Are people reading 1000 and 2000+ word articles anymore?

Last Update: November 13, 2018

Ok, I'm making progress in my training though having to write an article each time slows me down...

I've decided I will continue to move forward, even if I have yet to complete an article or post for a section.

I have determined to move forward and simultaneously work on writing.

At the same time, I'm learning, growing and adapting to the social media animal. (Not quite expert yet!)

Considering we are living in a fast, fast, fast world (e.g., fast cars, fast computers, fast planes, fast communications, fast meals...there are two things I'm thinking about:

1. Do people slow down to read 1000 or 2000+ word articles anymore?


2. Is vlogging the new blogging?

Let me know what you think. There is no right or wrong answer so you can't fail this one.

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firstlearn Premium
I will read any amount that interests me. If the subject does not interest me then it doesn't matter how many words there are because I won't read it.

Kyle Premium
They will if it is interesting content, and they are engaged. Think about searching for a solution to a problem you may have, if it was of interest to you and the content felt as though it was speaking directly to you, you would read it.

Yes, people scan and people are becoming more and more inclined to get all their info in a bite sized piece of content, but thorough content is definitely not going to be lost on your audience, or search engines. It is important to your brand.
Fleeky Premium
To be honnest... unless it is an academic work, long articles are not my favourites.

Good question
Depends of your interests, your audience, your topic and your time
EddySalomon Premium
Most people will scan. They won't read the full articles. But Google likes long articles and will rank them. they also pull aspects of your articles to answer questions people have so having long articles helps you show up in certain featured snippets.

So regardless if people like long articles or not, It's a good SEO practice for you that has worked for years and won't change. Sometimes we do things to help a blog rank that may seem counterintutive to your own behavior or what you think others do. However they should usually be done anyway because usually the data shows it works. I hope that makes sense.
smartketeer Premium
Yes Christie!

If you can create valuable, engaging content they'll stay with you ...

Some of my posts have more than 13,000 words :)