I published my latest post which I uploaded through SiteContent a few days ago.

Last Update: August 07, 2018

...after publishing I went back and edited that post through WP-admin, of course. It went well.

Satisfied, I thought nothing further of it.

The following day, while working on something else on SiteContent, I noticed that the changes that I made earlier on my latest article were not reflected on the SiteContent version of that post.

So I wanted to transfer those changes I made earlier to my post through WP-admin to my post in SiteContent.

I went here, I went there...asked around...wrecked my brain trying to figure this out...

Finally, I received a response from SiteSupport, here is what it said:

“Please note that the changes that you make in the default editor of your WP-admin area will not be reflected in the SiteContent.”

Ok that did make me feel better, because I knew then, it wasn't a case of me not knowing something that I thought I was suppose to know or should have known!

You know what I mean?

But then, that still did not resolve the situation for me...

...SiteSupport's response also referred me to Kyle's “SiteContent – The Complete Walk through” tutorial which I painstainkingly (sorry Kyle it's nothing personal) sat through and listened to, even though it was among the first few tutorials I remember watching when I first came aboard WA.

I figured, I must have missed something when I initially watched the video...(I worked on this all day long trying to figure it out, with a few interruptions here and there)...honestly, I almost dozed off, I was tired, but I was determined to find the answer (I should have taken a break... watched a movie... ordered pizza... had a cookie (a real chocolate chip cookie)...should have gone to Dairy Queen... but I didn't...against my better judgment)..

I did not find the answer in the video...well, not exactly...

I started reading the questions. Then I found a question and while it wasn't exactly my situation, it was close enough...

I continued reading...

Finally, Triblu (Trish) came through, her answer: “...unless you are speaking about editing or updating your post in that case, then my answer is 'no,' as there would be no need for doing that.”

Bingo, I found the answer...of course, now it made sense...no need for doing that because that's why you should always back up your work! (SiteContent and WP-admin are separate and independent of each other, that's another reason too).

Sometimes we can get all hung up on something that we can't see/find the answer even though the answer was there all along!

Next time, I will take a break, I promise!

But wait, the beauty of it all... later that day, I received the notice that my post had been indexed on Google! YES!!

Please like and comment! :)

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EandS2018 Premium
Enjoyed your article
HarveyBrown Premium
Yes Myrna, I am guilty of the same thing in terms of thinking what I edited in WP-Admin would be reflected in the SiteContent post. I then tried to make the same changes in the SiteContent and it would not take them. Apparently, once we publish that is it. Thanks for sharing.
1Summer Premium
Yup learning and growing!! :)
1Summer Premium
Huh...notice how some words are bunched up, no space in between? Hmm, wonder how that happened?!
Triblu Premium
Not to worry Christie, you can fix those very easily... here's how: Hope this helps you.
1Summer Premium
Thanks Trish, you came through again! And again I learned something new, I love it!

Enjoy your day, I've made the corrections!
Triblu Premium
:-)) glad this helped you Christie!
1Summer Premium
1Summer Premium
Thanks for your comment...have a good day!
Swangirl Premium
I am glad you figured it out. Personally, I still write my content directly in WP and don't use SiteContent except for some of the templates and for finding images.