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Last Update: September 14, 2015

Who had any idea what you were signing up for when you agreed to run with WA?

Acknowledge & appreciate the Contribution of others

I have have been really impressed by the often deep and at times controversial debates that occur within various forums, posts, questions posed & challenged.

Please I do encourage you to respond to this post I am really interested to hear your thoughts & opinions about various issues raised here.

Firstly to all of you who I have had the privilege of virtually meeting here - I Thank you.

Thank you all for your contributions - your time is valuable - you could be enhancing your websites - so I truly do appreciate any and all the time and effort you give freely to this process. Especially the healthy, more in-depth discussion offered by some of you.

Constructive criticism is great

Constructive criticism is great - priceless & essential for growth. Never be afraid to be who you are and express yourself. This is the process by which we all learn, grow and develop. None of us are ever BORN into leading a great business - we are ALL here with the same opportunities to do so. - The sad truth is many people find excuses that limit their progression and some people simply may never start.

We are are not alone.

It is my understanding that we are not required to respond to any threads here at WA - or many other great things that are recommended or advised in the training - it is in our best interest and gain a lot when we can and do.

Limiting Creativity & Productivity

There has been some discussion about and citing Privacy issues that may change the way some communications here at WA may be done in the future and may result in the removal of some processes. - that would be most unfortunate - in my opinion. Why ?

Privacy is terribly miss-understood by most people and in this more P.C. strapped world I feel it can often 'hog-tie' this in itself can limit 'think-tanks that thrive from free thinking and innovation. - at the end of the day we are here (or should be) in the spirit of co-operation - collaboration - and in the spirit of paying-it-forward...

You want to be an Entrepreneur?

Correct me if I am wrong please - but isn't this is a training program for Entrepreneurs? Who here at WA wants to be denied any opportunity of entry? Some of us, perhaps many of us (as I have read in your posts or profiles) not only want to make a bit of money, many aspire to do great things including financial freedom and giving more back to others in need - I believe if not already doing so, we all can .

I further, believe we should get to know our neighbours, friends, working colleagues, business partners - Create "think tanks" - challenge, debate, take risks, never throw stones, be innovative, be humble, inspire, correct and be prepared to be corrected... and most of all give more than you take and your future will be bountiful....

Take Positive ACTION every day

Some of you already know me - here at WA only about 6 weeks, some 50 yr old woman and entrepreneur. My 5 kids reckon I should be alone with technology because I don't understand it. But I do understand people, and communities. In the "old days" our communities flourished by the power and collaborative spirit each member gave. It didn't mater how young, old, smart, skilled, able, dis-able. each person had value and gave more that they expected or wanted to take - in doing so the community flourished an everyone - WON.

In this post I have said nothing - and everything! except to say every day take positive ACTION!

Take time to improve

Please remember if or when you can allow the time to respond to this post I am really interested to hear your thoughts & opinions

PS - A caring contributor reminded me about another barrier to success - FEAR !

# 1 Key to success - FEAR !

Thanks Val - you raise a valid concern that many people have and I too share - that I believe is (can be) another 'barrier to success' call it the 8th Key - FEAR !

We are often more preoccupied and frozen in fear of
- failure
- achieving
- hurting feelings
- standing out
- over-achieving

I liken it to a wee child - we can not possibly expect to see them grow if they don't stumble and graze a knee or chin along the way... the more they do the more they grow.

Babies are cute - but seriously do we really want to stop them growing?

Lesson - Feel the fear and - take positive ACTION anyway!

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Martstervt Premium
It is truly a good thing to have the back and forth commentary.
Not only do you get response to questions and problems, you can learn writing skills.

I did very little writing since my school years. I'm still rough but have come a long way in 2 1/2 months.

4GoodBuy Premium
Thanks Marty - agreed, It is not how fast you walk or run - so long as it is forward cheers Tracey
Serana Premium
Hi I agree with what you said in this post. While we are aspiring to build our dreams of financial freedom and being our own bosses, we should do in the human spirit of love, friendship, respect, patience and understanding. As the motto of my native Trinidad states: Together we aspire, together we achieve. Keep up the good work and all the best to you and everyone else.
4GoodBuy Premium
Thanks Serena, exactly - all the very best to you as well. cheers Tracey
kennick2015 Premium
We must always remember that WA is not just a training program, it's a platform for people to learn from other people too. And not just learning about internet marketing. There are many life skills individuals, business specialists, hey let's face it, authorities on a multitude of niches, here to help wherever possible.
4GoodBuy Premium
Thank you Ken - yes a timely reminder cheers Tracey
KatieMac Premium
I feel it is health to share opinions or debate so long as it is peaceful, without offending anyone, this is a wonderful community with a unique blend of skills, resources and support, I have learned so much from the answers to questions here it would seem there is something to be learned with in all aspects of WA or as we say nooks and cranies
4GoodBuy Premium
Thanks Katie, totally - but in reality anyone can take offence over anything so that in itself can be limiting. We can all do with a little attitude adjustment at times - I know I sure can at times.
If we are afraid of offending we may never say or share anything.
KatieMac Premium
It is not I am afraid of offending as you say there are people who could take things in the wrong way and yes we all probably can do with some adjustments after I know for me I am a work in progress
Quincy17677 Premium
Great post expressing concepts and ideas which I agree with. It's especially nice to find all of these in one post rather than snippets across many. Congratulations!
4GoodBuy Premium
Thanks Quincy, so pleased you found it useful cheers Tracey