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Last Update: May 18, 2019

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Check This Out!

Trying to get more done? Maybe this little trick will help you. I don't know about you, but sitting too long typing get me so stiff, I can hardly move. I read an article that reported we need to move around more. Even for just a few minutes, do a few stretches, get a drink.

So, I decided to pull a trick out of Kyle's playbook and set a timer for 1 hour to get me up and moving! Remember setting the timer for writing content in training?

This accomplished more than I thought it would. Not only do I get up and moving more often, but I also am more aware of how productive, or non- productive I am. My aha moment.

How Cool Is That?

This has taken on a huge importance when trying to get things done for my website and for keeping in touch with everyone here at WA. Now, that has been hard! I apoligize everyone.

Just By Setting A Timer?

Amazingly, I can now keep track of my goals on a shorter term basis, and I stay focused on the task at hand. I came to realize, that I was sitting in front of the keyboard, without producing any valueable content. But, when the timer alarm goes off, It snaps me back into reality!

Moving around more, even for a few minutes gets the blood flowing again, and my productivity has gone through the roof! I have accomplished more this month since I joined the SAC than I ever thought possible! Thanks to the training and the great support from a great community!

Just one more testiment to the power of the hands on training platform here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Ok, there you have it! Try setting a timer (with an alarm) to keep you on track and moving! Who knows, maybe it will increase your productivity! Just thought I would share this with everyone, I hope it helps!

Ok, back to work now.

To Our Success!


Recent Comments


Good suggestion, Carl, thanks


You are welcome Wayne, thanks for commenting!

I will try your secret and see what it does. Thanks for sharing.

Sure, why not? You may find yourself getting more productive! What is wrong with that?
Thanks Akoli!

That was a great post!
Thanks for sharing.

Well, I know it sounds pretty dumb. But, I found it helps me keep on track a little better, so why not?
Thanks Wanda!

Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you all the best!


Thanks Bob, You are welcome. Every little bit helps!
All the best to you as well

What a good idea! I might have to try that. I sit here and forget about time; end up sitting half the day, which is not good. Timer, here I come.

Exactly,Fran...or should I say Ambassador Fran! Congrats to You!

I do the same and that little timer brings me back and breaks up my day into more productive chunks. Good little helper!

Hi Chas,
your post is great. I have not thought of the timer,(now I will), but
because I am constantly working on 2 or 3 things at a time, other business things, when I get really into my writing, I find sometimes 2 or 3 hours have passed. When that happens, I get up and go do something around the house, or leave for an appt. something to break up the strain I have put on my brain that morning or afternoon.

The timer, is definitely a great thing, I will start using

Thanks Carla, I never ever dreamed something so simple would help, but it does. I am like you, I get lost in research or distracted, and the timer goes off. Works great for me!

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