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April 08, 2014
Hello everyone, look like I have to update my profile better than the inaugural time, at that time I don't know what to said "I came from Bangkok, Thailand" Well, time goes by so fast, almost six months pass by, still don't know much and still learning and get teaching from Kyle and Carson also from the community, but a great deal safer than earlier. When I first started didn't know what is URL mean, read a lot of things around the website and knew to build one, thank to Wealthy Affiliate
Article title: Keyword Richness Example the word "Gift" be the rubric would be too short to hooks and the reader has to guess, what your angle to the subject will be more or less. Another example " Gift card" this would be better, yet it does not explain why someone should scan the article. And better still another example " Mother day gift card" will draw the reader's understanding, what you talking about. At one time we have picked up 2 more keyword. Ord. "Card" and "Mother day" you see m