium
Thanks for sharing, Tracey! :)