It’s not about keyword research…it’s about keywords in research!

Last Update: July 10, 2019

OK, I researched my keyword, but the QSR (i.e., quoted search results, the competition out there) and the KQI (i.e., keyword quality indicator, just tells you whether it’s a good keyword to use or not, it doesn’t tell you how they arrived at that conclusion or why you should rely on it, your best guess is something to do with their algorithm) were way beyond my comfort levels or below, depending on however you choose to consider the situation. Really now, it’s not about keyword research…it’s about keywords in research!

It doesn’t matter, the keywords in my research were think, speak and act and voila that’s the formula!!

What we think can and will affect our speech and our actions or behavior that can ultimately provide certain results.

When we think good thoughts, we will speak good thoughts and we will act in a good way that will bring us good positive results!

Likewise, when we’re feeling down, we can continue to think negatively i.e., continue to entertain negativity which will come out in our negative speech, negative acts with negative results, thus creating our own self-fulfilling prophecies.

As we think so we are…within the boundaries of creation of course!

I watched a video of a woman who can run, walk and jump on all fours just like a horse.

In her mind she is thinking she is a horse and is behaving like a horse; I suspect she has even learned to neigh like a horse.

The result is a very horse like behavior, but remember she’s not a horse, she wasn’t born a horse. She only learned to act like a horse. She still has a human’s body and I don’t think that is going to change any time soon or at all, much to her disenchantment since she wants to be horse.

I seriously doubt that she behaves like a horse 24/7, a real horse doesn’t have an option.

The point is if a human can learn behavior that is unnatural, e.g., behaving like a horse, then we can learn to be positive.

Now, I am not here suggesting that we become so positive to the point of becoming naïve, ignoring red flags and failing to take precautions.

No! Discernment for goodness’ sake, discernment!

What I am saying is that being positive is unnatural in adulthood which means we must take affirmative steps to be positive.

Little children in their natural state are usually positive happy-go-lucky, not a care in the world.

Can you imagine your two-year-old saying, “mom/dad I’m afraid I’m gonna skip my play time with the kid next door, I fear I’ll run out of clean clothes if I don’t do my laundry today?”

Yup, I know, silly and unnatural! Children don’t talk that way! And they certainly don’t do their own laundry at age 2! LOL!

But with the onset of adulthood, all kinds of negative thoughts attempt to invade our minds…

And we leave the door wide open to worry and negativity. As if by worrying we actually had the power to change things, a lie.

However, as we have seen from the example above, we can control what we think and how we think…

This means we should not leave the door wide open for anything and everything to get into our minds, worry, anxiety, fear…

Identify when worry, anxiety and fear for example, creep into our minds… and learn to close the door on it before it gets in…

“Where is that ____ coming from?”

“What is that?”

“Why am I anxious?”

“What am I fearful about?”

“That is not me and I reject that!!”

“I will not worry.”

“I will not fear.”

“I will have no anxiety.”

Alright, you say, but no one can be positive all the time.

Fair enough, our existence on earth as humans has a balance and that is good.

But, most importantly we have the freedom to think, speak and act which can affect the outcome that we prefer, but we do so within the boundaries that have already been predetermined by our Creator.

For example, the stars, the rotation of the earth, the seasons have already been determined for us, period. (So glad we don’t have to worry about that!)

We have the freedom to go about our business within those seasons, within the rotation of the earth and those stars.

Thus, we are able to go skiing if we so choose in winter.

Or we can go to bed at night when the earth has rotated and the stars come out at night or we can stay up all night for as long as we want or can. But we cannot change or stop the seasons, or the earth from rotating, or the stars from coming out at night.

Final Thought:

Our time on earth is short and while we cannot control everything that is going on around us, we can control what we think, speak and how we respond or act to get good positive results and make our lives a little easier that’s the right formula.

What do you think? Have you thought, spoken and acted in good thoughts today? Have you closed the door on worry, fear and anxiety today?

Comment if you like!

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FKelso Premium
It takes a bit of practice to control what you think, but it is definitely worth working on.
1Summer Premium
Yes it's a concerted intentional effort, but it is doable and the results can be rewarding.

The alternative is to give in to the wilds of our thinking and like an unattended and uncared for lawn full of dandelions, crabgrass and other weeds, negativity can set in..
not a good alternative

Thanks for commenting Fran, have a good day!