Never Time To Do It Right, But, Always Time To Do It Over.

Last Update: April 28, 2019

Have you ever noticed that when you are moving along smoothly, something always seems to trip you up?

I was doing ok on my SAC and then it happened! My blog post did not load properly when I published it.

This big white spot appeared where text used to be and my Featured Image was tight up against my header. I had no Idea why it happened. All I can say is....

Don't Copy And PasteText From WP Editor To Site Comments & Publish

It doesn't work, I don't exactly know why, but don't do it! What a mess.

There it was, PUBLISHED for the whole world to see!!! UGH!

I went to bed! Maybe if I sleep on it, I will get a wizard to appear in my dreams and fix it.

No wizard showed up, sigh!

So, the next morning I posted a question in WA and members came to help, but they didn't know quite what to do with my mess I created!

I was a day and a half of troubleshooting, disabling plugins, inserting and deleting images, over and over! I was discusted, tired, frustrated, name it!

I was almost resigned to thinking I was going to have to retype the entire post, when I stumbled on how to fix it!

I Found IT !!

When I went into text mode of our WP editor, and looked at the code for my introduction, there it was! A line of code was inserted on top ....BEFORE the introduction paragraph!

Like This

<H1blahh code-------------

---------------blaaah> Content intro

I am thinking, maybe that HI doesnt belong in there, and is stopping the word wrap around my image. And Nothing was showing in the visual side of the editor, The BIG WHITE SPACE!!

Now I am NOT a programmer, but I thought ...why not try to delete that little snippet

< H1code>

and see what happens? So I copied the code first, and pasted it into my notepad...just in case it was not the problem, I could paste it back in....UREAKA!


I was SO relieved, I just save my 2000 word post!! Whew!

I don't know if you followed all that, but that was my "Dog ate my homework" excuse for getting a bit behind this week! That was my #3 article, and now I need to get moving. 8 more for the month!!

I know I will use Google Docs (editor has more features) to write, then paste it into site content!

Anyone else have a problem like that?

Onward and upward,


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roxydog1312 Premium
Not that exact problem, but similar all day screwing around and almost giving up type of problems. Good for you for looking at it at every angle and figuring it out.
3chas80 Premium Plus
Tech issues are the most frustrating to trouble shoot. I have found that what ever you do..Don't Panic! lol
Sometimes, you just may find a logical explanation!
Eliz65 Premium
That’s great you got it fixed. I have had days like that too! One little click can turn into a nightmare!
I now write in Google docs and then transfer to Site content.
I think I’m finally getting a system that works for me LOL
3chas80 Premium Plus
Thanks Eliza,
I am finally learning that as well. I used to shy away from google docs because I didn't know where things were located. But, I am finding them now, and the editor has so many more features than Site Content. I am slowly getting organized, not their yet!
FKelso Premium Plus
So glad you figured it out. That happens to me a lot...some little thing messes everything up, but it takes me hours to find out what is wrong. Extremely frustrating -- but it is part of the learning process, right? And, it is good proof that we can work through problems and find a solution. Good for you!
3chas80 Premium Plus
Thanks Fran,
It makes you want to throw in the towel a times!! But, I am not doing that, I will keep plugging away.I'm a plugger! lol
FKelso Premium Plus
Hang on to that towel. It will come in handy later.
3chas80 Premium Plus
True, I am struggling with the final 8 articles by the end of the month. I don't see it happening, honestly, but you never know. I did write more than 1000 words each, the last one was 2000..not by design! Maybe I can count it as two?
FKelso Premium Plus
Positive can do this. Do reviews, as they pile up the word count fast.
Ahimbe Premium
Your patience was tested and you passed. Giving up as not an option for you and now you are back on track. Thanks for sharing.
3chas80 Premium Plus
Hi Edgar,
Thank you for commenting! I was a tough go! Now, back on it!
DeniseAS Premium
Thanks for sharing, and I really pleased your sorted it. I have had two horrible days with Wordpress and ended up losing a post that I had to redo, so annoying. Like you the thought of leaving rubbish on my website is not acceptable. That said when we have trouble like this it does often lead to a huge learning curve. I hope you get through all your blogs with no more drama.
3chas80 Premium Plus
Thank you Denise,
It is a nightmare while going through it! Now, I have to make up for the lost time, so the only way it to just do it!