SiteComment vs. SiteFeedback: What's the Difference?

Last Update: April 02, 2019

The distinctions seem easy enough.

We give or get comments on our posts or pages, it's all about the content. Comments will actually appear on the website's posts or pages that you are visiting, provided that the site owner approves your comment.

Most site owners welcome reader's comments. Unless of course, it's something completely off the wall, argumentative or offensive.

Feedback, for our purposes will not appear on the website's posts or pages. I prefer to think of Feedback as internal communications regarding the look or function of the particular site, nothing to do with content. And many if not most, website owners will not look kindly at publicly being told that their website is deficient here or there on their very own website.

Yet,this appears to create some confusion.

And why is that?

Well, you know, often businesses say, “we use feedback from our customers to improve our products.” But, they ask that you “leave a comment” or simply “give us your comments.”

Quite often, the distinction between comment and feedback is blurred in the business world when communicating with consumers. Indeed, they use the two interchangeably.

When we join WA, and have no previous experience with social media or online business marketing, do you see how that confusion can creep in?

I have to admit when I first signed up with WA, I wasn't exactly clear on the distinction or nuances for our purposes between the two words.

And perhaps I even left feedback on some of your websites that should have been comments and nothing more and vice versa. I apologize if I did...though no one ever said anything about it, at least not to me they didn't and I have no idea which if any websites they could have been...

I was inundated with information on social media and/or affiliate online business marketing, they were believe it or not, unknowns to me.

Now, however, I'm a tweeter on Twitter and I know the difference. :)

So, the problem with Comment and Feedback can be that it's fundamentally subjective.

For example, you can write,

“I can vouch for the authenticity of your presentations in your post, blah blah, blah...” But, your post was very difficult to read because of all the typos and the color contrast on the site. I would recommend that you use a white background with black print, certainly easier on the eyes!

Would you say that is a Comment or Feedback?

There is a certain difference between the two words, a certain nuance that is perhaps after much practice, consciously or subconsciously learned. After all, like they say, practice makes perfect.

Alright, you wanted to earn some credits and submitted your comment on SiteComment. You pressed the submit button, but your comment didn't go through...and you didn't get any credit for it and you wonder why?

Did you do something wrong? Or is there a glitch in the system?

You do a mental checklist. Necessarily. How else can you learn how to do it or how not to do it, for the next time? We are here to learn so you're not expected to be a pro coming in, but learning it now is quite alright.

And sometimes, we are our own worst critics.

Every now and then..

...when the electricity bill comes in the mail, Thomas Edison pops in my mind. Did you know that his teachers would say that he was “too stupid to learn anything”? And he was fired from his jobs because his employers said he was “non-productive.”

What I find stunning is that he made “1000 unsuccessful attempts to invent the light bulb.” (I don't know if I would have had the temerity to complete “1000 unsuccessful attempts.” How about you?)

I wonder was he too smart or too stupid?

Was he an extremely positive and patient man or an extremely stubborn and
lazy man?

See what I mean?

It's similar to the subjectivity issues of Comments v. Feedback. But, I hope that this post has helped to clarify this business of comments vs. feedback, a little. Eventually, we all get the hang of it!

So, Would You Say That Is A Comment Or Feedback?

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codevonish Premium
Thanks for sharing; some members still have difficulties understanding the difference.
1Summer Premium
Yes, I understand.

I had to repeatedly remind myself of the distinction:

1. Comments are all about the content, what you think, questions or elaborating/adding to the content.

2. Feedback is about the technical aspects of the site. E.g., logos, the theme, the appearance, the plugins etc., how to make the site look better.

Thanks for your contribution.

FKelso Premium
It's not always an easy distinction. I'm learning...when I leave a comment, I try to make it positive, as the person needs positive on their website to look good to their other readers. Feedback, though it should be done in a nice way, is designed to help folks correct errors or problems with their post.
1Summer Premium
It's tricky alright! But, practice makes perfect!

Cheers! :)
EddySalomon Premium
There definitely seems to be confusion with folks. It's something we've discussed with Kyle and Carson. They're aware folks seem to be mixing this stuff up.

So hopefully there will be some changes to help this.

But good article. You may want to go back and fix it. Apparently there are words that are beconnected toeach otherlikethis.
1Summer Premium
Thank you, I just went back and fix it ...don't know how that happened. Also, on my last two subheadings, it wouldn't let me use the H3 function.
EddySalomon Premium
No problem.