4 Years Ago I Found This Special Place

Last Update: May 6, 2019

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Has It Been That Long?

I can't believe 4 yrs have passed since I started my journey into affiliate marketing.The funny part is, it started by accident. I had somehow clicked on a small ad for a free website when I was researching something else. I was so nieve, I truly believed the garbage they fed me, and I got scammed.

I was so angry! I fought them hard and recovered my money. But, then I was itching to know more about websites, and fortunately I found WA. The rest is history.

For me, this has been quite a journey of education, and personal struggles. I found out that I am a lousy employee! And If I were working for me, I would have fired myself long ago! I just struggled with writing, typing, and generally inspiration on what to write. The sheer amount of writing that needed created seemed impossible fo me to produce! And I doubled that trying to deal two websites. Anyway, it's all good, and I like both sites, so it is what it is.

Many Have Come and Gone, Many Have Stayed

In the four years, I have seen many people who were already successful, just fade away likely because they needed to attend to their business. Other people that came aboard after me, were able to reach some fantasic success. They caught on early, and they did the work. Maybe I just wasn't ready to dive and give it 100%

Some claimed to have no skills, while it was quite obvious they sure as heck knew a lot more than I did. Some had education in marketing, some had previous experience and had failed.

Others were always posting many methods they used for their business, and they were very helpful. But, I guess it all took some time for me to "get at least the basics figured out" Heck, I was a two finger typist, I have learned to use a few others now!

You Have To Treat It Like A Real Business!

I had a rough time understanding Wealthy Affiliate training was serious stuff, this is a business! I guess to me, it was fun, and just a hobby that I was playing with, and hoping to make some money some day. Maybe, it was because I thought that all I needed to do was put some products on a website, and I would become this instant success. Boy, was wrong about that one!

Luckily, even the meger efforts I was producing, enabled me to cover the costs of membership and keep a little balance in the bank account. I knew this training works, but I wasn't quite ready yet.

This Is The Year!

So, I kept plugging along, and this year I made my mind up, I am going to treat this like a business, and focus on making some real money. Last year, to be quite honest, I wasn't ready to accept the SAC challenge, but this year I am committed. I am ready to put the effort in.

Creating content is the backbone of our business, and I have improved so much from struggling to write even 500, 600 and 700 word articles, to producing 1500-2000 word posts. To me, that was a huge achievement, and now I feel a lot more confident and fully expect to become successful in the near future. I have no doubt the SAC challenge will enable that to become a reality.

To everyone who is new, you have to be committed to realize success. This does work, but it requires a lot of effort, especally in the begining. And, you are in the best place to do it. Wealthy Affiliate is a company you can be proud to promote, regardless of what others say. I have checked around, and the cost of everything else out their, just does not provide the value for your money. I am not going anywhere. But, I will be successful!


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Great success. Cheers to you.

Thank you James,
All the best to you as well!

Another post that newbies should read. Glad you are ready to go strong in WA. I wish you all sorts of success.

Thanks Fran,
I am doing much better, not wasting time like I used to! I know it works, I have to get it done! But, to be perfectly honest, it seems to take me longer to "get it". I still have a long way to go, but the SAC is going to teach me a lot about time management, and skills!

Don't feel bad -- at my age, it sometimes takes me a while to "get it" as well. But I keep worrying at the problem until it is solved. Now, there is one good reason to be a worrier!

Lol...we haven't got a whole lot of time for worrying stuff away, we have too much work to get done ! I am getting better at "getting it" I think. Anyway, I will try to hang with everyone else as best I can.

I used to be hesitant to ask for help, but not anymore.Sometime's just asking.... helps me solve the problem!

This happens frequently. Wise members seed the internet with WA promotional pieces to catch the eye of those adrift and seeking!

Good point, Mike.
It happens too often. Some of it has died down,but a lot of bad businesses are still out there. They aren't total scams, but the product they offer are next to worthless.

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