That word "Algorithm".

Last Update: May 16, 2018

...put simply, a method or procedure for doing something. (Feel free to consult your dictionary for a fuller explanation.)

Although the word is most commonly associated with math and computer circles, more and more I hear the word everywhere (the word is ancient however).

Yesterday, I heard the person running the cash register at my local WalMart store yell out to another employee in the middle of a crowd of customers, "'re gonna have to change the algorithm...."

I did chuckle a bit... :)

Ok, so here is the deal, I joined WA in March 2018...

Shortly thereafter, I went Premium, I couldn't pass that $19 offer.

Following WA's algorithm, I have completed level 1 and level 2 of the Certification program. I can honestly say, I worked hard to complete the individual tasks associated with each lesson.

I am eager to jump into level 3, to finally start monetizing my website. I have been busy researching and writing to produce quality content.

Here is what I've accomplished...

> have one live Website (SEO compliant);

>2 of my 4 posts have been indexed in Google;

>created my first Google+ account on Monday;

>posted my first Google+ article on Tuesday.

I've not been particularly fond of social media and yet I find myself increasingly pulled into it...

You realize our world has become almost completely dependent on the Web.

  • You can order a meal online;
  • Pay a bill online;
  • Play video games online;
  • Watch the news online;
  • Shop for clothes, furniture, groceries, even learn how to play an instrument online without leaving your house; and you can even...
  • Talk to your Aunt Lucille who lives on the other side of the world every day without having to worry about your phone bill.

Most importantly our business is online...

And personally my time is more productive now than ever before... I no longer have to waste 2 to 4 hours commuting to work every day or to get from point A to point B. Most especially, I am spending more time with my husband and my children.

So, this in a nutshell is where I am with WA's algorithm.

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KimberlyD2 Premium
1Summer Premium
Hi Kimberly,

Hope you're doing well and all caught up on your lessons, blogs, emails and everything else. And then just find time to relax and enjoy the day!

Thanks for your word of encouragement on my latest WA blog.

Have a terrific day!
SydneyMac Premium
Well done!
1Summer Premium
Hi Sidney,

Thanks for your kind words!

Enjoy your day!
marmar463 Premium
Great post Keep up with the great work you are doing awesome
1Summer Premium
Mary thank you...

You know a word of encouragement always goes a long way!

Have a beautiful day!
marmar463 Premium
You are very welcome I am glad that I gave you what you need I am glad that it had encouraged you. Best wishes on your journey with WA.
tinaandjohn5 Premium
That is Awesome. Keep up the good work. You will get there. I just started level 3. Just take your time and ask tons of questions. Everyone here is like a family. Good luck!

1Summer Premium
Tina, thank you so much...

After posting my latest WA blog yesterday, I just took the rest of the day off...had so much house work to do... Godwilling I will be starting level 3, within the next few days...just feeling a bit tired still.

Don't be surprised if I reach out to you once I start working on level 3...maybe we can exchange notes and commiserate.

Ok, have a good day. BTW, I am following you now too!


Easy-Moneys Premium
A+++ for Algorithm Achievements here at WA! Barb
1Summer Premium
Thank you Barb, I really appreciate it!
1Summer Premium
Hi Barb,

I liked that "A+++ for Algorithm Achievements" so much that I had to come back and read it again! Made my day!

I will be reading your suggested posts, especially as I start monetizing my website and very likely I'll be reaching out to you with questions, for help, for more questions and still more help along the way. :)

Have a terrific day!
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi 1Summer!

I am so very glad that I could make you smile with some "Alliteration"!!!

I'm definitely a nerdy wordsmith...I make up crazy word combos all the time - I blame it on my Storytelling Scottish/Irish Heritage!

Also the fact that I worked in a very serious professional capacity for 30 years in a medical scientific capacity...I'm breaking loose my creative half of my brain here at WA!

I am here for you at any time...night or help you Monetize!

To achieve your Millionaire Status Online, you must think like an Online Millionaire Guru!

Do all the Training her at WA! These guys are online Millionaires!

But constantly think "making money online" - focus focus focus but have fun fun fun along the way!!!

Barb of Easy-Moneys

PS I love your name 1Summer - very creative!

PPS I highly recommend that you enter some HYPERLINKS into your "FOLLOW ME ON" links area on the bottom right hand column of your Profile will be evident below your Posts...if you cannot find it or want some ideas of what can be done with it...go to my Profile PAge (click on the round circle Profile Pic) and search the right hand column...scroll down below my Network and My Posts and My Training...there you will see 7 "clickable" links - 2 are of my websites - others are Traffic Sites and other Lead Capture PAges etc

Think of your WA Profile Page as your Calling Card Online....your Bio is ultra important (no links allowed but you can direct people to your :Follow Me On" Links can include your Facebook link or Pinterest or Instagram or Google Plus or LinkedIn links...

Also, enter your Website there so you can ask people's opinions...I will go to your Profile Page now and check it out!
1Summer Premium
Thank you so much Barb!