Made The Top 200 List - Again!

Last Update: Oct 1, 2021

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I have not really tried to accomplish the goal of top 200, but here I am. I have been here before, but I did wander off from Wealthy Affiliates and chase a few shiney objects.

My rank quickly fell. When I returned I was below 700 in the rankings. But, I never really cared about rankings. Why? Because when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I knew zero about working online. But, with the help of a few very gracious members, and the WA training, I learned a lot!

I created two websites early on, and it slowed me down quite a bit. Plus, I am not a fast learner, or a fast writer. When everyone was creating 2 or three blogs a week, I tried and managed to burn myself out. I like to write longer posts and it takes me a bit longer.

I work at a slower pace, but that it ok, because this is not a race. Slow and steady wins in the end. I guess I am an old slow poke.

Affilate Marketing Is Hard Work

The top 200 rank is an achievement, and anyone who dedicates a lot of time to the Wealthy Affiliate platform can acheive it. I acheived it by helping out when ever I could and adding likes and commenting on websites. If this is something you would like to achieve, I will give you some pointers.

  • Welcome new members
  • Spend some time in chat
  • Add some comments to blogs
  • Help other members when you can
  • Ask questions
  • Write posts on the WA blog
  • Create trainings if you have experience.

These are just a few ideas, and the list is almost endless. I personally have done some of these, but only a few times, and I don't dedicate as much time as many of the members do!

To any of the new members, just follow the training, and do all the tasks. You will be involved in the community just doing that and you will see your rank climb. As you build your site and become involved with other members, and coach the new members that join under you, your rankings will climb. And before long you can also be a member of the Top 200!

Don't reinvent the wheel, keep it simple. Don't stretch youself too thin. Concentrate on one site till you get it successful, then create other sites!

Thank you to all the members who have helped me when I got stuck, I wouldn't be here without your help!

Chas :-)

Recent Comments


Hi Chas,I really liked your post, I felt identified since I only have 2 months in the WA community and I have a lot to learn.


Hi Ado,
I can still remember that feeling of apprehension when I first started. Everything was new, and overwhelming at times. My best advice is to take everything at your own pace and only work on one site till it is successful.
It seems very easy in the beginning, but trust me, the tasks increase and demand more of your time.
You have probably already learned quite a bit in the 2 months you have been here. Don't quit, and you will have success! maybe it will be you doing on of these posts in the future!
Thanks for leaving a comment!
All the best,

Thank you Chas, I appreciate the advice. Slow but sure. In 2 months I have learned how to run this business, however sometimes I feel like I'm starting to walk, or like a child in the first grade. life is a constant learning so, I won't quit.

Have a great weekend.


There you go, you are running a business in only two months!

Enjoy your weekend as well,

Chas :-)

We all try to be like everyone else. No one wants to be the last one to produce. Yes, burnout happens when we are working on someone else's plan. Congratulations for hanging in and struggling through.

We are not created alike in all respects. Success can be written in so many fonts and colors. Probably spelled differently as well. I do think that it is easy to adapt to the energy some members exhibit and get out of our plan. The writing challenge has helped me stay focused on my plan. Sami

Hi Sami,
I was actually trying the Super Affiliate Challenge and foud it to be too much for me. Life was dealing some personal problems as well. I had to adjust to the single life after a nasty divorce, and some health issues as well. I had to put things on the back burner.

That is the beauty of working from home, we can take a break if we need one. It takes longer, but small victories are still sweet.

I do enjoy helping others when I can, on my website or new members in WA. And the writing has become easier, and I am getting more productive by experience.

Thank you for your inspiration Sami!
Have a great weekend!

A job well done, Chas! Welcome back to the Top 200!

Keep up with your excellent progress!


Thank you Jeff, Forward and upward! Helping others is the key to helping ourselves.
Have a great weekend!
Chas ;-)

You are so right about that, Chas!

Enjoy your weekend (Frisatsu) as well!


The ranking simply helped me stay connected and gives me kudos along the way, that I'm going in the right direction.
Keeping on track and making progress is the goal!

I agree. It is a good marker of our progress in WA, and how much we are helping others along the way. I am not one to just do something like spend hours in chat, I would rather be improving my sites.
Thanks Barb, Have a great weekend!
Chas :-)

Very nice motivation Chas, wished you all the best on you brand you start of top 200 rank.

Hi Isabelo,
Thank you. May 2021 be a good year for you as well.
All the Best,
Chas :-)

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