Headlines are very important!

Last Update: August 16, 2018

Hi AlexEvans!

Thank you for your comment. After replying to your comment, I read over my reply and decided to make it into a quick blog for the benefit of the rest of the WA community.

Nice to hear from you...

You know you are absolutely correct, "headlines can be one of the things that can make a post," (Source: AlexEvans) especially when the writer is competing to grab the reader's attention, and you only have, but, a split second maybe to capture that reader and bring them into your world for a few minutes.

And then sometimes, the headline may sound so good and I start wondering...ok this sounds really good, but than is it original?

How can I make sure that it is my original idea and not just something that someone else already wrote? So, I do my best to make my headlines as unique as possible which often means phrasing those headlines with fresh, vibrant and bubbly (or not so bubby) words to encourage the reader and give them something new and positive that might help them!

So thank you AlexEvans for suggesting that headline analyzer, I will definitely look into it!

Headlines are very important!

Make it a good day! :)

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MKearns Premium
Bolstered by a good lead the headline is 80% of your post!
1Summer Premium
Yes, and that can be a bit scary! :)